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Freemason and Christianity

Updated on September 7, 2013

Mason hand shake

Boaz entered apprentice hand shake
Boaz entered apprentice hand shake
Jachin  hand shake of the fellow craft
Jachin hand shake of the fellow craft
Ma-Ha-Bone  hand shake of a Master mason
Ma-Ha-Bone hand shake of a Master mason

Free Mason Versus Christianity

There has always been conflicting arguments above the Freemason lodge and Christianity. Many Christians are constantly warned against becoming a part of the Freemason, because masonry is evil and practice dark secrets and its teachings are directly opposed to the teachings of Christianity.

The masons on the other hand argue that they do not oppose any form of religion because they are not a religion and anyone from any religion may join. They are a body that takes individuals who are bright with good moral principles and turn them in to individuals who are better off for society (the perfect man).

In fact they say they take individuals from darkness and bring them into the light. Masons say they have no religious beliefs, no creed, no system of salvation, no confession of faith, no religious symbols and unlike Christians no real saying of going to heaven. So what do they have then?

Unlike Christianity or religions which believe that there is only one true God who is the creator of the universe and must be worship Masons believe there is a universal spirit which is identified as Great Architect who has a secret name called Jahbulon.

It may surprise you that this name is a composite of three God Yahweh of the Hebrews, Baal God of the Canaanites, and Osiris God of the Egyptian.

So here the God of the Bible is equated to the other pagan Gods.

Although Masons says Freemason is not a religion they do operate on similar principles as religions. Below are some facts about how they function, you have to make some logical , rational, conclusive deductions and decide if Christians should be a part of a Freemason organization/ You also need to decided if their practices are sufficient to classify them as a religion.

  • 1. Freemason holds religious service to commit their dead to speed the liberated spirit back to its creator

  • 2. They have a creed e.g. They believe in the immortality of the soul, say prayers to deity and swear secrecy in the name of the God Jahbulon.

  • 3. They do have a doctrine which is the belief in the immortality of the soul which is expected to reside in the celestial lodge in the sky.

  • 4. They have a theology, they believe in the lost name of the true god Jahbulion a composite name made up of three Gods Jehovah, Baal and Osiris. They show the relationship between God and the universe.

  • 5. Freemason has 33 degrees of rituals rites instructing them how to live and how to please god by works.

  • 6. They have standard of commands e.g. "Let no man enter upon any great important undertaking without first evoking aid of a deity." They trust of a mason is in god.

  • 7. Freemason do worship a God They erect lodge building to worship and honor Great Architect and have an alter where they kneel and worship. The Bible is placed on the altar.

  • 8. Freemason has a number of religious symbols some like those in synagogues and each has different meanings and functions. Some of them are related to tools used by masons.

  • a. The Holy Bible, the Koran, The Vedas etc. are called the sacred volumes and are said to represent the will of God

  • b. The Compass and the sprig of Acacia representing the immortality of man.

  • c. The Light representing seeking for the truth, and is the symbol for information and intelligence

  • d. The sword pointing to the naked heart symbolizes that God will reward man according to what he does in this life

  • e. The white apron and lamb skin symbolizes the purity of life and conducts which are necessary to gain admission into the celestial lodge in the shy.

  • f. The skull denotes a master mason. The symbol of the skull and crossbones

    (symbols of sovereignty)

  • g. A crossed hoe and scepter and a skull above them, are important emblems in masonry, where it symbolizes

    the hierarchic structure and the transience of the material world.

  • h. The big G over the head of the worship master

  • i. The scythe ,compass, acacia all symbolizes immortality of the soul

  • 9. Mason swears allegiance to the lodge and is not to break the oats

  • 10. When one joins and goes through the ritual of the symbols and craft he comes out of darkness into light

  • 11. Free mason could be classified as a religion as it offers its own religious solutions, instructions and its own plan of salvation.

The unique thing about Freemason it seem to be offering its members Christians or none Christians alike some of the same things Jesus has already offered individuals who repent of their sins and accepts him as savior.

Repentance and baptism makes one a child of God.Jesus is seen as the light that takes one out of spiritual darkness. Man is offered life after death; salvation is received through Jesus, not by works.

Mason offers all these without the need of Jesus . To the mason Jesus is just a man. Having already receive all that Christianity has to offer why would Christians want to be a part of this lodge since the Freemason teach opposing doctrines.

Christians are taught that their wealth is not of this world.Masons are said to hold prominent positions in many countries. Three United States presidents were Masons. Masons do amass large quantities of wealth than ordinary individuals and hold very good jobs.

Is there really something dark and secretive about masons? It is alleged that each mason has to have some terrible dirt on the other to keep him loyal to the cause as said about the Skull and Bones Society members, the more dirt the higher up one is ranked.

However many do believe that Christianity is a conspiracy to keep men ignorant and poor, but the Freemason enlightens and illuminates the mind. What do you believe? it is for you to find out the real truth ,the only way you can is to become a member

Author :( Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • profile image

      D7700 5 years ago

      I had to create an account just to post something here. I am a 32 degree Mason. We pray 3 different times during our stated meetings. Not to a made up God, but to the Lord we follow. I attend a church and am very active there as well. We are a fraternity of good men that try to make good men better. There is no hocus pocus in our rituals, in fact everything done to an aprentice mason can be found in the first 3 books of the bible. God Bless.

    • vicseay profile image

      vicseay 6 years ago from Dalton Georgia

      This is very confusing. Masonry teaches toleration of all religions. Some of the things you mention sound like Anti-Masonic propaganda. The Freemasons only ask that a member acknowledge the existence of God. They never try to "push" some kind of religion on one.

    • profile image

      Morgan 'Billion Air' Mokoena 7 years ago

      Very informative,and thought provoking comments.

    • DavePrice profile image

      DavePrice 7 years ago from Sugar Grove, Ill

      Not only was your article well written, I like the way you responded to the comments. Nice

    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 7 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Yes Joe I understand your thinking but I am not interested in writing mythology I prefer deal with facts. All those names you mentioned are Egyptian Gods which I do not Believe in.

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      Have you ever considered having your works published? Obviously, like those words above, would be under the genre of FICTION.

      Let's look at some real FACTS instead:

      * He was born on 25th December

      * He was born of a virgin mother, named Mary

      * His birth was accompanied by a star in the East

      * 3 Kings came to adorn the newborn Saviour

      * He was a teacher at the age of 12

      * He was baptized at the age of 30 and started his ministry

      * He had 12 disciples

      * He performed miracles: healing the sick and walking on water

      * He is known as "the Lamb of God"; "the Truth"; "the Light"; "the Good Shepard"; and many others

      * He was crucified and died on the cross

      * He was buried for 3 days and was resurrected (defeating death)

      Does this person sound familiar to you? Unfortunately, He is not mentioned anywhere within the Holy Bible.

      He lived about 3,000 years before Jesus was born. His name was Horus, he was the son of Ra.

    • DeaconJ profile image

      DeaconJ 8 years ago

      Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.