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trying to move on with my life but just need help with this last thing

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    Tulips-smithposted 6 years ago

    so basically as most of you know my ex of 8 years had the chance to end our relationship two months and this was not the first time I asked him if he wanted things to end between us but anyway he said no five days later started sleeping with with someone else and so now two months down the line.

    he has had to drop a doctors letters for me round at my parents and also some photos I wanted,  never bothered ringing the doorbell just dropped through the letter box.

    don't know if he is being rude or is just to embarressed to see my parents anyway

    I then text him just to say thanks

    no reply

    so what I am wondering is.  I guess a part of me does just think may be my ex is doing all this stupid thing to try and push me away but then it's not like I am in his life anymore so I guess I have??? about that one

    or is my ex just I guess behave like this cause he wants a reaction from me and when I say reaction.  I mean me getting on the phone and screaming at him.

    which I am not gonna do cause I am not gonna play his silly game if that is what it is.

    anyway I was just wondering what everyone thinks cause he has had so many opportunites to tell me to pick up the rest up the rest of the things from the flat which I have just left with him, possibly perminatly for all I care or is my ex just trying to make me hate him and show him self up to just be not a very nice person.

    anyway as much as I am slowly moving on with my life I just feel like I am in some sort of weird game or something I don't understand with my ex one min he is crying on the phone to me, the next he is sleeping with another girl.  (he does not know I know about her)

    as much as I know if he is trying to get a rise out of me.  I can't give him the re-action that he wants or is it one of those things where he thinks the only way he can end things with us now (even though they are over) is by trying to make me really angry by doing silly things like not even saying hi to my parents??

    thanks in advance for your help smile

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    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    He is in a new relationship.  While he is not doing it in a classy way, it is appropriate to avoid contact with an ex to show commitment to the new relationship.

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      Tulips-smithposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      May be you are right but I am not sure relationship is the right word for what he is seeing as though he hides this girl from the world and I am sure he did not Like the fact that I told him not to email me.  If he needs to talk to me he can text like anyone else but thanks for your reply smile

      I guess you can never really know what goes on In someone head but all I do know is that If my ex is being classy or not.  I guess I just have to stop asking myself questions and realise things Like the guy I knew was always crap at replying at being polite etc anyway why would he start now.  Even If this girl is just sex for him or more than that.

      Anyway thanks for your reply.

      Gonna stop asking the questions now chow smile

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    psycheskinnerposted 6 years ago

    One way or the other, he is no longer with you.  He isn't the type to give you closure, you need to give it to yourself.

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      Tulips-smithposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      And as much as you are right and I'm getting there.  I'm not gonna confront my Ex cause as crazy as it makes me sound I just can't help but feel like thats what he wants.

      You know I'm opening up my own business etc but I guess I just have questions Like why would he have not gotten rid oft wardrobe by now.  Has he really not realised I might not be coming back for me. 

      I know I prob seem like a crazy person when I write this but hey

      Anyways thanks for your reply

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        Tulips-smithposted 6 years agoin reply to this

        so I tried to see in a subtle polite way if my ex would like to remove my wardrobe that is lieing on his spare room out the flat, presume he is quite happy or whatever to keep it there so at least I can say that I not only today do I feel a lot better about everything with him, well for the mo anyway but I gave him a get out clause with me and for whatever reason he has not taken.  So anyway I guess what happens in my future will happen now and I know that I don't need to contact him again for anything now but thanks again for your replys