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Black Eyed Children Stories

Updated on June 25, 2012

Across the world there are more black eyed children stores being reported. These creapy children have terrified people across the world. All black eyed children stories have one thing in common, these children just want to come in.

Black eyed children have been reported to show up at peoples’ homes, hotels, car windows, and there have been reports of them showing up at peoples boats. Reports of black eyed children stories have come in from across the globe. Stories of these encounters are reported in the United States, Ireland, Mexico, and in Europe


People who have reported seeing these children most often state that they are young boys in their mid-teens to early 20’s. They stand four to five feet tall. They dress normaly like any other young person. All encounters with black eyed children state that the one feature that stands out the most about these kids are their completely black eyes.

It is also reported that these black eyed children speak like adults. This furthers adds a sense of terror to those they approach. All report that between their black eyes and adult speech, that something is not right with these kids.

Let Us In

All black eyed children stories report that the only request these kids have is to come in. Most report that there is urgency to their request. They often state that they are in danger or need use the phone to inform their parents of their location.

In the reported black eyed children stories those who are approached by these kids say they feel a sense of fear or terror by the presence of these kids.

Paranormal Report: Black Eyed Children Stories

Who are the Black Eyed Children?

So who are the black eyed children? Some feel they are demonic spirits. Those who believe this point the belief that demons cannot cross a threshold without permission. All black eyed children stories include the reports of these kids asking to come inside.

Some point out that the majority of people who have black eyed children stories have had an abortion. Perhaps the appearance of these children has something to do with having the procedure. While this theory has been speculated, there is not enough proof to say that abortions are a common link in those who have encounters black eyed children.

Some feel that their physical description fits the descriptions of the alien “Greys,” with their oversized black eyes. These kids also are the same reported height of “Greys,” standing four to five feet tall. Those who believe this theory feel that aliens may be experimenting with human DNA to create a human/alien hybrid race.

Black Eyed Children Stories Research

David Weatherly has written the most comprehensive book about the phenomena of black eyed children stories. Weatherly includes stories of these encounters from across the world. He also provides possible explanations as to who these strange children are and why they are hear putting fear into so many people. His writing on black eyed children stories is often entertaining and informative.

There is much more to the phenomena of these black eyed children stories than what we currently know. There appears to be something sinister behind their requests to come in. Or, perhaps, the black eyed children stories are nothing more than an urban legend spread by our computer generated world.

More Info

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