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Curse-or- execration

Updated on October 30, 2010

Curse or execration is still in working

Curse is an expressed wish make by some one in the condition of full of anger for misfortune for some one else who give so much pain to him. It is like a pray to god to do some harmful action to a person which is accuse of the curse. In particular, "curse" may refer to a wish that harm or hurt will be inflicted by any supernatural powers, such as prayer, an imprecation, an execration, magic, witchcraft, a god, a natural force, or a spirit. But this is not possible that every man have a power of wishing to curse it need some spiritual power or godly man than he will he able curse to any one. If all these quality is not in some body the curse will not work. Some curse a given to a single man, some given to the whole family and works generation to generation if some one did not made a solution out of it ,some curse given to house  like Curse to the United States presidency etc and every curse have its different aspect.

Special names for specific types of curses can be found in various cultures:

1 African American hoodoo presents us with the black magic, jinx and crossed conditions, as well as a form of foot track magic which was used by Ramandeep, whereby cursed objects are laid in the paths of victims and activated when walked over.

2 In Muslim religion Fakir have the power of give blessing and curse and it will defiantly works.

3 German people, speak in terms of hexing (from the German word for witchcraft), and a common hex in days past was that laid by a stable-witch who caused milk cows to go dry and horses to go lame.

4 One of the cursed place is Camp of Auschwitz was the largest of the Nazi German extermination camps, along with a number of concentration camps, comprising three main camps and 40 to 50 sub-camps. The exact number of people killed in the camps is not known, but most modern estimates are around 1.1-1.6 million. Nazi Rudolf said that between 2.5 and 3 million had been killed, while Adolph Eichmann gave a figure of 2 million. This is the world's cursed place nr.1.When came there you just can't feel normal, death you can feel in the air. Its so freaky place can’t describe it better.

5 Another cursed place is the legend of Mooney's mansion is that of a Dr. Mooney who lived with his wife and children in one of the homes high atop Walhalla sometime in the 1920s or 1950s (depending on the story teller). He allegedly killed his family with an axe. The murderous act is re-enacted nightly and can be seen through the windows of Mooney's Mansion. After going to Walhalla road we know that the legend is laid to rest.

6 The Bush House many people have claimed to see the shadow of “Alice,” a young woman who hanged herself at the turn of the century when she heard that her lover was killed in a mining accident. As it turned out, her lover had not died; he came home and found her dead. A group of psychic investigators went through the place in about 2000 or there about and announced that it was “the most haunted place they had investigated”. In addition many former employees have stories to tell. In the past the owner seemed open to paranormal inquiry of the hotel.

hunted and cursed houses

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7 Bhangad is located at Rajasthan Jaipur near dossa the story behind this place is that it cursed this city was ruins in a single day. The story is about a tantrik or black magic expert interested to married with the princes Ratanawati who was very beautiful and she was refuse to marry with tantrik and that tantrik cursed the whole city. ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) has put a signboard at Bhangarh warning, "Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited in this area.” And no one dares to stay after sunset and if some body tries this that will found dad next day.

8 You can find one of the most haunted houses or cursed house in Louisiana. It’s the Myrtle Plantation and you can hear noises in the night. Or travel on up to Philadelphia to the Eastern State Penitentiary and seen their most famous guest, Al Capone, was rumoured to be haunted by an alleged victim of him. And don’t forget the ghost of Ann Boleyn, one of Henry the 8th wives, who was beheaded in the Tower of London. It’s said that she can be seen…sometimes carrying her head. Travel across country to Long Beach, California and sees the Queen Mary. This ship is said to be haunted by a variety of people, including children and the “lady in white”. Cold spots and screams can be heard in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky, where 63,000 patients died. This sanatorium is linked to reports of mistreatment and questionable procedures.

9 Cursed objects like cursed bottles located at Northumberland England and it is still present their. Cursed behind these bottles is the last person to touch them died soon after, and now they are covered up to avoid further mishaps.

10 Smuggler Curse it is located at Bognor Regis (Sussex) the old Vicarage, Sudley road. A curse was placed on this building after the vicar attempted to stop local smuggling activities. The building no longer stands, but the area (which now has shops built on top) is still said to be unlucky, and haunted by the sounds of footsteps.

11 Bleeding Cat located at Near Clifton Oxenby Manor House England or Ireland (no longer standing). About the curse   Elliott O'Donnell wrote that this manor house was haunted by a mutilated feline, which would slowly sink into the wooden floor and disappear - it was considered an ill omen as a death followed shortly after the creature was spotted. A ghostly pale face with yellow teeth was also seen by one witness. When the area was dug up years later, a number of bodies were discovered.

12 Underground Mutton located at Portland (Dorset) and it is still occurring. The story behind the curse is the death of a crane operator in the nineteenth century, caused by a rabbit warren caving in, gave birth to the belief that saying the word 'rabbit' is unlucky. Instead, bunnies are referred to as underground mutton or furry things.

13 Chair of despair is located at Southport (Lancashire England) name as Oast House public house time was 2005 and cursed is a chair in the public house has reported as being cursed after eight people who sat there died.

14 Four Poster Bed is still located at St Michael's Mount (Cornwall) – Castle the story about the curse is a four poster bed in the castle is reported to be cursed - any child who sleeps in it never wakes up.

video of cursed and hunted house

some more surprises

15 The force this place is located at Adisham (Kent) - 3 Church Lane time was 1976 and cursed behind this place is Nicknamed 'The Force' by one of the residents of this home, tables would lift themselves up, boiling water would come out of the floor, and the electric meter would operate even when power to the building was cut off.

16 Bottomless Pit is located at Albury (Hertfordshire) - Halls Garden Pond near the church and it is still present cursed behind this is that one small body of water is said to be a one way ticket to Hell for anyone foolish enough to try to swim to the bottom.

17 In modern Israel, the Pulsa diNura has allegedly been used against politicians by religious conservative opponents: one was claimed to have been used against Yitzhak Rabin one month prior to his 1995 assassination, and another was reportedly performed against Ariel Sharon six months prior to a catastrophic 2006 stroke that placed him into a persistent vegetative state.

18 The Curse of 27 The Curse of 27 is the belief that 27 is an unlucky number due to the number of famous musicians, entertainers and other famous personality who have died at the age. Robert Johnson, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, Janis Joplin, Jonathan Brandis and Kurt Cobain are all believed to have been affected by the Curse of 27.

19 The Curse of the Billy Goat is used to explain the failures of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, who have not won a World Series championship since 1908, and a National League pennant since 1945.

Above are the some description of cursed places, objects and other different things By the Indian Hindu mythology if some one or his family is suffering from any type of curse it is curable by the experts of this field.

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