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From Satanist to Salvation Part Three

Updated on February 27, 2017

Finaley God lead me back to him!

We can still have a relationship  with Jesus as His disciples had!
We can still have a relationship with Jesus as His disciples had!

My Personal Road to Demascus

The Beatles did a song called “The long and Winding Road.” That song rings true for me when I think of the path I followed back to Christ. For in many ways, I see my self a lot like the Apostle Paul. I was about as far away from Christianity as you can get. I persecuted Christians similar to how Saul did before God changed his name to Paul. In fact that is were I would like to start this episode of my conversion. If you read Acts 9: 1-30 you will find that Saul was off to cause havoc on the new Christians when Jesus showed up. Wham! Saul becomes Paul and starts to preach the Gospel and now he is becoming persecuted himself! Talk about instant Karma, he now finds out what it is like to be persecuted.

My story is not that straightforward as Saul becoming Paul, for I had many false starts, were I would start on the path to Christianity, and then Satan would point out the hypocrisy in that person or that Church and I would once again turn my back on the Church. I could never seem to get past the blazing truth that Christianity is filled to the brim with people who fall short constantly! Thank God, it is not about them, thank God that just like with Paul, Jesus showed up in my life!

Like I said in other hubs, my mother use to say to me not to look at Christians but to Jesus and I would tell her that I could not see Jesus! That old saying is so true that says…”after Religion try Jesus!” For with me, once I got out of my own way and let Jesus come into my life things started to change.

This process of my conversion started taking shape during 911. It was then that I started seeing that Revelation and other Bible prophecies were starting to be fulfilled. Everything going on with the Middle East and Israel is developing in ways that are leading to the conclusion that the Bible predicted. Up until then, I was not convinced of this reality mainly because my arrogance refused to believe it. I do believe strongly, that God allows people to be blinded to certain truths until that time they are willing open up to him. During this time, the Devil was hard at work to try to deter me coming closer to God. Even though those times when I doubted God existence, God did not give up on me!

It was not until I lost everything and became homeless did I humble myself to let God into my life completely. It was then that God lead me to just the right Church body. This Church helped me in a cleansing process through prayer, that started to restore me to sanity.This process is still going on, however I have come a long way from the hateful drug addicted person I was before. If you want to read more about my bout with homelessness you can read about in Fear of Homelessness.

I have a lot of friends that are amazed when they find out that I use to be a Satanist because they think a Satanist runs around bald-headed in cemeteries and performing Human Sacrifices and practicing Cannibalism. Well I have never shaved my head, committed any physical sacrifice that took any life and only known one Satanist that confessed to tasting human flesh.

However, some people just have to believe all the hype. I even knew a guy that when he found out that I was once involved in Satanism, wanted me to help him search the woods in Northern California to find evidence of human sacrifice. He was convinced that this was a common occurrence happening in the woods at night! This is exactly what Satan wants! He wants people to wonder around the woods beating the bushes when the real Satanist are having there way in Broad Daylight right in front of our noises!

What a lot of people do not want to hear is that anyone who puts anything before God is in fact worshiping Satan! Once again, I like to turn to the words of a song. A song written by Bob Dylan “You gotta Serve Somebody!” For the song hits home when it states…”You gotta serve somebody, it may be the Devil and it may be the Lord but you gotta serve somebody!”

When I was Satanist, I was aware of this, and in my mind, it was better to confess to being a Satanist than to be a hypocrite. Also, people in general, do not want hear that a lot of religious and political systems has satanic influence to one degree or another. If you do the research, you will find a lot of links with “respectable” origination's that have at least some connection to Satanism. Now I am not one of those people that get caught up conspiracy theories for I found out a long time a go that if you want to find evil, it’s defiantly out there to be found! We are living in a fallen world that is controlled by Satan. In my Hub, the Devil wears Camouflage I go into more detail on the ways that Satan attempts to “deceive the very elect.”

It would not accomplish anything for me to point out some organizations that I know for a fact has Satanic influences. I will make one statement though about Scientology, and that is that L. Ron Hubbard himself admitted to knowing Alistair Crowley and supporting his belief system. There are also people who were close to Mr. Hubbard that say that he had an early involvement in Satanism.

Just as Timothy Leary claimed to be following Crowley precepts, in his “turn on tune in and drop out" philosophy. It is also interesting that in groups like The Golden Dawn, they call on four Archangels in one of their rituals that is almost identical to the way I would call on “The Four Princes of Hell” in Satanic rituals

There are many people who want to denounce the irrelevance of Christianity. If Christianity is so irrelevant why does so many Occult Practices mimic aspects of Judaism and Christianity in there rites? At least L. Ron Hubbard showed some ingenuity when the creation of Scientology. The fact that he was a Science Fiction writer meant that he had a vivid imagination.

So here is a bit of advice to any skeptics, instead of trying to find fault with Christianity why not go right to the source and seek out Jesus through prayer? I must warn you however, that you cannot do it on your terms. To expect Jesus to answer prayer, you must first ask forgiveness and come to him with a humble heart. If you sincerely reach out to God I think you will be amazed how he responds to you, I was!

When I practiced Santanism we use to joke about L Ron Hubbard coming out of the closet and amiting he was a Satanist! Of Course that would been bad for Business

Here is a ritual that I have actully praticed and I was blown away that it was on YouTube!


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