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Teaching 'creationism' as fact is not appropriate for children - and other truths.

Updated on January 5, 2016

Creationism is NOT appropriate for Children

Sometimes miracles are just part of life


Revelations, dreams, and miracles

Our Creators speak to us in a variety of ways. All we have to do is open our minds and listen to what comes in.

Blindly believing those who are exploiting their religions for profit is profoundly wrong.

Facts should always prevail over fantasies.

Some basics about creation, miracles, creationism, and everyday living:

'Revelations' always come thru dreams or in daytime reveries (through meditation) and are based on logic, common sense and universal truths.

  • Demanding that others belief as we do is wrong.
  • Creationism is NOT appropriate for children to learn as fact when science proves evolution.
  • Humanity will continue to destroy itself due to the arrogance of man.
  • Everything that is in existence was created to work in complete harmony in order to continue indefinitely. Like a fine Swiss watch. Change or alter one component and you lose the synchronicity.
  • Evil only dwells within the individual - only that individual can overcome its hold on them.
  • Selfishness and Greed are the names of the greatest of evils. They are products of man alone. They will be the catalyst for the total destruction of mankind.
  • The body (soma) is merely a vessel created to host an "essence" (soul) from the other side. That individual essence is only a small portion of the whole.
  • The essence of man is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can however, be transferred and converted (as to shape and form).
  • The complexities of combined components (as thoughts within the brain) can be damaged beyond repair simply by inappropriate programming of the child.
  • Babies are 'blank slates'. Programming before the age of reason causes the child's brain to be 'stuck' in a loop state of continuous quandary or can precipitate what is known as arrested development.
  • Man's interference with nature's intricate workings can only lead to a dire end. (example: as the old saying implies: you are what you eat.) Mankind has evolved over millions of years, and survived and thrived on the natural order of things. Like the foods we eat - our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with those foods at a genetic level. With the new practice of allowing our food providers to genetically alter the foods we eat, that symbiosis is being interrupted at a cellular level. If allowed to continue, this can only lead to mutations and/or mental problems. Some people believe that the increase in the incidence of autism is a result of the genetic engineering of cows, a common practice today to increase the milk output. This is in fact, fact.
  • The 'Creators' did not 'create' a human being with all its complicated integral parts, both on a micro- and macroscopic scale, in one day, as a 'day' is conceived by man. "Time" is a concept of mankind - it is not a reality in the cosmic flow of things. All of life as we know it, is a process of evolution on a universal scale that brought about a suitable human host body capable of housing an 'essence' of spirit. The body is disposable, the spirit is not.
  • What we now know as the "black hole" is neither black, nor a hole. Instead it is a "whole" energy source of pure light from which small bits are sent throughout the galaxy in which it exists, in search of hosts to provide the 'whole' with sight, sounds and emotions that are only possible through the manifestations of the solid world via its living physical entities. This is not to imply that this process is helter-skelter by any means. It is precise and deliberate and each bit of the essence is earmarked for a particular host, in which the lessons of that host will be manifested, and collected, and ultimately returned to the 'whole' to be stored in itself. Much like a giant computer gathering facts and data.
  • No individual is ever an island unto himself - but always part of the whole.
  • "Black holes" as we know them, are in fact sentient entities that do not 'eat' space debris. Spirits do not need sustenance as does man. It simply eliminates (or assimilates) objects that pose a threat to itself, much like the earth's atmosphere destroys ("eats") falling space debris.
  • Every galaxy has a sentient 'black hole' at its center. All that we know as reality is but a 'creation' of that entity. With the exception of the concepts of selfishness, greed, hate and other useless, time consuming, emotions that are of little use to the growth and development of mankind, and are only distracting manifestations of man. Our spiritual family has no use for these emotions. Until these useless conceptual emotions are overcome, and better managed by man, the world will remain in turmoil.
  • Our "God" that we unwittingly worship is one of billions that reside within each of the billions of galaxies. Our mission on this planet is not to worship and fear God, but to fervently seek knowledge that can only be obtained through the physical plane.
  • Knowledge is the only thing that will overcome the hatred, intolerance, bigotry, etc.., that slows down man's ability to learn and grow.
  • The growth of humanity is stunted and paralyzed by the negative emotions.
  • All the wars, evil deeds, and other inexplicable events that would seem to be inconsistent with an all loving, powerful and forgiving "god" is of little consequence in the big picture. These things are only the manifestations of mans ignorance and quest for self gratification.
  • Every person on this planet is here for their own particular purpose, whether it is to find a cure for cancer, explore the wonders of outer space, or to live a short (or long) life span in reparation for the wrongs they have inflicted on other humans during a past life. It is known as cosmic Karma (Dharma). To over simplify: If you disrupt the intended meaning for the existence of another being, you will be forced to return to this plane to pay for that 'sin' against God and humanity.

Happiness is self explanatory:


Simple rules for a happy and successful lifetime

Learn to live our own life. Stop trying to run someone else's.

Spend our time more productively. Help others instead of trying to destroy them.

Replace our misplaced hatred with love, kindness, and forgiveness, and our life will be much more fulfilling, happy, and peaceful.

Grow our mind. Learn all we can while in this plane.

Live in peace and harmony with others

Live long and prosper (intellectually). We CAN take THAT with us when we go.

We CANNOT take any material gains with us.

We are all born to be what we are meant to be, so be true to self and be the best we can be at what we are.

Embrace diversity. All life is beautiful and precious

And never judge another for any reason. We were (are) never meant to pass judgements on each other.

by: d.william 09/23/10

Hell is fake? Meant only to scare children

The total insignificance of mankind in a vast universe

Demanding that others believe as we do is inappropriate.

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    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thanks for reading and commenting. These 'truths' come to me in dreams/reveries while asleep, in meditation, or sometimes while awake when they come to my consciousness in such rapid succession that it is difficult to write them down fast enough to retrieve them all.

    • AlexK2009 profile image


      6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

      Interesting Ideas. I need to think about them. I like the idea of a black hole as a sentient entity.

    • d.william profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Somewhere in the south

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Questioning self and basic beliefs are a sign of intellectual superiority. Those who hide behind a facade of fairy tale religious beliefs are the ultimate losers who will never know the blessed freedom of thought that our Creator has given us to use, not stifle. The continuing quest for knowledge and truth is the only way to attain love, happiness and ultimately salvation in the next plane.

    • Maggie-May profile image

      Nadine M AuCoin 

      7 years ago from the Island of Cape Breton to the Eastern Shores near Halifax, NS

      You have positive and energetic thoughts which many could learn from, including myself.

      Thanks for sharing them, I am left with many questions for myself,



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