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How to Make her a Perfect Wife?

Updated on October 10, 2011
The Perfect Wife
The Perfect Wife

Make her the Perfect Wife!

It is the desire of every husband to have a perfect wife that's, submissive and loving.

A wife is always willing to pattern after her husbands attitudes, especially if she can look up to him for sound advice, compassion, understanding and love, she really needs you, she was made for you and she can only grow by you. Even children copy after their parents.

Husbands to establish a perfect wife you will have to stop blaming your wife and blame yourself, if any correction is to be made with the body, it must first be made in the head, likewise the wife is the body and the husband is the head (stated in the bible) therefore if any correction has to be made in the marriage body it must be made first in the head (the husband).

Husbands never tell your wife;

  • You are a stubborn woman
  • Its you who is causing this marriage to go down the drain
  • I wish you was a more submissive wife
  • Its because of your nasty attitude we have all these problems
  • Its because of your hard head and strong will you are putting our marriage on the line.
  • I hate you
  • You discuss me
  • My life will be much better without you

And to top it off here comes the silent treatment..

Husbands I beg of you please don't do that, all that will do is cause resistance on both sides.

As we know there is a law of resisting, "Whatever You Resist Persists!"

Your marriage will only go in circles with that attitude when you resist her, you will get more things to resist and vice versa, because all the focus is on resisting one another.

ROMANS 2: 1-2

  1. Therefore thou are inexcusable, oh man, whosoever though art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself, for thou that judgest doest the same thing.
  2. But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.


Do You Desire Change? Yes, Good!

The answer is, You become the example of what you want her to be!

Jesus our Lord did that, he became us, love us, died for us, live a life to exemplify how we should live and love one another. He became the perfect example of what he wanted us to be.

Jesus did that as our spiritual husband, he loved and consider us even when we was unlovable.

What a love God has shown unto us and in like manner is required the highest form of creation he was created in the very image of God to exemplify the same love that was projected from God to his wife, family, friends, etc. not to blame, make excuses, threaten or lecture others.

Lead By Example for a Perfect Wife

How do you expect your wife to become what you want her to be, when you yourself is not at the place you suppose to be.

Remember your marriage cannot change unless you change first, remember all eyes are on you, so start with, "communication the key to a successful marriage." Inform your wife what you are embarking upon make all necessary apologies and ask for her forgiveness. Let her know that you now understand the manly role you must play and no matter what her attitude is towards you, you are going to always be a loving and understanding husband, just as God is to us.

I guarantee you, right in that moment, she will want to break, and she will surely want to change. In that moment she may even explain to you why she never even try or make an attempt to change, why she never respected you as she should etc. Then you will see the power you got over your wife, she must have your love, a head to look to and understanding in order to change and become the perfect wife you want her to be.

Now she will be ready to change because you will help her to change

My Personal Story - The Road To Becoming A Perfect Wife

Before my husband decided to change, I would not show him the respect he deserves.

When he said anything hurtful, I would answer him back to suit, it was a constant way for me as a woman to uphold myself from breaking! That was just a front I put up to survive, not really meaning it, but wanted to prove that I will not be trodden down.

Fast forward, he made a decision to be the man he always wanted to be, in the family, not to look to me to bring the happiness and peace into the relationship, but decided to take full responsibility for the household and bring his part into the relationship.

Note: Never go into a relationship expecting the other person to make you happy, you become the solution for you, what do you bring to the table?

Even though sometimes when I know I am wrong, and did things that I know he will quarrel for, he would gentle do what he have to do without arguing with me, talk normal etc, then I began to feel like I was the monster in the relationship, that used to tear me apart when he wasn't arguing back with me because he was certainly changing for the better and I still had my ways.

That is what change me, even though he may do something that I would get angry for, I began to whole my tongue, because of the way he held his when I was angry with him.

It was so psychological, didn't realize when it all came over me, now we respect each other, each other wishes/desires and are best of friends,

And in turn want others to share the same happiness as we do.


Only You have the potential to make yourself feel good, no one else can do that for you, its only you every bit of it you!


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