An overseas married woman starting to have feelings of attraction to a

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    Sherry Anneposted 7 years ago

    Hi,I'm a 32 year old woman,who happens to be an overseas worker. I
    am working as a teacher,and I'm on my third month of stay in the school where i was employed. I met this guy one time when I attended a training which medium of instruction is BAHASA. As expat teachers we find it difficult to understand everything in the seminar,because of the language used. This guy I met, became my interpreter,during the entire training. He was nice and a gentleman.That day I could not understand myself why I started to have certain feeling of attraction towards him,I tried to ignore it but can get rid of it until now. I know this isn't right for me to feel,since I'm married already and with 2 kids.We were asked to attend BAHASA lessons and he was assigned to become our teacher.And I cannot fight back this feeling I'm starting to have. He even told me that he can teach me one on one.What should I do?Pls help me with your advises.I don't w

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    SomewayOuttaHereposted 7 years ago

    ...think about the fact that you are travelling for work and of course away from your family....really, truly think about your family back home...they are making sacrifices too by not having you with them...they miss you are thinking, so don't get involved....and don't take him up on the one on one work...he probably knows you are alone...there are lots of people we can initially connect with, your family now...shake those thoughts out of your mind...