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UFOs and Aliens on Earth

Updated on September 5, 2014

UFOs and Aliens are here in our very lives. Maybe they have not taken over our governments but have penetrated into popular culture here on earth. Movies like Area 51, Battle Los Angeles, and Cowboys and Aliens have dazzled on the big screen and in advertisements all over the nation. Documentaries and TV series such as Ancient Aliens and UFO hunters are a fixture on TV. The ancient astronaut theory was a joke when it first was proposed, now it is well know and well discussed theory given serious consideration.

While there is no doubt that UFOs and Aliens have taken a place in media and entertainment, serious and much more creditable sightings are occurring around the world on a daily basis. Once the only photos or videos of UFOs and Aliens were fuzzy and grainy, today these video are clearer in quality and sighting and being witness more often. Not only have these sightings increased in numbers, larger groups of people witness the same events and give the same details

Scary Video about UFOs and Aliens sightings

UFOs and Aliens

There have been mass sighting of UFO and Aliens. In July of 1991, a mass UFOs and Aliens sighting was reported over Mexico City during a solar eclipse. This incident was witnessed by most of Mexico City’s residents. The events of that day are also reported on the evening world news in the USA. For an UFO’ and Aliens sighting to make the evening world new in the US, the event was huge.

UFOs and Aliens sighting have been reported above Earth on Space Shuttle missions. In March, 2001, video being streamed during the STS-102 mission shows objects in space making sharp angled turns, starting, stopping, and changing course. Another UFOs and Aliens video is filmed on STS-80 in December, 1996, Video shows several strang objects. This objects included slow moving circular objects, flashes of light close to the Earth’s surface, and tracers from objects flying by the space shuttle. Nasa denies the existence of UFOs and Aliens and says there is no threat to the space program from them.

Jerusalem Sighting

One haunting video of UFOs and Aliens is captured in Jerusalem, 2011. This amazing video shows a UFO descending from the night sky and hovering over the “Dome of the Rock,” in Jerusalem. After hovering for a few seconds, the UFO shoots straight up into the night sky. The attached video shows this sighting from three camera views. This is one of the better videos showing a UFO encounter


Unless UFOs and Aliens actually land in a very public place and get out of there ship in full view of national media, the debate over there true existence will go on. For now, believers and debunkers must examine video, photos, and witness statements to try and learn what the truth is.

There are many creditable organizations searching for the truth about UFOs and Aliens. Some hope to prove their existence, other wish to prove there is no such thing. Check out a list of groups conducting UFO research. This is a link for descriptions of common UFO shapes. In the end, the truth is what we choose to believe.


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      .....obviously you have a labor of love going on here with your passion and expertise when it comes to this deep deep subject - thank you for your presentation here and your effort put into it - may I recommend to you a world class talk radio show called COAST TO COAST AM with George Norrey (just google their show and have a look at their website) I listen to it most every night on the way to work and it covers many of the subjects in which you write with such intelligence and an open mind.

      lake erie time ontario canada 7:09am