Research for a new book

  1. Harvey Stelman profile image60
    Harvey Stelmanposted 7 years ago

    To all good looking younger ladies, this isn't a joke. I am doing research for another book. Recently I put a pic of me on two dating sites, I get over 20 hits a day. I say that I am married, and 61 years old. I get mail from beautiful young ladies wanting me, many say what they would do to me. I wish to know why they say this to an old man? Also, what do they think of older men contacting them? Finally, why do many send nude picks in the first conversation, or very soon after? I won't get to this very soon. You can use your name or make one up. You can send a pic, but it doesn't have to be nude. You may not send a pic at all. I will need to send you a legal document for the use of any pic you send, or whatever you say. You can back out any time before publishing. You can reach e on my Hub page under Harvey Stelman.

    You don't have to be young, many of you have stories about yourself or friends. With  phony name and no pic, you would never be known. H

    1. dianne143 profile image36
      dianne143posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      young ladies likes older man it because they knew that those people are tested with different experienced in life and they are responsible. It's reality that most of the old man wants to pampered their young partners.

      As for those people who sent nude pics they just want to lure man and to temp them so that they can have money they are online hookers so you shold be careful with it.