love does and dont?

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  1. efeguy profile image43
    efeguyposted 9 years ago

    hi,tell hubbers one thing that love does and don't do

    for me

    what love does

    love think no evil

    what love doesn't do

    does not puffed up.

    share  yours

    1. zephyrus profile image60
      zephyrusposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Love does not harm.

      Love does mend.

      1. Diskobolos profile image54
        Diskobolosposted 9 years agoin reply to this
        1. prettydarkhorse profile image64
          prettydarkhorseposted 9 years agoin reply to this

          Love hurts, yes

          but it is the most pleasurable feeling too, loved and be loved in return

  2. marcel285 profile image65
    marcel285posted 9 years ago

    Love, love, love! Is a simple little meeeee

  3. Cagsil profile image81
    Cagsilposted 9 years ago

    Love creates the image of insanity.

    Love creates a spiritual connection between friends, lovers, spouses and family. smile

  4. efeguy profile image43
    efeguyposted 9 years ago

    thanks for your views,
    hubbers tell me more about love does and dont

  5. frogdropping profile image84
    frogdroppingposted 9 years ago

    Ok, here's my input. Can't promise it will be sensible but love should be about fun, right? wink

    Love do's and don'ts:

    Be honest - never say "my what a big boy you are" when he's not (for e.g.). Avoids later disappointment, on both sides

    Be fair - always allow your partner to explain themselves. No matter that you're not interested and you're madder than a wet hen. Let them talk first. Punish later. That way, you can't be accused of being one-dimensional.

    Be realistic - pedestals are for pot plants and bible bashers ... not husbands and wives. If you don't hoist them (metaphorically) to heights they've no business being [at] then you won't be half so disappointed when they have bad days. Or months. Or whatever.

    Be tactile - though do be careful with this. To some people, too much affection gives them the wrong idea. They start thinking about getting more physical and ... other stuff can happen. Best to keep this for when your partner is coming and going. Or you may find yourself coming and going a little bit more than a busy lifestyle can handle neutral

    Be open - no one likes a closed book. So share yourself, your hopes, dreams, thoughts, time - share what can be shared. Omit farting, using the toilet whilst your partner is in the shower and shaving your pubic hair into a fancy design with his/her razor.

    If I think of any more, I'll be sure to return big_smile

  6. Dame Scribe profile image61
    Dame Scribeposted 9 years ago

    Love can stir the Soul. Love doesn't stop evil. hmm

  7. profile image0
    Wag The Dogposted 9 years ago

    Love is what you do, not what others do for you.  Love is a sacrifice, not a feeling.  It is when you do for others without wanting anything in return.

  8. profile image0
    ralwusposted 9 years ago

    Just a thought. the Old Testament God says. "I create light, I create dark. I create good and I create evil." God is love? Look it up for your selves.

  9. efeguy profile image43
    efeguyposted 9 years ago

    thanks again for your great views,

    any one to tell us more about love does and don't


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