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    Lecieposted 7 years ago

    hi, i've been seeing a guy for a few weeks now. we decided just to be friends for now, until we both feel comfortable enough to take the next step. so far he's taken me to a really nice and expensive restaurant, putt putt course(where he came up with nick names for us on the score card) and we've watched movies together, when i see him we spend the whole time talking( he can come over at 4pm and we talk until 9pm and he looks at the clock and says have i really been talking that long.)
    all of my family is telling me that when he took me to that nice restaurant is when we are no longer friends but rather an item.
    i don't know when the next step is, when does a friendship turn to something more. i know i would like there to be more but i don't know when to ask him if we are now an item. i don't want to scare him off so i'm confused on the whole subject.

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      MrAungstposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      This is always really tough to tell where you're at.  I kind of experienced this whole thing with my girlfriend.  Here's all you gotta do, and i promise it will work, but you gotta be a little forward:  next time you guys do something alone, you gotta make the first move and go in for a kiss.  Friends don't kiss.  If you want more, and you know he does too, he'll be more than eager to reciprocate, and boom, there ya are, kissin' fools.  You'll be there on the "next level" in no time.