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The UFO/Alien Presence: Alien Abduction & Battle LA

Updated on November 2, 2012
Doesn't the image depicted here look eerily similar to the one portrayed in the 1710 John The Baptist And Jesus painting in Part 3?
Doesn't the image depicted here look eerily similar to the one portrayed in the 1710 John The Baptist And Jesus painting in Part 3? | Source

Alien Activity On Earth

In parts 1,2 and 3 of this investigation I have so far provided information on credible UFO and alien witnesses and incidents, briefly mentioned government laws and documents, provided a documented filmed investigation dating back to 1897 and presented religious paintings that are thousands of years old depicting flying saucers as holographic technology. As if that isn't enough to get your mind chewing over on this remarkable phenomena there's still a lot more to come and this is where things start to get really interesting.

Alien Abduction

Betty & Barney Hill 1961

The first case of alien abduction to be made widely known publicly was that of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961. The incident is also known as the Zeta Reticuli Incident which may be important as you will find out later. Under regressional hypnosis Betty drew a map of a star system which is now recognized as the binary star system Zeta Reticuli, though the information that was needed to determine this was not available until the 1969 Gliese catalog was released some eight years later. The actual star map can be viewed here and Betty's drawing of the star map can be seen here. Betty claimed under hypnosis that she saw the starmap whilst she was aboard the extraterrestrial craft. The incident is significant in that both of them had unusual experiences that were uncovered during hypnosis seperately - neither of them knew what each other had said until after the sessions. You can read more information on this incident here. Although it isn't the earliest recorded incident of alien abduction, it certainly is interesting. The earliest recorded case of alien abduction was actually by Elizabeth Klarer in 1956 in South Africa.

Travis Walton 1975

The movie Fire In The Sky is based on this remarkable true-life incident. Five people witnessed the UFO athough only four are depicted in the movie to make it less confusing. Travis Walton was abducted and genuinely went missing for five consecutive days. All witnesses passed polygraph tests and Walton is known to have passed five polygraphs in the past and continues to do so. The incident was clearly highly traumatic for Travis. Is it also a coincidence that Travis and his co-workers were loggers cutting down trees after what was said by the little girl involved in the Ruwa Incident in 1994 that I presented in Part 1? If what the little girl said is true then I seriously doubt that extraterrestrials would appreciate what loggers are doing.

Abduction In The Skies

Several highly credible Air Force pilots have reported seeing unidentified objects in the skies. During WWII these objects were nicknamed the Foo Fighters. This next case seems to imply that alien abductons might even be occuring during flight. Watch the video below to find out the details of the case which was officially documented by the Brazilian government.

The Valentich Disappearance

Battle Los Angeles 1942

Although some people believe that the Battle Los Angeles incident of 1942 was fictional, it was actually well document in newspaper LA Times. An unkown object appeared in the skies, there was a blackout and the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade fired over 1400 shells at the object which appeared to cause no damage. Three people died from a heart attack from stress during the hour-long bombardment of the object and civilians were injured by friendly fire. Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox put the incident down to 'war nerves' and said it was a 'false alarm'.

What Else Are They Doing Here?

The cases I've presented so far are just a fraction of the amount that exist. There are goverment documents in existe,nce not only relating to unidentified flying object phenomena, but also to the mysterious cattle abductions and even a severe human mutilation. Crop circles are another verifiable phenomena despite two youths claiming to have came up with the idea. Some of them are indeed hoaxes whilst some them are genuine and show high levels of radiation plus alterations to the genetic make-up of the crops. Genuine crop circles are often rapidly swept under the carpet and under the radar of the public's perception.

So what does the government know?

Government documents are currently being released, in the UK leading up to 2012. Thousands of documents have already been declassified and made public by MoD, FBI, CIA and NSA. In fact, as I mentioned earlier in this investigation some countries have already had full disclosure of what their government know, most notably Brazil. However, rather than delving into documents at this point I would rather present to you the extremely interesting and highly intriguing case of an extraordinary gentleman called Bob Lazar.

Robert Lazar

Some people believe he's a fraud and others believe he's genuine and so here I will present evidence that suggests Bob Lazar is actually a lot more credible than many people may think. Bob claims to have worked at S4, Area 51 on reverse engineering extraterrestrial spacecraft which he believes originate from the binary star system Zeta Reticuli. If Bob Lazar is indeed telling the truth it adds a whole lot of credence to the abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill that I mentioned in Part 3 and also confirms that the star map Betty drew under regressional hypnosis may actually be real. Bob Lazar is certainly worth taking notice of and you'll soon see why.

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