IS there really such a thing as adulthood

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    kabugalewisposted 3 years ago

    IS there really such a thing as adulthood

    Over the years all parents strive to make sure their kids grow up into full grown independent adults; point taken. But over the years it also seems like older individuals are becoming bolder and for lack o a better word, dumber doing thins that make absolutely no sense or things that should only be done by teenagers. So has the line between adulthood and childhood blurred over the years or is adulthood really a disappearing myth

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    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Several years ago there was a popular slogan in the U.S.
    "I refuse to grow up!"
    Essentially what it eluded to was the mindset that many "Baby Boomers" had. They were not going to embrace getting old and living like their parents! This was the generation that coined such phrases "Turn on, tune in, drop out" with regard to drugs; "Never trust anyone over the age of 30", and launched the "free love"/ sexual revolution
    With each passing generation parenting became less strict and in some instances parents strive to be their children's "best friends". Some allowed their kids to drink and get high in their homes, let their boyfriend/girlfriend, spend the night and have sex under their roof.
    Children are allowed to curse, ignore, or disrespect their parents without any serious repercussions. In fact most adults introduced to children age 3 and over are done so by using the adult's (first) name instead of Mr. or Ms. blah blah. That use to be a "no-no"!
    When I was growing up teenagers counted down the days until they could move out of the house and be on their own whether it meant going to work in a manufacturing plant, military, or going away to college. Independence was something we craved!
    Today a lot of parents place no demands or expectations on their children so they oftentimes have no desire to move out. Many of them continue to live off their parent's financially well into their 30s. It's nearly impossible for them to transition into independent adulthood when their parents never made it a requirement.