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Why people are judged on the basis of their relationship status?

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    Simran Girdharposted 15 months ago

    Why people are judged on the basis of their relationship status?

    In today's era most of the teenagers and youngsters are involved more with friends rather than families. this is the kind of age in which one experiences various types of feelings. The age is all about 'friendship goals', 'relationship status', etc..Everyone experiences infatuations,patch-ups, heart breaks,etc. The major issue of trending era is that people are judged on the basis of their relationship status. If a girl in relationship is with other guys then she is a slut while a guy can stand with other girls because he is a stud. Why so? Cant a girl in a relationship have male friends?

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    CKleidisposted 15 months ago

    Every age, time and group - social, religious, etc - has its norms. Physical attractiveness, sexual drive and mating instincts, especially, will never go out of fashion and, thus, will always play a big part in people's - more so in young ones' boastful - lives. Misogyny is a whole different aspect. The point is, people are always going to obsess over some thing or another and judge people by it. So the only question is this: why do you care? Find your own interests, whatever the rest of the people may think about them, meet others with similar tendencies and lead a happy life. And let the rest find fulfillment in whatever they like, however wrong it may appear to you.

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      Simran Girdharposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Sometimes we must put ourself in the same situation and think...sometime someone can judge your character too like this. No one has personal interest in others life. But if we imagine the same situation for us than perception will be different.

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      CKleidisposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      It's true that empathy is a vital aspect of our social behavior.But there is no winning against people who are narrow-minded and feel they can judge everyone based on their standards.Walking away from such people remains the best option, if available

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    tamarawilhiteposted 15 months ago

    The most dangerous people in a society are unattached young men, married men are more stable, less likely to engage in crime. We judge people as adult when and because they've "settled down" because that is the marker (or should be) of creating a new generation and showing responsibility.

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    dashingscorpioposted 15 months ago


    When you stop caring what other people think of you that's when you're experience real freedom. A lot of what you wrote about is "teenage" and "peer" group stuff that happens in school.
    As an adult with your own apartment, job, and so forth you'll find that you get to choose who to spend your time with. You'll be too busy focusing on establishing a career, traveling with friends or mates, and enjoying life. When you don't care it doesn't matter.
    However when you are (young) you worry about what others think.
    Trust me the older you become the less you give damn about such things. Thankfully the petty teenage/early 20s fly by.
    There will always be some form of "double standard" but if one keeps their private life private there is not much anyone can say.