Is monogamy an outmoded concept? If so, why?

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    gmwilliamsposted 16 months ago

    Is monogamy an outmoded concept?   If so, why?

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    tamarawilhiteposted 16 months ago

    No. The best life outcomes for children are still found worldwide when children are raised by two married opposite sex parents together for the entire time the children are growing up.
    Step-parents are less stable and more likely to abuse the child, and mom's boyfriend is 20x more likely to abuse or kill the child than Dad.
    Living together as a couple is NOT an equal replacement for marriage. Shaunti Feldhan's research found that 70% of first marriages last a lifetime, 1/2 of second marriages. When parents just live together, 75% split up before the child is ten. So parents who "get that piece of paper" are much more likely to stay together, which benefits the children.
    What about single motherhood? The child is THREE TIMES more likely to be held back a grade, drop out of school, become an addict, be homeless, become mentally ill, join a gang, get arrested if Dad isn't living in the house. While single motherhood is on the rise, it is BAD for the children's life outcomes and BAD for society.

    There was a huge study by the Harvard economist Raj Chetty.  He found that two of the biggest predictors of low upward mobility were 1) living in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty and 2) growing up in
    a neighborhood with a lot of single mothers.
    And being a single mother greatly increases the risk of poverty. White single mothers have a poverty rate of 22%, while married blacks have a poverty rate of 9%.

    There isn't a race privilege but there is a marriage privilege. The racial disparities we see in poverty today are due to 3/4 of black children being illegitimate compared to 1/4 of whites. And crowing about how marriage is oppressive is creating a whole poor caste that lacks the stability and social structure necessary for most members to succeed in society.