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Chilam Balam (Jaguar God)

Updated on August 22, 2014

The legendary Chilam Balam as depicted by the Maya

This carving of the legendary Chilam Balam is located in the heart of Mesoamerica. The site is in Spanish and will need to be google tranlated.
This carving of the legendary Chilam Balam is located in the heart of Mesoamerica. The site is in Spanish and will need to be google tranlated. | Source

Some of the Mayan Knowledge Survived the Great Spanish Book Burning

There is a story that emerges from Mesoamerica that is attributed to the warrior-shaman-king Chilam Balam, the Jaguar King that compares with our story of Noah and the flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh. But there is a difference insofar as that the story as told and written by a Mayan scribe into Spanish from the Quiche language between 1541 and 1583. We know by the later date as this was the last year of the Julian calendar and dates given in the Quiche scribes account tally with Julian dates. So, the account had to be written down before 1583 when Pope Gregory changed the European calendar. There is also an account in the Popol Vuh which substantiates the following account. This account gives a lot more detail upon which will be commented and can be equated with our current understanding of how the physics of the solar system works. The original account has since been written and rewritten to the account quoted below from the end of the 18th century. After this, we quote the Biblical account of the flood followed by the flood account in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Read the translated Mayan account below translated from the Spanish into English, giving us a third or fourth hand account.

"It was during the Eleventh Ahau Katún when Ah Mucencab came forth and obscured the face of the Heavens [Oxlahun-ti-Ku] . . . It [the eclipse] occurred when the whole Earth began to awaken, but nobody knew what was to happen. Suddenly the Underworld Fires [Bolon-ti-Ku] seized the Heavens, and fire rained down, and ashes descended, and rocks and trees fell down, and wood and stone smashed together. Then the Heavens were seized and split asunder, the face of the Heavens [Oxlahun-ti-Ku] was buffeted back and forth . . . and thrown on its back . . . After that the fatherless, the miserable ones and the widows were all pierced through [the Tizímin and Mani versions say: "torn to pieces"]: they were all living when their hearts were stopped. And they were buried in the sand beneath the waves.

And in one great sudden rush of water their Great Serpent [Canhel] was ravished from the Heavens [Oxlahun-ti-Ku] . The sky fell down and the dry land sank, when the four gods, the four Bacabs arose, who had brought about the annihilation of the world.

After the destruction was complete . . . the four pillars of the sky [Bacab trees] were re-established . . . And the Great Mother Seiba [ceiba ?] rose amidst recollections of the destruction of the Earth." (Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, ch. x)


"[In the reign of Ahau 13 and Ahau 1 were the days and nights that fell without order and pain was felt throughout the land because of this] Oxlahun ti Ku [the thirteen gods (of the heavens)] and Bolon ti Ku [the nine gods (of the underworld] created the world and life: there was also born Itzam Cab Ain [Iguana earth crocodile]. [Ah Mensencob] turned the Petén and the sky upside down, and Bolon ti Ku raised up Itzam Cab Ain; there was a great cataclysm, and the ages ended with a flood."

Form the 1979 translation of the Perez Codex, as given in Spanish in the mid 16th century post the great Mayan book burning.

From the 7th chapter verses 10 to 13 of the Biblical Genesis we read;

And it came to pass after seven days, that the waters of the flood were upon the earth.

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.

In the selfsame day entered Noah, and Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah's wife, and the three wives of his sons with them, into the ark;

They, and every beast after his kind, and all the cattle after their kind, and every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind, and every fowl after his kind, every bird of every sort. “

And from Tablet X of the Epic of Gigamesh we read by translation;

...Stunned shock over Adad's deeds overtook the heavens,

and turned to blackness all that had been light.
The... land shattered like a... pot.
All day long the South Wind blew ...,
blowing fast, submerging the mountain in water, overwhelming the people like an attack.
No one could see his fellow,
they could not recognize each other in the torrent. The gods were frightened by the Flood,
and retreated, ascending to the heaven of Anu.
The gods were cowering like dogs, crouching by the outer wall. Ishtar shrieked like a woman in childbirth,
the sweet-voiced Mistress of the Gods wailed:
'The olden days have alas turned to clay,
because I said evil things in the Assembly of the Gods!
How could I say evil things in the Assembly of the Gods, ordering a catastrophe to destroy my people!!
No sooner have I given birth to my dear people
than they fill the sea like so many fish!'
The gods--those of the Anunnaki--were weeping with her,
the gods humbly sat weeping, sobbing with grief(?), their lips burning, parched with thirst. Six days and seven nights 
came the wind and flood, the storm flattening the land. When the seventh day arrived, the storm was pounding,
the flood was a war--struggling with itself like a woman writhing (in labor). The sea calmed, fell still, the whirlwind (and) flood stopped up.
I looked around all day long--quiet had set in
and all the human beings had turned to clay!
The terrain was as flat as a roof.
I opened a vent and fresh air (daylight!) fell upon the side of my nose....” 

What a significant overpressure can achieve

The accounts of the Maya and the Epic of Gilgamesh read like eyewitness accounts. With some modern day understanding we can now give a celestial eye view of what happened from what we have pieced together. At some point about 12,600 years ago, a huge catastrophe occurred that cut short the ice age that had the northern hemisphere in its icy grip. The consequences of that disaster changed the whole face of the earth. It now appears that a comet impacted the Laurentide ice sheet somewhere over what is now northern Quebec. This caused flash vaporization and melting of a huge portion of the ice sheet, caused massive tsunamis, flooding, massive earthquakes and a sudden spike in volcaninsm. On top of this, the shock front from the impact accounts for the wind that shredded trees and people alike according to the Chilam Balam account.

At the moment of impact, a huge fireball was born and the overpressure of the shock front was strong enough to flatten trees as we saw on June 30, 1908 at Tungeska, only this was on a far more vast scale than the Tungeska event. This shock wave would loft boulders and flatten hills near the impact site, It would turn any built structure into powder and tear animals and people to shreds. We can compare these to what happens near a nuclear detonation. Others would simply be buried alive. The impact also lofted a huge amount of moisture into the atmosphere which would form massive CLOUDS, blocking out the sun along with a lot of dust. Much more was simply melted to become the headwaters of the flood, the great fountains of the deep, which would ultimately raise sea levels some 200 feet, inundating many coastal cities and settlements that now lie underwater. There were also mega tsunamis expanding out from the zone of massive earthquakes. The impact caused the ice laden northern stretch of northern Canada to shudder and collapse in a massive earthquake that would form the Niagara escarpment that is also dated to this era too. This was an earthquake of at least 9.6 in magnitude, dwarfing all the worst earthquakes in modern times. Elsewhere in the world, volcanoes erupted in large numbers, especially at the antipode of impact which is approximately in the region of Java and the legendary super volcanoes like Krakatoa, Toba and Tambora. According to Chilam Balam, the whole disaster occurred around the time of a SOLAR eclipse.

Close to the center, such as throughout much of north and central America, life was simply extinguished outright except for small animals and primitive plants. All of the existing mega flora and fauna went extinct along with the first Clovis people also dated to this period. Thus we can say that the origins of both the Chilam Balam and the Gilgamesh accounts have their roots in this time and thence passed on for thousands of years to reach us through countless tellers of tales and myths. The incredible descriptions given tally with the ideas now accepted by modern astronomers. It took thousands of years before civilization would again begin to rise. According to the Maya, creation began at the beginning the the last long count some 5,125 years ago. This also tallies with modern estimates as to the beginnings of modern civilization both in Egypt and in the Americas.

The account, of course does not end here, but gives us a prognostication of what to expect in the future. Chilam Balam along with King Pacal give us descriptions of what high civilization would be like at the end of the long count and that after this, the world would see great change again. The remarkable translations from the Perez Codez and the Popol Vuh give us a detailed description of events that in the Bible tell us that “men's hearts hearts would fail from fear”. Interestingly, a similar description is given in the Perez Codex.

We now know that all of this is possible. Many fear mongers make a lot of CASH on this, but this account is not to be meant as fear mongering. It is an account of the past that was witnessed and passed down from generation to generation to the present as a warning. We also have our own warnings given by the Sky-Watch program. Interestingly, the Maya were also obsessive sky watchers.

An even bigger blast and what it can do: A benchmark for comsic events

super floods have other causes as well, such as this eye-witness event in Alaska

Get more information on Chilam Balam and the Mayan creation story

The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel (Forgotten Books)
The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel (Forgotten Books)
This is a book on the writings detailing the past destruction, the creation of the new heaven and earth and prognostications for the future. This amazing information tallies with contemporary understanding of how a mega disaster can unfold,

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