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How To Love Your Wife The Way She Wants To Be Loved!

Updated on September 14, 2011

How to Love Your Wife!

Sometimes in life a husband really wants to love his wife. In my experience I've notice one major mistake men makes in trying to love their mate, that is to love them from his point of view, the way he is seeing her needs.

I know husbands wants the best for their wives and will sometimes go out of their way to accomplish things for her, but please consider in so doing sometimes she may not need the things you are doing for her, she will tell you it is well appreciated and offer you many thanksgivings, but what she really desired was not met.

For Instance; you went out and bought her a new living room set, - good intention, good idea, but what she really wanted was to do over the flooring in the living room, even though she will be grateful for the living room set, still her desire was not met.

Now if it was done the other way around, she would be jumping for joy, you would have received lots of thanks, hugs and kisses etc etc..

{If you had mention to her your intentions, then she would had said, honey good idea on the living room set, but what I really desire is to change the flooring in the living room}

So you see one of the secret in loving your wife is to communicate with her.

Find Time To Find Out What's Her Desires!

You want to love your wife the way she want to be loved right! A good way to start is to communicate with her. Find out what is her desires, make a list if need be, convey to her exactly what you are setting out to accomplish, look out she will shower you with a kiss.

Wife in love
Wife in love

Some Examples Of Wives Needs

  • Your wife needs a free open communication line with thee.
  • Remember all she want is to share her life with you.
  • Your wife need praise, to feel appreciated and valuable.
  • Your wife is now one with you she need to be elevated above mother, children, friends etc. she need 1st Place.
  • Remember the quantity of stress will determine between happiness or depression, at this time she will need much love and comfort without any lecturing or demanding.
  • It will be very important for her to know that her opinions is considered before making any family decisions.
  • She needs you to be such a good man that her son will want to be like Daddy and her daughter will have a clear mental image of the kind of man she will want to marry.
  • Sometimes she will need just a tender hug, touch or just to keep her company without any sexual intimacy.

Ideas for Loving your Wife the Way She Want to be Loved!

  • Always keep in mind that she is your most valuable possession.
  • Communications is the key to building a successful marriage.
  • Be sensitive to her feelings.
  • Whenever correction is needed, do it lovingly and gently.
  • Spend quality time together, if it just means to sitting on the porch sipping a cup of tea.
  • Compliment her often, remember she can only see the importance of your love for her through your words.
  • Be forgiving if she ever offends you.
  • Daily let her know that you need her.
  • Every woman is unique in her own way, so appreciate her for her own uniqueness.
  • Admit you were in error, don't be afraid to be humble and say I am sorry, (those 3 words is as powerful as I Love You) that can take your relationship a long way.
  • Write to her now and then remind her how much you love her - you can even be creative and write her your own poem, even if its just 3 or 4 lines she will highly appreciate it. One I really like is a personalized poetry gift, you can write you own poem on selected gifts which will be a constant reminder of your love to her.
  • Try or learn to enjoy what she enjoys you will be glad you did!
  • Pray with her everyday - "A family that prays together stays together," this is a vital element to any marriage.

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  • Allow her the freedom to buy things that she consider necessary - my husband use to tell me sometimes "honey what you going to buy that for? Do we need that, do you have to get that etc".. But these things make her feels good when she buys it.
  • As a wife we need to feel protected, especially from others, so defend her!
  • Before you do anything, make sure she knows what you are going to do.
  • Sometimes do the unexpected, an unexpected hug, kiss, prepare breakfast, make her a cup of tea etc.
  • Do not forget, do discover her sexual needs (most important) and ask her how her sexual needs can be met.
  • Everyday planning to ensure a brighter future together.
  • Practice common courtesies, for instance opening the door for her, pull the chair out before she sits at the table etc.
  • Take her out on dates now and then and hold her hands when in public.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY - Tell her everyday "I Love You."
  • From time to time give her a special gift, not just on her Birthday or Anniversary.
  • Call her when you're running late.
  • Be sympathetic when she is sick.
  • Give her a call at least once a day and tell her you were thinking about her, you miss her, you love her etc.

I know the more we help others accomplished their goals in life the more whole and complete we feel. The desire to help others is one of the greatest things one can do. There is no other greater gift than to live for others.

"Live for your wife and build a happy, healthy and lasting relationship!"

Be Blessed!


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