Sex in marriage

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    MAYRAPINKposted 5 years ago

    So you snagged your prince charming. You should be feeling like a Disney Princess, but instead you feel like a brat. That handsome man with those seductive Looks who once made you weak at the knees and legs quiver with excitement now seems to do anything but. Sure sweetie you're hot, but you don't  light my fire.
    It's true when they say you should keeps some mystery in your relationship. Not secrets that can ruin a relationship, but the little white lie version of secrets. don't assume because you live under the same roof that your spouse wants to see you in your most intimate moments. No I'm not talking masturbation I'm talking about the toilet. Regardless how comfortable you get, this can and may affect how much your partner can turn you on in the bedroom.
    This is loss of desire maybe coming from a completely different place though. Infidelity of the mind heart or body is not always a factor. In fact in this situation I believe it's just the fact too much of a good thing who would have thunk it. It's funny how we may see a pair of shoes and immediately fall in love but after wearing them for a while we're ready to look for another beautiful pair of shoes. I do not mean this in the sense of we are ready to move to a new partner, hang with me I'm getting to my point. As soon as we see someone else wearing that pair of shoes and we see it from a different perspective or our perspective is refreshed we suddenly want those pair of shoes again,    We are reminded of how we love how those shoes make us feel how sexy how happy. Basically we need to appreciate what we have from the beginning and keep reminding ourselves so what we have now is what we wanted so badly then. why does it have to change why can't we keep wanting things even after we get them? I will tell you why it is a me me me mentality.
    Don't blame your partner for letting things get dull, instead encourage yourself to spice things up. bring out some old lingerie you have and haven't worn for him in a while. If he once drove you crazy with pleasure believe me it's still in there. So dig out that wild teenager in yourself and take him for ride. You might be surprised to realize he can still take you there.