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Ghosts of Gettysburg Continued

Updated on June 17, 2013

Here is part two of Ghosts of Gettysburg. I hope you enjoy and if it helps you plan your next trip to the area all the better!

Cemetery Hill-

Cemetery Hill is one of the hot spots for the area as much battle was seen here during those fateful three days back in 1863. The area is a mass of paranormal activity as Cemetery Hill was used by the Union soldiers, as it made a great location for artillery, and three major southern roads converged at the area making supplies easier to transport. There have been many apparitions seen in this area, surprisingly many are women. It is said that these women are looking for their husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers or children and cannot rest till they find them. Many times voices will be heard calling out a name or asking God why he has forsaken him, tortured souls forever stuck in the minute of their demise. Still they roam as sounds of battle can be heard, the smell of pipe tobacco and gun powder linger intermingled with the occasional scent of lavender. Occasionally a visitor will be assailed with a vicious smell of rotting meat.

Gettysburg Hotel-

The famous or is it infamous Gettysburg Hotel is said to harbor a female apparition who is believed to be named Rachel. It is believed that she was a nurse during the Civil War as many have claimed to feel her frustration at trying to care for so many and her sadness at never seeming to be able to do enough. Rachel has been seen throughout the hotel for many a year and can be found in any room or other available space when it suits her. She has been known to open dresser drawers and move people’s things around. Clothes have also been removed from a person’s room along with cold breezes and cold spots being noticed in some of Rachel’s favorite spots.

Herr Tavern and Public House-

The Tavern was built in 1815 and did serve as a field hospital during the Civil War, unfortunately the rumors persist that piles of human body parts were more than likely strewn about the place as it was habit of surgeons to throw an amputated limb into a corner when operating. Rivers of blood may have flowed freely over the floors of the Tavern as hygienic concerns were not at the top of the list back then, saving lives was. It is often speculated that while the blood flowed and the limbs piled up, the energy dispersed throughout the Tavern stayed. Whispers are often heard, often an employee’s name, furniture repositions itself, lights go on and off, several times silverware has been thrown off tables along with glasses, computers will suddenly come on and gibberish scrolls across the screen, there is also a lot of knocking and boots can be heard walking across the floors.

George Weikert Farm-

George Weikert bought 78 acres of land in 1852 never guessing that it would someday be used as a field hospital and when he and his family returned they would find wounded soldiers stacked throughout the rooms along with limbs piled up outside of windows. Their front yard was now a burial site for many a deceased soldier. It is known for sure that at least six soldiers died in the front room, or parlor as it used to be called. No one knows for certain how many in total died on George Weikert’s farm but many have been overwhelmed by a sadness that seems to permeate the area, noises and voices have been heard along with what may be apparitions walking among the grounds.

Brua Hall
Brua Hall
Glatfelter Hall
Glatfelter Hall
Pennsylvania Hall
Pennsylvania Hall

Gettysburg College-

Brua Hall is said to be haunted by what appears to be a Civil War era man who has been seen repeatedly in the evenings often backstage or on the catwalk. The man has also been seen sitting in what appears to be his favorite spot in the theatre watching the cast run their lines. He also seems to be quite the practical joker as often he has moved props and even costumes around. Because he is so often seen, his favorite seat is left vacant during every performance in the hall in the hopes that he may come to watch the show.

Glatfelter Hall also in the college is said to have a female apparition in the bell tower, one who threw herself to her death many years ago. Oddly she seems to only appear in the late evening and only appears to males, it is said that she and her boyfriend had made a pact to jump to their deaths from the top of the bell tower but that once she jumped he got scared and ran away. It has been speculated that the reason for the haunting is that the girl is trying to lure males up to the tower where they too can jump to their death, joining her.

Pennsylvania Hall also at Gettysburg College was once a hospital during the Civil War and a few unlucky souls have been subjected to the sights, sounds and feelings of those that did once exist there. Apparently it all starts with an elevator ride; the unlucky passengers are subjected to what appears to be a malfunction where they are taken to the basement instead of their requested floor. But once the doors open into the basement they become witness to the horror that was the hospital during war time down to the screams and blood flowing, all in horrible graphic detail. Another place to see (or avoid) during a visit to campus is the buildings cupola, it is said that what appears to be a Civil War era sniper sits in wait for unsuspecting people to pass by and if you are unlucky enough to spot this apparition then you are likely to see him take aim at you with his rifle.

For those of you who are not familiar with the area it is not unusual for this amount of activity to be found, and this is only a small sampling as there will be more hubs to come on the area. Enjoy!


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