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Astrology: Planets in Taurus Part 1: Ascendant and Mercury

Updated on April 21, 2014
Taurus's glyph/symbol
Taurus's glyph/symbol | Source

This hub is on planets on Taurus, other than the sun sign of Taurus. This is a two part series. In this hub, I will be talking about Planets in Taurus, Ascendant/Rising sign and Mercury in Taurus. Part Two of this series will be talking about Planets in Taurus, Mars, Venus and Moon in Taurus.

If you want to know if you have a planet in Taurus, Google the phrase natal chart and plug in, your birth information (birth-date, birth-time, and location).

Taurus Rising
Taurus Rising | Source

Ascendant/Rising in Taurus

Your ascendant/rising is Taurus, so your first house will most likely be in Taurus and ruled by Venus. Taurus as ruled by Venus is a sensual, pleasure seeking sign.

Remember that Venus is the planet of love, desire, and pleasure. Here on the ascendant, Taurus is beautiful. The women will be curvy and attractive and the men will be clean cut and handsome.

Even if a Taurus ascendant person is not so good looking in the face/body there will be something sexy and striking about them. The Taurus rising person will be charming and graceful, but also is strong and grounded. This ascendant will walk slow, move slow, dress nice and dine at the fanciest of places.


Ascendant/Rising in Taurus, (cont'd).

These folks are quite traditional and they won’t be walking around looking and acting trashy, unkempt, and of low-class. Taurus rising people are not bold, daring and rebellious by nature and will not try to look different and bold. They definitely care about their appearance and the opinion of others, so they wouldn’t do or say anything shocking. The Taurus rising like the Taurus sun sign can be quite stubborn and judgmental, being that they are a practical, logical earth sign. The people around them will be just like them, traditional, beautiful, charming, and graceful with expensive clothes and experiences.

Overall, Taurus rising person is built on pleasure, good food and a good time. One thing you have to remember, your rising/ascendant sign is the zodiac sign that you first appear like to others. It’s how you first act around others, not necessarily who you are on the inside.


Mercury in Taurus

Your Mercury in Taurus, so you communicate and think in an Earthy/Venusian way. As an earth sign mercury your way of thinking and speaking is logical, concrete and grounded. Mercury in Taurus is a practical, direct, and deliberate thinker and communicator. They have no problem being honest and direct (not in the passionate, impulsive fire sign way, or the cold, intellectual detached air sign way or the emotional, indirect and irrational water sign way), but in the practical this has to be said here and now kind of way.

Mercury in Taurus will say what they mean and mean what they say. They are quite stubborn in their words and ways of thinking and will hold on to an idea and belief until the very end.

Taurus mercury people prefer pleasure to fighting and there is definitely a graceful way of how they speak and choose their words, which can be unlike the other two earth mercury signs. Since this mercury is ruled by Venus, they always have to think of how they appear to others (and how others think of them), their choice of words and tone that these words will be delivered in. This doesn’t mean they will hold back their opinions and beliefs.

Instead they will make a conscious effort to say and communicate what they have to say in way that makes them look good. Some last things to mention is that the

Mercury in Taurus person is very traditional and proper, so they won’t communicate in a vulgar fashion. They will try not to curse, yell loudly, or be crass (leave that to a fire mercury sign).


This concludes the first part of my Planets in Taurus Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Taurus Part Two: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You for reading!

What planet do you have in Taurus?

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