Happiness in our homes " Hated those around me .. Is there a solution?

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    omar ismailposted 5 years ago

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    Hated those around me .. Is there a solution?

    Peace upon you

    I am the subject to the problems of a very sad .. I feel that all around me .. Alny My friends and they started Alony Adaigony, my father and my family as well. Began to suppose myself to my friends in order to treat me good, but to no avail .. All my life became sad .. Become not only a day and is faithful to cry ..

    But first you make the first move, what steps are followed:

    - 1 - you have to support the strength of confidence in yourself

    And that your actions make the actions acceptable in your opinion, the actions of ordinary

    2 - face your feelings and your feelings negative:

    Must face these feelings and sensations that Tantapk including Adadha,

    3 - choose righteous friends who will help you:

    Also need to be good company and must be keen to pick the company

    4 - understand the feelings of others:

    Should be careful not to be WebMaster while sitting to look at your actions or the expense of its people and their feelings Tjahah,

    5 - See your abilities and talents.

    So I'm not poor, in your life, but you can check a lot of good and a lot of areas that he wishes people, do not look at your abilities as a Mhezwlh the capacity or capacities as non-existent or weak,

    6 - Pay attention to your thoughts:

    Attention to the thoughts and ideas that comes to you, it must be faced with negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts,

    7 - Exercise:

    Gentle exercise, walking as a sport, they had to vent about personal issues and give the space of mind and the soul learn that it is beneficial for you.


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    Home Girlposted 5 years ago

    There is a solution - take a walk.

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    omar ismailposted 5 years ago

    last step excersices, take awalk and any excercises