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Theocracy or Idiocracy. Are They The Same? Delusion is Dangerous

Updated on February 6, 2014

Embracing Diversity is Key to Peace in Humanity

Humanity IS diversity at its best
Humanity IS diversity at its best | Source
We are all connected to one another by the very air we breathe
We are all connected to one another by the very air we breathe

Religious prejudices

Does it belong in politics? (no)

Should it be banned from public influence? (yes)

Should it be banned from public view? (yes)

Humanity is definitely more harmed than helped, by religious influences in our global society.

  • Blind Theocracy is "idiocracy" at its best.
  • Followed with poetry to quell the unrest.
  • The Legacy of Hatred and the Legacy of Love.
  • Which was born of Mankind, which from above?

First a few definitions for your better understanding:

  • Theocracy: The government of a state by immediate divine guidance, or by officials who are regarded as 'divinely' guided. (In other words ruled by religion)
  • Theology: A study of the 'THEORY' of religion.
  • Theory: Abstract thought; SPECULATION; A belief, policy, or procedure, proposed or followed, as the basis for action. An ideal (perception of perfection), or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances.
  • Idiocy: An extreme mental retardation (limitation) commonly due to incomplete, or abnormal, development of the brain. Something notably stupid or foolish. I also call this "idiocracy" - a government run by idiots.

It is said that "ALL religions are based on theoretically justifiable beliefs". What?

This statement is, in itself, an oxymoron.

Emerging Theories

Over the centuries there have been a multitude of "Theories" that have been proven to be inaccurate {just plain wrong}.

Theories that range from the world being flat, to the universe being infinite and eternal.

Now, a new theory emerges:

multiple universes that are finite (having definite, or definable, limits); and no more 'big bang' theory; or to be more precise: 'multiple big bangs' that created multiple universes simultaneously.

Why then does mankind cling to the current "theoretical" religious beliefs that are unproven - and will not, and cannot, ever be proven?

What drives, or fuels, this insatiable fear of a God that is only a theoretical entity conceived some where in history, and time, by an unknown person, for unknown reasons.

(Actually the reasons are known: its inception was an attempt to explain the unexplainable which later morphed into a weapon of mass control).

A personal challenge

I will personally challenge the most 'learned' and 'intelligent' human to prove to me that their 'theory' is truth.

It cannot be done.

There is absolutely no empirical proof of the evidence of God, as man worships 'him' (meaning a single entity given the gender of masculinity to presume a 'fatherly' figure).

Therefore, this theory cannot be empirically substantiated.

There is NO phyletically proven descent through historical time, of one set of theoretical beliefs that have withstood the ravages of time in its entirety.

Even the oldest of known religions have 'evolved' in some form, or fashion.

{Phyletic: of, or relating to, evolutionary change in a single line of descent without branching}.

The arguments used as evidentiary proof are speculative, or strictly circumstantial, at best. (Theoretical rather than demonstrable). See my hub: 'the sheep mentality' before you attempt to argue this point.

We cannot, or must not, impose "justification" by forcing illiteracy onto the masses by governmental or religious mandate.

Thwarting education is unacceptable, inexcusable and unjustifiable by ANY entity of authority, be it government or religion.


showing, or marked by, a lack of acquaintance with fundamentals of a particular field of knowledge (ignorance). {With the "proven theory" that ignorant people are more easily manipulated than their educated and more intelligent counterparts as the basis for lowering educational requirements in this country}.

This 'proven theory' is the basic justification for the USA now being 47th in the world in respect to higher education.

Quite an accomplishment for those in power, wouldn't you say?

What do we want controlling society? Love or Hatred?

Hatred always corrodes the vessel in which it is stored
Hatred always corrodes the vessel in which it is stored
Time to stop the hate on a global scale
Time to stop the hate on a global scale
Hate is "taught" and can be learned.  Love is eternal
Hate is "taught" and can be learned. Love is eternal

Summary in poetic formats


Changing your reality for the sake of your sanity

is not the same as living in a fantasy.

Being a nonconformist is not a crime.

Nothing, or no one, can stop the flow of time.

No one is perfect, everyone is perfect; an oxymoron.

Man has always feared what he does not understand.

Questioning our religion is not an act of roguery

It is an exercise is learning to face life's reality.

Before healing of the soul can be realized,

the legacy of theological hatred must be exorcised.


Love is a gift of lifetime endurance,

with the wonderful side effect of acceptance.

The embracing of peaceful joy and harmony

can lift your spirit to a gloriously new vitality

of hope, tenderness, admiration; a new discern

for unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern.

Learn from observing a love bug's only existence

of an entire lifetime of unbridled persistence.

Love is the answer, a gift from above.

Deny ourselves, but never deny others, this legacy of love.

by d.william 06/19/2011

Delusion is dangerous.

A lack of belief in Gods

© 2011 d.william


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    • Credence2 profile image


      8 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hello, D

      You said:

      I will personally challenge the most 'learned' and 'intelligent' human to prove to me that their 'theory' is truth. It cannot be done. There is absolutely no empirical proof of the evidence of God, as man worships him (meaning a single entity).

      You know, D.William, you are right I can't, and that is crux of it all

      This awareness or lack of same is as original as a fingerprint. What organized religion does is to try to herd people like cattle, when no real God wants worshippers that have been deceived or coerced. I choose to believe what I wish and associate freely with those in a spiritual setting having similar beliefs. Its all intuitive, not nonsense, but intuitive and that can work fine until you politicize it, commercialize it or fight wars over it, what ever it is you promote as a simple concept is drowned out.

      As always, nice article


    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you. Glad you liked it. dw

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      8 years ago from Southern Illinois

      The legacy of love, Beautiful!

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you for reading and your thoughtful and insightful comments. Although rather disconcerting, they may have some intrinsic value to explain the mass insanity on this planet.

      Yes, i have always believed, even as a young child, that we are only pieces of a whole. Merely thoughts implanted into a host body to explore the material world and all the concepts that the spiritual world cannot fully understand without actually experiencing it.

      But, there was more to MY childhood beliefs. They also concluded that there must be more than one creative entity in the universe that we are all a part of. More specifically, each galaxy has a sentient being in its center (what we now know as a 'black hole') that is an age old being with billions of individual thought patterns and that it is able to emanate bits of that thought energy and transfer it into a host that was compatible with its environment.

      Over simplified, but gave me the explanation i needed as a child to face the future in a hostile world, filled with frightening and conflicting ideas all around us as individuals. To be truly this isolated from the whole, is overwhelming to a child, but today i am certainly appreciative of this individuality. My childhood beliefs also embraced the notion that evolution was the only means of creating a host that could interact with the spirit and the environment.

      I spent hours upon hours contemplating this 'theory ' of mine and it gave me solace in the knowledge that the thoughts of another person had absolutely no direct bearing on my own sentience.

      To state that "if a group of people believe the same thing it makes it a reality" is quite disturbing and somewhat incongruous with the individuality concept of a soul living symbiotically within a host body. If this is so, then that reality is only for those who have the same beliefs, and those groups are certainly entitled to their own beliefs, but they do not have the right (legal or moral) to inflict (project) their thoughts onto another.

      I think this concept was created by some who want to justify forcing their own judgmental concepts onto others. ?

      No matter how many people in this world believe in any particular concept, it does not make it a reality for me.

      Spreading hatred en masse, does not make it right, or acceptable to anyone other than those who are attempting to perpetuate their hatred.

    • drbillfannin profile image


      8 years ago from Atlanta

      Great insight. Well done. I had a college professor, the dean of the school of psychology, who was discussing the universe and reality one day. We were specifically discussing missing time and lost objects. Have you ever misplaced something and searched everywhere only to find it exactly where you first looked, and it was in plain sight? What about ghosts, UFOs, and other things we see that can't be found or proven to exist. He said, "I believe that it's all an illusion." He meant that everything is an illusion. We fabricate out reality like the computers on the Enterprise created a reality on the "holo" deck. In other words, our thoughts are all we have. The rest is just a holographic creation, a manifestation of our thoughts. Our "reality" is in fact an illusion of our spiritual mind. In his concept, we are thoughts in the mind of an eternal spiritual God. In that respect, we are created by God, but more importantly, we are part of God. We cannot exist without God, and without us there is no God. Very interesting once we get what he was trying to say.

      Have you ever noticed that reality changes as we observe it and our understanding of it changes? Whatever we believe, as a group, becomes reality. In that respect, God does exist because most people believe in God. If God is the creator, and we are the image of God, are we not creators also? Maybe we have created a grand illusion. If you can get enough people to believe in something, it becomes the new reality.


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