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What Is the Free Mason and the Freemason Masonic

Updated on December 17, 2019
The mason compas, square and the big G.
The mason compas, square and the big G.
What is the Freemason 

There are so many individuals who are dying to know what really the Freemason Lodge is because they have heard so many negative and positives about it. The truth is one can only know the truth about it by becoming a member because no present member or expelled member will divulge all that it entails. However most literature written by expelled masons describe it as the most deceptive secret society one could ever imagine. The higher up one goes is the more he realizes that he has been taken for a long ride.

The original masons or operative mason is said to have started back in the very early or before 15 century with a group of men, stone masons, who used to build large churches and cathedrals. They believed that only the elite were awarded certain privileges, those who believe they were the only ones with knowledge because they were educated and should have the final say in matters of great importance to society. These masons met in lodges at lunch time to share lunch, to share knowledge about building and used symbols which exclude others when they communicate.

Later as time goes by gentlemen or speculative masons men who were not masons were invited to join and were inaugurated through ceremonies and rituals. Formerly blacks, women, children and the poor were exempted. The speculative mason or the modern can be traced back to the founding of the Grand lodge Great Britain somewhere in the 18 century.

This era was a time of political and religious turmoil that was splitting families and society. The mason was one body in which all men could have one common ground where there was no opposition.

This group of masons who became a secret society developed etiquette between them by making use of ritual and symbols. The symbols were the tools use by masons but had various meanings attributed to them by the society. Because of the mystery associated with them many important people became members. The members were referred to as brothers. The secret of the mason was kept by the use of oath and rituals.

The Lodge has Basically three lodges he Blue Lodge, The Scottish Rite and the York Rite which when all combined to make 33 degrees to aspire to, but many member stop at the 3rd degree of The Blue Lodge. There are three degree in the blue lodge and comprise the lowest degree of the 33 degrees. The names of the Blue lodge degree are:

  • 1. Entered apprentice
  • 2. Fellow Craft
  • 3. Master Mason

A member may do through all the degrees comprising of the blue, Scottish rites or York rites .The Blue lodges is said to be the simplest or the initial stages . It is said to act as the cover of a book but not the book It is however the parent or the mother lodge. If one gets expelled from the blue lodge one is automatic expelled from the other two.

Free Mason lamb skin apron
Free Mason lamb skin apron

The main substances of the lodges is said to be found in the higher degrees and is said that one must open the book to see what lies there in. It is also said it has shocked many mason to see what lies there, one wonders what would be the reaction of the layman. In the lodge new members swear to remain loyal to the lodge or the brotherhood and its teachings. These teachings instruct one how to serve and sets out the reward for the type of services rendered. For some of the higher degrees the degree is conferred and bitter by drinking bitter wine from as skull. The oath taken states that if the member divulges any of the secret all the sins that the owner of the skull did will come on him.

So what then is the lodge? Here is the concise definition given by some of the master masons.

  • 1. A practice or a system based on morality enabling members to advance their spiritual interest
  • 2. A science in which one engage in the search for truth
  • 3. A science that employs symbols as its method of instructions
  • 4. A system of morality and social ethics
  • 5. A religious and mystical society aimed at mortal perfection
  • 6. A system that seeks truth but does not defines truth.
  • 7. A system built on brother hood
  • 8. An organization that is said to take a good man and make him into a better man

In concluding one can only say it is a science that has its final authority in the rituals found in the Masonic manuals such as

  • a. God's Masonic Manual
  • b. Introduction to Freemason
  • c. The newly made Freemason
  • d. The Masonic Readers guide.

As said before one can move to one or both branches Scottish advance from the numeric 4th -33rdThe York goes through what is called chapters and commandeering degrees and end with the degree of Knight Templar. One can only know the true facts if one becomes and member by applying and enter through another brother.

N.B.There is a new and recent speculation and asumption that Barak Obama is a 32 degree mason and because the freemasons is secretive there could be more degree to the lodge .Because Barak is a new breed of president then there could be a 44th degree. It is said he is one because he uses the special 2 or 3 finger hand symbol like all other masons and secret societies member and their families. As absurd as it may seem this is what is expected when individuals do not know or is seeking to taint an individual..

Masonic skull and bones photo
Masonic skull and bones photo

© 2009 Juliet Christie Murray


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Masonry is a religion of symbolism. Most masons do not understand the symbols, so they really can't say much.. Almost anyone who has eyes to see, can find the symbols of masonry have been around for thousands of years, in all cultures.. Once you come to that juncture, the real fruitful work begins.. The truth is stranger and more unbelievable than most can imagine.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Man some of the people here think they know what a Mason is with out ever even having talked to one. Yes its a society of secerets but nothing you cannot learn by reading the rituals published online. Yes they have some parts like the obligation that refer to harm if the person betrays his oath but now it is prefaced with a "symbolically" because no ones going to carry out the penalty.

      I would suggest that the people here who view it as a cult sit down with a Mason or two. We're right friendly people and will openly discuss much of what we do in lodge with out requiring anything more than you asking a question or two.

      I cant speak from years of experience like some of the other posters have. I am but a fellowcraft myself, still working towards the sublime degree of Master Mason. I can however say I went into this knowing full well what I was entering into, having asked questions and fully researched it. I went into it knowing the good the Masons did for people, How being in DeMolay helped me become a leader and shaped my future dealings years after.

      I will say this, it took me 10 years to walk into a lodge and ask questions. I moved far too often to attempt membership before settling down and having a family and wanting to be a part of an organization that has always been there for me, my wife and our son in any way I could ever have asked.

      So those of you who doubt or think its evil.... Walk on into a lodge on a thursday. Ask all the questions you want, We'll happily answer them. More so if you visit the lodge in Kalispell... I'd happily answer questions or if I cant I know those who can.


    • Loladusk profile image


      8 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC Canada

      Thanks I am enjoying this very much, very informative, I look forward to reading some of your other hubs!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks you Love your article

    • mag29mag profile image


      8 years ago from general santos city, philippines

      i read some article about how freemasonry related with illuminati. and it stated that freemasonry is a secret society of THE ILLUMINATI..

      how true is it?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I hate correcting people ,but I must say it masons are not a secret society they are a society with secrets!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      The truth of the matter is that it is a secret society and there is a high tendency, in fact a probability of 99% to 100% that most of the members are not even aware of the deepest secrets it is involved with. In every system, you still find an inner circus. Whatever you name it, society, group, organization, cult, secret agency, community or whatsoever, it is still attributed to secrecy and what do you expect the general public to think?

      Nice hub anyway, I am well informed.

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      9 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thank you for suggestion of literature TWilliams

    • Dawnetta profile image


      9 years ago from Las Vegas

      Love your article! but we know there will always be speculation when it comes to "secret Societies" check out my blog and comment tell me what you think.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      mel22 is off his meds. Recommend the books 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Freemasonry' by Brent Morris or 'Freemasons For Dummies' by Chris Hodapp. Both are written by Masons and published by respected, non-Masonic publishing companies. There are 3 million Masons in the world, and these lunatic accusations by paranoid internet trawlers cannot be substantiated.

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      10 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I am listening and I am learning, never heard of the terms you mentioned .I hope someone can shed more light on the terms you used and the connection to the FreeMason

    • mel22 profile image


      10 years ago from ,

      I beleive some of these people speaking are low members who do not know the top degrees. Order of the Brazen Searpeant... ODD name for ODD FELLOWS ! The use of the Shriner sect in my opinion is the " goodhearted" front 4 a more sinister political control ! They can say what they will... I won't and can't beleive their stated "good" intentions after seeing 4 so many years , the control these people seek 4 themselves only.

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      10 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Thank you for your input on this article.It seem that in all this I have rankle a few individuals and in doing so is getting a lot of enlightening although some individuals are so peeved that they themselve cannot bear to discuss it because they themselvers know not what they believe.

      It seem that I too unknowingly own one of these manual but may have interpreted it diffrently from you.

    • CatholicMason profile image


      10 years ago

      In your research, or severe lack of it, you missed an important fact: Freemasonry only went underground into relative secrecy in the 1930's because the Nazis associated the Masons with the Jews and the Holocaust.

      Another key point, is the 33rd degree is an honourary degree which is conferred upon exceptional Masons. One cannot "earn" this degree. AND, that 33rd is the UTMOST highest degree achieveable.

      "drinking bitter wine from as skull" sounds to me like your research is based on the "fictionary" works of Dan Brown.

      Point 5. "A religious and mystical society aimed at mortal perfection" this is DEAD WRONG. Freemasonry is NOT a religion, so don't try to confuse the issue with things that don't belong.

      If you would like to borrow my copy of "God's Masonic Manual" you're most welcome to it. You could also find a copy at many local churches in your area. It's the Holy Bible - King James Version.

      I read your references, as poppycock they are, these reference don't even remotely support your argument.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      certainly someone who is still a mason would not mind telling you the "truth" about their masonic practices unless they were trying to throw you off the trail...research is available and when doing research one can find that the majority of masons who speak out about benevolent practices have simply not gotten far enough into the cult to understand its central practices and beliefs...also time invested in the cult does not necessarily propel someone to the tops of the ranks so it is certainly possible that someone can be involved for such a long time as 25 years and still be relatively unaware of the true actions of the cult. As far as efficient research goes, the most honest sources tend to be people who left freemasonry after discovering the truths about it...honestly the majority of the information we as outsiders know about freemasonry comes from ex members of the cult being that the whole thing is riddled with secrets and there are penalties for telling insider information...

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      10 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      It is nice to hear that the negatives things many belive about the masons are not so.IT was good that you took the time to pen the long and enlighting response

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      As a freemason of 25 years standing, I'm often asked to explain what it's all about. People asking are generally divided into two camps. Those who have had contact with Freemasons in their family or circle of friends, and who have a favourable impression, and those who appear hostile because of something they have read.

      I have to gauge my answer depending on who is asking. There are many folks who believe that the masons are behind a global conspiracy, and every job opportunity favours members of the Brotherhood before them. They also know that there's an elaborate system in place to cancel parking or speeding tickets just by giving the officer a nod or a wink.

      I've been told that masons signal each-other in order to avoid any kind of penalty, including prison terms and even tolls on motorways and bridges. They of course have been reliably told this by a nameless friend of a friend. No matter how much I explain that it isn't the case, and that “the freemasons” is simply a social club for men (and women) where charity giving is done quietly, they simply don't believe it.

      In England freemasonry is a little more "underground", but this was not always the case. Around the time of the Great War, parades and public showings were commonplace. We do have rules forbidding boasting about membership, and the wearing of bling items such as masonic rings. These rules are designed so that freemasons cannot solicit fraternal advantage in business life. This approach has been mistaken for secrecy. You are much more likely to see the membership badges of Round Tale, Lions Club, Rotary, or even Public School ties displayed in public. We are not allowed to advertise our membership for gain.

      However masons are free to tell anyone about their interest. Most members would love the opportunity to sing the praises of something they are very proud of. We can also explain just about everything there is about ceremonies, apart from traditional forms of recognition. These are only used to prove strangers visiting meetings away from their home lodge and almost nowhere else. However, all of the handshakes and secret words are widely known. (Just put the term into Google to see)

      The fact is that you can buy all of the regalia and all of the rituals from shops online or in person. No one is going to test your membership if you have cash to spend. If you are in London or any other Capital you can visit the Grand Lodge HQ and have a good look around. There is a wonderful library and museum at Freemasons Hall in Great Queen Street, London. It's open to everyone. Just over the road are suppliers of Masonic regalia, where you can browse or buy to your heart’s content.

      The quarterly freemasons magazine in England is available free in full online too, as are all of the back issues. You can also call the National or Provincial Grand Lodges to ask questions or get printed information.

      Here are seven things you probably didn’t know about Freemasonry

      • George Washington was a member

      • You have to ask a mason start the process of joining. You are not invited

      • You must believe in God

      • There are Lodges for men, women, and men and women, under various Constitutions.

      • No animals of any kind are used in Initiation or other ceremonies

      • Any kind of criminal record excludes membership

      • The son of a mason is called a Lewis

      I found an informative website a few weeks ago called It delves into interesting detail about both male and female freemasons, and gives an account of what happens behind closed doors. Yes, I did say female freemasons, there are thousands of them around the world. I know that most people have heard that freemasonry is just for men.

      The real secrets are not at all what you would think, and you can find out as much as you wish just by asking or looking.

    • cindyvine profile image

      Cindy Vine 

      10 years ago from Cape Town

      M ex was a freemason and they do help each other out a lot, especially with business ventures and politics.

    • Juliet Christie profile imageAUTHOR

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      10 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      I say it is a speculation and did not say is a fact. There are even more ascertion that there is a 66 degree two.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      This article is poorly researched. The assertion that there is a 44th degree is ridiculous. Barack Obama, unfortunately is not a Freemason.


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