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The Final Battle

Updated on February 9, 2013

The following is not an easy message to convey. It's been in the family a long time and while not being a prophet of doom I know that it was speaking of this time period and that we are all standing at the edge of the precipice.  Some of you may recognise it from an epistle attributed to Barnabus.  As I mentioned, it's been around for two thousand years.   Why I had to be the one to resolve what was just a collection of statements on the morning of August 28th, 1998,  I can't really tell you. Perhaps like so many other mysterious codes from the past it was just awaiting someone that marched to the beat of a different drummer. But since it has been analyzed in a thousand different ways, I might as well pass my interpretaton on, since that was obviously the intention of so many generations preserving it in the first place.  Eventually it had to be deciphered and it looks as if it's pointing directly at our time period.

The Prophecy

And the Lord said, "Know this, son of Aaron, son of Zadok, I have set this time upon the lips of my prophets long ago, but your world will not listen. So heed the words of your ancestor, as he watched Jerusalem be laid to waste. For then I planted the seed within the womb of your birthing, and for fifty generations I have nursed it. Did I not say to him that your world has become like a new forest of trees planted in the valley. And the trees grew until the valley was pregnant with their shoots and impassable, surrounded by a wall of majestic mountains.

And I made the vine grow above the forest and below the ground I made the waters flow so that a fountain sprung from the earth to nourish all the trees of the forest. But the stream became like a torrent and the fountain sent out great waves that eroded the soil and felled the trees. And when the forest had been destroyed, the waves crashed against the mountains until they were levelled to nothing more than grains of sand. All the valley was laid to waste, covered by the waters, except for the presence of one lone cedar. The vine then spread out from the fountain and approached the cedar, and a mouth sprouted from the vine and it spoke. 'Are you not that cedar remaining from the forest of wickedness? And was it not you that turned the forest away from being righteous? You kept taking what was not yours, without compassion, until your conquests took you to the distant reaches. Those that approached you were caught in your wicked net. You spread your canopy above all the others, preventing the sun to reach their leaves. But now you are undone. You shall become dust along with the forest that has been washed away. And you will try to rise again from the soil, but your seed will be devastated even more than this time. And the dust of your wood will be burnt until it is ash and you will never come again.'

All this I said to your ancestor, so that you would know when the time would come. He knew it then and you know it now. Any who have ever searched the words of the prophecy would have known if it was in their hearts. It was never concealed except by their own blindness. Now do what you must, as I have commanded you, for the time of this prophecy has come to pass and the message is greater than the man."

Deciphering the Prophecy

To most you will probably read this prophecy and miss the intent. But then, that's already predicted since it says that even though it has been revealed for a very long time no one else had bothered to pay any attention to the prophecy.

When the prophecy says that this was revealed to my ancestor, I knew immediately that it was speaking of Joshua ben Gamaliel, whom had witnessed the destruction of the city by the Romans before losing his own head to the sword. For those interested in the genealogy, Joshua ben Gamaliel was decended from the House of Phiabi, one of the priestly families that still officiated in the Temple.  The Kahana are descended from this House.  His world had been laid to ruin by a mighty and powerful empire. Rome was that forest that filled the valley of Israel with its trees and surrounded the walls with its mighty mountain walls. That's exactly what they did, building a containment wall around the city as they began the process of starving those within its walls.

And there came the vine which spread its fruit across the skies above the forest and the fountain which sprung from the living waters. Doubly fruitful were the vine and fountain as was the meaning of Ephraim. The vine was the teacher and the fountain was the congregation. And the waters grew until they toppled the trees of the forest. But the congregation was uncontrollable and soon they became more detructive than the evil empire which they swept away. They flooded the valley so it did not grow as it once did.

But proving resistant was the powerful cedar which grew out of from the loss of the Empire which had concealed it. This cedar inherited the Middle East, and was more treacherous than all the wicked trees that had preceded it. The cedar distorted the truth and forced its words through conquest and torture until it spread out its canopy in order to fill the world. It reigned in power over several cycles, until the zenith of its power was reached in the final cycle where it attempts to seed the valley, but then it is destroyed forever in a fiery holocaust. The Cedar of Lebanon will be gone forever, and only then shall peace reign. The teachings of the vine will then prevail, and the hand of the Lord will rest easy upon the earth.

It is pretty obvious what the prophecy means. I know there will be others that will attempt to provide a different meaning to the message, and that is no surprise, as all prophecies have suffered a similar fate. Their messages become whitewashed until there is very little of the original content or meaning. That is their perogative. I can only tell you what the meaning is that I deciphered in its entirety and it is clear to me that this is what it means.

The valley is Judah and Israel, just as was the valley of the Rose of Sharon. The mountains were the Diaspora. The conquest of Rome destroyed the valley and took control of the mountains. The remnant of Judah and Israel could still be found in the Diaspora but barely existed in the homeland. Rome filled the valley until it was unrecognizable and the Jews suffered under the hand of Rome. But then Christianity sprung into being and though the message of the vine should have been like the underground spring, guiding and nourishing the forest, but it grew out of control until it had in many ways become more evil than the Roman forest.

As powerful as the uncontrolled waters had become, there sprouted a greater power that rose above the waters and could not be felled. The cedar is Islam, peaking and subsiding over the centuries until just before the end of time, not even the waters can knock it down. The cedar attempts to seed the valley with nothing but its own seedlings and that brings about the time of the final prophecy.

The vine revives and the original message of the vine is restored to its original form.  A war is fought between the vine and the cedar, on a scale of devastation never witnessed before. Only after massive suffering does the original teachings become triumphant. Order is restored and the world is at peace.

Now for those of you still struggling to fully comprehend my interpretation, I suggest you go back and read the original prophecy.  Keep in mind what I have said as you do so and you will see that it all becomes very clear.  You may find it strange or odd that I've chosen to use a hub to deliver this ancient message.  Truth is  I don't know how the ancient prophets would deliver their messages in today's society if they were still around. I don't beleive it could be performed using the ancient ways of sermons and preaching from the wilderness. We'd probably ignore them completely if they did that.  But the internet, that's a different story. That is why I have resorted to this method of writing it all down and bringing it to the attention of those that may know how to deliver it even more successfully than myself.


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