What is the best conversation you've eaves dropped into?

  1. ThompsonPen profile image78
    ThompsonPenposted 3 years ago

    What is the best conversation you've eaves dropped into?

    I eavesdrop a lot -  a writer's curse/right, really. And I hear some pretty amazing hilarious things. What's the best thing you've heard?

  2. emilyzeinert profile image60
    emilyzeinertposted 3 years ago

    I was sitting on my back veranda one day, coincidentally enjoying the beauty of the day. I noticed the beautiful peace. How the only sound was the birds chirping and children playing in the park next to my house.
    Suddenly I heard the squabbling of drug users on the bike path that my house backs onto. They were fighting over who got the last hit. "I bought an 8ball last time and I didn't get any!" one kept shouting. My backyard is quite large, they had to be yelling quite loud for me to hear them as clearly as I could.
    It was sickening, saddening and hilarious for the fact that it seemed so perfectly out of place on such a beautiful day. I guess it was an optimist sort of perspective at the time. Rather than be disgusted, I found it quite funny. The things they said to each other made me choke on my tea in laughter.
    I felt sad and sorry for the poor people and concerned for the children, but their conversation was hilarious nonetheless.

  3. Harishprasad profile image84
    Harishprasadposted 3 years ago

    One day, as I got into the bus, I heard some loud noise. The scene was: An old man was standing and was very angry. He was shouting at a young man and saying, " I don't like advisers, I hate advisers, I hate advisers, I hate advisers. I hate.........". For a few minutes, he continued rambling in this way.                                   
    I was curious to know why the old man was so furious. I got to   know that that very soft and gentle young soul had told him to    ask for seat reserved for elders, where a young chap was sitting,   and sit there comfortably.                                                                   
    I'm perplexed how to interpret this incident, either to appreciate   the kindness ingrained in the young guy, or to amuse at the harsh   and very rude behavior of the old man. Is empathy wrong  sometimes ? Should we be concerned with only ourselves and  ignore the hardship being faced by some guys ?

    Like you,  I am also fond of eavesdropping,  and this particular incident stands out as a very special one, that whirled my mind in many directions.


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