Is it wrong not to support Gay marriage?

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    Donnablpposted 2 years ago

    Is it wrong not to support Gay marriage?

    I recently read an article about a christian cake shop in American who refused to make a cake for a customers same-sex Wedding. The same-sex couple sued the owners of the cake shop who have been forced to close their business to pay $135,000.00 in damages for emotional can this be fair in Law???? … ge-lawsuit

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    Ann810posted 2 years ago

    No it's not wrong, not to support homosexual marriage. There are still people that know deep in there hearts that it is wrong. Because the Holy Bible states that the Most High God - "Yah" doesn't approve of homosexual relationships. If God doesn't approve, then many people shouldn't approve either. Do we love the person that is homosexual? Absolutely love them, at the same time, still don't have to approve of their homosexual behavior. [Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11]

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    bradmasterOCcalposted 23 months ago

    Gay marriage doesn't solve anything, and it didn't help straight or gay couples that want to have control of their partnership, as do married couples.
    The lgbt instead pushing for validation of their lifestyle, should have used those same resources to get a legal mechanism to have all the benefits of a marriage, like the 1135 fed benefits.

    I have proposed that marriage be removed from the government, especially for benefits, and tax purpose. Instead the creation of a personal partnership, similar to Partnerships for business. This one would govern the relationship of any two, and even more people.
    They would file their taxes with the personal partnership status. They would also receive any and all benefits now provided from marriage.
    The marriage contract is vague and ambiguous, and when a married couple divorces the state controls the terms of their divorce.
    But with a partnership, the clauses in the K are detailed terms covering all aspects of the relationship. And divorce is the same as Termination of the Partnership, and its clause would rule, not that of the state making presumptions, and assumptions.

    A Partnership is a real, legal and valid Agreement of the parties. The court has to simply uphold that agreement.
    So in reality, Gay Marriage didn't serve any useful purpose. It will just add to the 50% divorce rate.

    Divorce law has been ruled by chivalry of male judges. What now?

    In addition, why shouldn't people in business have their own standards, and be able to refuse to do business with anyone they choose for whatever reason.
    Maybe all the businesses should form as a club, and they set their own terms. Isn't that one of the freedoms.
    A government should be able to do that, but a private person or company should be able to do it. Government cannot solve social issues, they didn't with alcohol, tobacco, and drug use. All three of those are medical issues but used socially.