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How To Interpret Dream Numbers

Updated on January 25, 2015

When we dream we sometimes dream of numbers without realising that we are doing it and without knowing what significance they have in our dreams and waking life. The more you analyse your dreams, the more you will realise that dreaming about numbers does not necessarily mean that you have an exact number jump out at you but it could be the amount of the same objects you see, for example you may be drawn to noticing 7 place mats or 3 cats, it could be the amount of times the same thing happens in a dream. I’m going to explain the different numbers which are significant in dreams and what they mean.

Odd and Even Numbers
Odd numbers tend to be seen as aggressive, mysterious, unknown and unpredictable elements in life, whereas the even numbers are more tranquil, practical, and familiar.

Zero or 0
You maybe experiencing a void in your life, the 0 also signifies a circle, representing infinity, eternity, completeness and freedom. Alternatively it may forewarn that you are “going round in circles” with a decision or situation and you feel as though you are getting nowhere. It also represents super-conscious.

One or 1
The number 1 represents individuality, leaderships qualities, confidence and ego. This number means that you are a winner, the best or “number 1”. Alternatively it signifies solitude or that you are lonely. It also stands for higher spiritual force.

Two or 2
The number 2 represents intuition and balance of partners, it symbolises whether the dreamer and their partner are in opposition to each other or harmony. You should also note how the objects are situated, if they are next to each other this means you are equal to your partner, if one is behind the other this could mean that one of you are in the shadow of the other one. The number 2 can also be a significant number where the dreamer has a choice to make from two appealing alternatives.

Three or 3
The number 3 represents growth, fertility and activity. Traditionally, three symbolises the principle aspects of the individual, mind, body and spirit. It is expressed as a pyramid symbol of the infusion of balance of energy for creativity and spiritual development. The main function is to emphasize the importance trusting your intuition and also developing your inner strength.

Four or 4
The number 4 represents order and structure. It corresponds to the four elements (fire, earth, air, water) and also the birth and death cycle as reflected in the four seasons. To dream of the number 4 signifies that you need to place these elements into your life upon solid foundations.

Five or 5
This number can signify motivation, drive and resourcefulness. Five also symbolises the 5 senses. To dream of the number 5 means that you are absorbed in a material world and your own comfort.

Six or 6
The number 6 signifies Harmony and love. It represents a harmonious relationship between male and female. In China the number 6 is is considered lucky and good fortune which stems from the usage of a 6 sided dice. The association with bad luck is merely superstition, deriving from Satan’s number 666.

Seven or 7
The number 7 represents, investigation and contemplation. The sacred number 7 was derived from the ancients who worshipped and acknowledged the existence of 7 planets. There are 7 chakras. For someone to dream of the number 7 could mean that the are or need to awaken their hidden wisdom of their mind, body and soul.

Eight or 8
The number 8 represents authority and executive decisions. Another sacred number, the number of cosmic equilibrium. To dream of an 8 sided object such as an octagon is a sign of good fortune for stability and totality. 8 also represents inner strength.

Nine or 9
The number 9 represents re-assessment and planning. It also represents regeneration and new possibilities particularly in science and art. Each of the nine muses or goddesses or ancient Greek mythology are one of the attributes needed to succeed in this field.

Numbers in dreams are very important to take notice of and correspond to a specific frequency of vibration. As I always say in my articles, keep your dream journal or diary close to your bed and make a note of any significant numbers you remember in your dreams. If you have any other numbers or higher numbers in your dreams please leave a comment and I will be happy to interpret other dream numbers for you.


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      John MacNab 7 years ago

      Interesting, Vicki. Voted Useful.