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Freemason symbols ,Lodge, Beliefs

Updated on August 28, 2012
Freemason symbols
Freemason symbols

Freemason Belief

There are a number of young men who have applied to join the freemason bright, intelligent, young men. They have heard so many negative and positive arguments for or against that they are have problems in deciding. They do not want to go into a body of something dark and evils as they were being told yet they do want to get powerful, prosperous and wealthy as is noticeable with the members of the free mason lodge.


The freemason lodge is not really a building but a body of people predominantly men but women sometimes do have their own chapter and in some case the group may be mixed , The building where they meet and worship is also called a lodge.


The lodge is very secretive and if one wants to really know about it he has to become a member. Most of the information found on it is sometimes written by individuals who have left or has been expelled from the lodge and condescend to speak out about it, but it is noticeable that they too do not divulge the secrets they only scrape the surface. There is also literature and movies that may give a peep into what is all about.


Here are some facts about the freemason that may be the deciding factors when one is considering applying for a membership in the lodge.


  • 1. Masons believe in the universality of the fatherhood and brotherhood and the universality of all men as one acceptable to God regardless of race, color, creed this is in the prayer of the entered apprentice.

  • 2. Members are instructed to practice brother, as in doing so character and personality will be developed similar to the character of the Great Architect.

  • 3. Freemason teaches that they are already saving just by being a part of the brotherhood.

  • 4. They teach that each mason is dependent on himself and that his good works will get him to the grand lodge in the sky not through the grace of Jesus.

  • 5. All Freemason swear allegiance to the lodge; remember the lodge is really the body of members not a building.

  • 6. The lodge teaches that the God must remain, unknown and undefined, that each man must decide how they want to define him. The God of the of other religions, personal, Unitarian, Trinitarian, monistic ,infinite, finite loving ,not loving, impersonal, holy ,evil, and partial or an unmentionable international, existent, nonexistent, universal Devine Spirit who once he is lauded and given human attributes starts losing his essence. Through the teachings of God undefined masons can accepts all forms of God Buddha of Hindu, Jesus of Christianity, Yahweh, of Jews Allah, of Islam etc.

  • 7. The God of the Mason, Great Architect though not defined has these characteristics, single (,Unitarian ,Trinitarian,)deistic , life force of nature, owner of the lost and found true secret name Jahbulion comprising of the name of three Gods Yahweh of the Hebrews and two pagan gods Baal of Canaanites, and Osiris, of the Egyptians

  • 8. Masons teach that the true God is not the Gods of Christianity.

  • 9. Masons deny the biblical teachings of Jesus, stating that Jesus was only a Great man and not a God.

  • 10. They teach that although they go through the Masonic ritual-The commemoration of the death of Jesus they do it not as Inspired or Devine for it is not for Freemasons to define

  • 11. Masons believe that Jesus is not the only incarnate God and Savior of the world just as how Hindu and Muslim denies it.

  • 12. Freemason teach that the Bible is only a symbol of God's will and should not be literally obeyed, a piece of furniture and a great light, it is only a symbol and not the word of God. They are taught not to believe the Bible .and that all other Holy Books , the Koran, Vedas, etc. are equally valid .The Bible is seen as only a part of the revelation of God. And other books may be substituted for it.

  • 13. They teach about a salvation and residence in the celestial lodge in the sky which can be gained by doing good works because Great Architect sees the heart.

  • 14. Masons belief in Christian Science that when a man heart stops beating and he dies it is not really death and there is nothing such as pain, evil and sickness, all is but an illusion and there is only endless good.

  • 15. Masons believe in the universality of all regardless of race, color creed, and that all are important to God and has a place in the celestial lodge in the sky through good works.

  • 16. Freemason believes that Jesus is the same as Lucifer one of two bright morning stars. Which is the fallen morning star? That is why they do not accept Jesus as God.

 Author:(Soy Criada)Juliet Christie Murray



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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 5 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I am happy that you can refute or confirm this article may well feel much better.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      Sorry Juliet but that is incorrect. Charles to join you must ask a Mason you know for a petition to join their lodge. While certain pieces of this was accurate (you are taught to help your fellow brothers), the religious parts where inaccurate. Masonic teaching is all about helping your fellow man and being a good person. It has no religious affiliation. The only requirement is that you believe in a supreme being (basically no atheists), the rest of your religious beliefs is up to you.

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 6 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      you have to be invited by a member who knows you.Start visiting charity clubs you will run into a member.

    • profile image

      Charles 6 years ago

      I like to kwn abt freemason and how to join can help me plzz..!

    • SerLeon profile image

      SerLeon 6 years ago from Pakistan

      who knows . . . .maybe they just gather to discuss ludo techniques . . . .

    • profile image

      Edward 6 years ago

      Yes another person who has got it wrong about Freemasonry, As Freemason I am not taught that Jesus Christ who is the son of god is the other Lucifer. No we are not taught Christian Science or any other religious dogmas, as Freemasonry is not,and has never been a religion. or dies it claim to be.

      No we do not swear or even mention the name jahabulon in any of the three masonic degree.

      Please get

      Nor do we swear allegiance to the Lodge, Worshipful Master or any other Masonic personality My obligation revolves around traditional modes of recognition,

      So get your facts rights