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God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark

Updated on May 16, 2017
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Moving to the next level of human evolution will require a spiritual awakening, creating a new paradigm of peace and harmony and Ascension.


The four Hebrew letters are traditionally known as Yahweh but the large Hebrew letter in the background is known as the spirit or Shin, these five letters correspond with the five of the six  points of the Star of David, the sixth is freewill.
The four Hebrew letters are traditionally known as Yahweh but the large Hebrew letter in the background is known as the spirit or Shin, these five letters correspond with the five of the six points of the Star of David, the sixth is freewill. | Source

Wesley H. Bateman


One that has LIVED a life devoid of light or contrary to the Will of the Infinite Creator of All, could be considered someone that has embraced the Darkness. Living such a life might be considered embracing the DEVIL, then would you consider it a coincidence that LIVED spelled backwards is DEVIL, I don't.

I wrote this article God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark to get my readers to think about how a group of people here on Earth might consider a life devoid of light could be the true path and how they would come to this conclusion and go about convincing others that their philosophy was the correct one.

Could this ultimate confrontation between Light and Dark forces be a simple illusion of duality, the appearance of opposing forces that in reality compliment each other in balance and harmony?

It should be obvious to anyone that lives on Earth, that our planet is run by people that have no regard for life, in many forms. From the rampant pollution of our planet to the complete disregard for its resources and people that live on it, humanity is surrounded by forces of darkness intent on destroying the very planet we live on and for what purpose?

The fact that we let other people suffer and die of starvation, an incredibly painful way to die, even though there is more than enough food and resources to feed everyone, defines our species, that many outsiders would consider evil.

So it begs the question of how a race of people could be conditioned to embrace a philosophy that promotes the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride?

How could this be done and more importantly why would it be done?

A race of people that embraces this kind of philosophy and live (spell it backwards) this kind of life would be considered evil by most people. A species that embraces this philosphy would inherently wish to conquer and enslave all those around them that didn't adhere to their principles. We have been taught that this is a choice and that freewill allows us to make different choices, better choices.

But what if this were not a choice but was actually indoctrinated into our life before we even began to live it, before we even had a chance to make our own choices?

Now think about the world we live in, I for one think that a vast majority of humanity is born into this world knowing the difference between right and wrong. But we have to be taught or conditioned by how we are raised, or how we live to be evil. This conditioning corrupts our ego into justifying our choices. In essence we have to be taught how to be evil and our society embraces this conditioning, through the promotion of

  • lust through sexual promiscuity,
  • gluttony through desire and want,
  • greed through competition,
  • sloth through distraction and entertainment,
  • wrath through selfishness and lack of integrity,
  • envy through desire and need,
  • and pride through egotistical justification.

The Infinite Creator puts these spiritual obstacles in our path so that we may learn from them and rise above them and yet we remain rooted in this paradigm. Is there a reasonable explanation for this or can we just fall back on the idea that this is always the way its been, that it is in our DNA?

Even many of our most famous religions and spiritual concepts have become distorted and twisted so that we readily accept ideas and philosophies that on the surface make sense but when explored at a greater depth reveal this distortion, such as Karma, Reincarnation, the Afterlife and Ego. This has lead humanity down a path of self righteousness and intellectual justification for many spiritual ideas that simple do not have the morals and ethics they are propped up with.

As a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, I have the experience that allows me to understand that our Ego's, which most people consider their true selves, can learn, can be taught to justify any behavior for not just its own survival or to preserve its own existence but to enjoy a life style that infringes on the rights of others, hurts the ones that we love and that love us and engages in immoral and unethical behavior.

This battle between Good Vs Evil really begins within us, a battle between our ego and our consciousness. What it boils down to is what choices we wish to feed and what choices we wish to deny or starve. Let's face it folks the Infinite Creator puts no impediment before us that we do not have the spiritual tools to overcome.

Alpha and Omega

The Infinite Creator is also referred too as the Beginning and the End or the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet.
The Infinite Creator is also referred too as the Beginning and the End or the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. | Source


Pi is the ultimate expression of the Infinite Creator as this number can be shown as the ratio of life but also as a an irrational number (3.1415926+).
Pi is the ultimate expression of the Infinite Creator as this number can be shown as the ratio of life but also as a an irrational number (3.1415926+). | Source

Meaning of Concepts and Ideas

Before we get to far into a philosophical debate on the merits of Good vs Evil, let's explore some basic concepts and definitions that will helps create a firm foundation of truth, so that we are all on the same page (excuse the pun).

One such concept is the Universal Life Field (ULF), this field is what gives all beings, animals and even plants their life force. This field is composed of infinite levels of perception leading up to the infinite thought or connection with the Infinite Creator. It is also known as the Cosmic Consciousness or what David Wilcock describes as the Source Field, in his book The Source Field Investigations.

There are four basic levels of perception that we will discuss in this article God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark, the molar level, the micro level, the macro level and the mega level. These levels are subdivided into what are known as the L-Fields and are related to biorhythms, ovulation of animals (including humans) and plant growth, to name a few.

Humans throughout the Universe reside in the lowest molar level, where we use our five senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling while our brains act as a translator of our five senses to create information and memories based on our experiences. Our brains essentially act as a hard drive using our senses as the software to experience life in the molar level of existence. The brain also creates new software, known as EGO to formulate a personality based on our experiences but this EGO should not be confused with our minds that operate one level above in the micro level (this is important).

For instance when a person dies, since their mind exists in the micro level of perception, they continue to exist there, eternally or until they reincarnate into another molar existence. The reason our physical bodies are susceptible to disease and illness is that our organs (which have a level of intelligence) are no longer in harmony with the Universal Life Field. This can be caused by many things, such as food, water, atmosphere (the air we breath), emotions, physical trauma and even stress (fear).

In the macro level of existence reside the Els (Natural Spirits), sometimes referred to as the Elements. These beings, known in the plural form as the Elohim are also referred to as the Lord God. For every planet in the Universe there is an El, a Natural Spirit, these beings might be considered the Managers of the Universe, as they are the ones that have created the molar level of existence with the divine approval of the Supreme God or Infinite Creator.

There is much to be said about the Els, as they can be found in every major religion, language, civilization and myths and legends of this planet. In English we find the Els in such words as the Elite, Elders, Intellectual, Electric and Elevate. In the Old Testament we find them in the names of the prophets such as Ezekiel, Elisha and Samuel. We also find the name in the Archangels, such as Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael, Zadkiel and Jerimel. Even the word Angel has the syllable El in it, meaning messengers of God.

The Els of each planet, sing to each other and in this way are in constant communication, this is known as the "music of the spheres". Because of this constant music of the spheres, we come up with the word Universe, or Uni, meaning One and Verse, meaning song or One Song. This is related in the book by Michael Hayes called The Infinite Harmony, which equates musical theory with the laws of the Universe and human DNA.

The concept I am trying to relate to my reader is that the Els in the Universe, created the Molar Level of existence that humans reside in through the creative expression of freewill based on Universal laws of the Infinite Creator.

When the Elohim became polarized over how the Molar Level of the Universe should evolve, either naturally through the Infinite Creators plan or by a more aggressive radical plan through conquest and enforced socialization, it eliminated freewill at the Molar Level.

Now while many people consider this new idea or evolutionary plan to be in direct conflict with the Supreme Creators wishes, my contention is that absolutely nothing happens in the Universe without the Supreme Creators knowledge and approval.

However all Els are embodied with a certain color dependent on their own spiritual level of perception and because of this, we beings existing in this molar level are called humans, meaning Hue (color) Man (being) or Human.

What is important to consider is that we all (humans) were born of a particular El into the Micro Level of perception. At the time of our birth we are non-polarized entities (both male and female) but we soon become polarized, splitting into both male and female psyches (sometimes as many as seven females), these psyches are known as soul-mates and/or soul groups! We are then allowed to incarnate into physical form or Molar Level as way of learning and ultimately expanding and reintegrating our spiritual essence into a more complete form. The Molar Level of existence is basically a college for the soul, a means of experiencing life at its most basic level and to climb the ladder of soul expression.

Finally we have the Mega Level of perception which is what all souls strive to experience, whether they recognize this or not. This Mega Level of perception is organized and controlled by the Infinite or Supreme Creator. We find the name for this Infinite Creator in the syllable Al, such as the words All, Value, Reality, Chemical, Mathematical and so forth.

We also know the Supreme Creator as the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, which are of course the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. Letters and syllables make up words and words describe our Reality. This also explains why in the Hebrew theology, it is known that in the beginning there was the word.

The word was created so that the laws of the Universe could be understood and followed. But let's not forget the importance of numbers because numbers also describe our reality and these numbers can be expressed in mathematical formulas or laws. One such formula expresses the Infinite Creator perfectly, this formula is known as Pi. Pi (3.1415926+) is known as the ratio that exists between a circles diameter and its circumference but appears as a string of numbers that stretches into infinity.

All of Creation uses this ratio to define its structure, this ratio was discovered in modern times by the Italian mathematician Fibonacci and can be found in seashells, rams horns and snail shells to name a few.

Asteroid Belt, Maldec Orbit

The Asteroid Belt now assumes the orbit of Maldec, sometimes referred too as Tiamat.
The Asteroid Belt now assumes the orbit of Maldec, sometimes referred too as Tiamat. | Source

A Brief History of Our Solar System

An ancient race of humans from our own solar system, learned to construct buildings of stone using sacred numbers and sacred geometry and because of this, their architecture has lasted millions of years. This highly advanced spiritual civilization travelled throughout the known Universe sharing their knowledge with pre-space traveling civilizations as a means of providing motivation and goals for these young species.

The people of Earth know this ancient system of numbers and sacred geometry as the Ra system or Law of One but it is known by many names throughout the Universe.

This ancient race has many names from the civilizations they interacted with but some of the most common is the Ancient Builder Race or Teachers. They inspired and motivated other races to learn and achieve space travel and to advance their own civilizations.

This Ancient Teacher race would go about instructing younger races in their advanced ways through mathematical language, astronomy and the Law of One. They would promise to teach them more if they could learn space travel and come visit them on their home world, this motivated many young races to reach for the stars.

This ancient race of Teachers lived on a planetoid or Moon in our own solar system, that orbited Uranus. Because of this they are often referred to as Uranians or Urantians but no one knows for sure what they called themselves.

One such race that they visited was within our own solar system, this was the fourth planet from our Sun, known as Maldec. The Maldecians were a peaceful but materialistic race, living on a planet four times the size of Earth, Mars at that time was one of its Moons or planetoids. During the time that the Uranians were instructing the Maldecians in their sacred mathematics and geometry, the Maldecians were evolving from a peaceful materialistic race known for their honesty and integrity that called themselves darmins, into a more aggressive and intolerant race, known as quains.

This change was brought about through a disagreement among the Elohim of the higher levels of the Universal Life Field about whether or not the plan of natural evolution should be followed, laid out by the Infinite Creator. Or whether Freewill allowed them to create their own plan for Molar evolution, this disagreement polarized the Elohim and created two opposing factions. The El of Maldec, known as Lucifer, decided to side with those Elohim that wished to create their own plan, which allowed them to interact with humans on the Molar level of perception.

This new plan devised by the Elohim was created and implemented as way of altering the higher levels of the ULF to suit the individual Elohim by instituting complete control of the Molar level or physical universe, through conquest and enslavement. To do this required the Els of each planet to alter the natural evolution of beings on their respective planets and indoctrinate them into this new evolutionary life plan.

This new breed of Maldecians (quains) began to be born on Maldec, that were a product of Lucifers long term plan to conquer the physical universe. These quains were intolerant of outsiders, demanding and egotistical. This new attitude eventually lead to conflict with the Teachers from Uranus. After one of the Teachers was murdered by a quain, they decided to leave but before that happened a conflict erupted in which the Uranians, while defending themselves ended up killing two quains.

Because of this event on Maldec, the Uranians later decided not to procreate as a penance for their actions on Maldec and immigrated to a completely different star system known as the Draco, now fewer than 20 exist in the entire Physical Universe! Consider a race of beings so spiritual advanced that they decided to punish themselves for involuntary murder by deciding to no longer exist in the molar level of creation. One of the many casualties of the war between God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark.

Lucifer, the El of Maldec

The El of Maldec is often referred to on Earth as Lucifer the Bringer of Light.
The El of Maldec is often referred to on Earth as Lucifer the Bringer of Light. | Source

Lucifer, The Bringer of Light

Lucifer got his name from the Maldecians because of the way in which he instituted the rasing of the children of his new race of Maldecians, known as the quains, meaning Ordained Ones. Any new child born on Maldec after the Lucifer Rebellion began was examined for its spiritual potential. Those babies that showed any signs of displaying undesirable traits such as honesty, integrity or unconditional love were killed, babies that had the potential for selfishness, greed or remorselessness were taken to chambers, where they were put into suspended animation until they reached puberty.

This was one of the odd traits the Gracians, noticed when first arriving on Maldec, that there was an absence of children under a certain age but it was explained to them that all children were isolated from off worlders until reaching the age puberty, technically this wasn't a lie. Because the Gracians are telepathic, as are most Aliens living in the open state of the Universe, they detected no deception.

While in suspended animation and cared for by the priests of the El of Maldec, these children were indoctrinated into the new evolution paradigm of the quains. They grew physically and mentally, acquiring all the knowledge of every Maldecian that came before them.

If they didn't awaken before their designated time of their own accord, Lucifer would awaken them upon reaching puberty. This was known on Maldec as bringing them into the light of day. This is why he was known as the Bringer of the Light. This is somewhat ironic considering he was ushering his newly created race into the dark side of the Universal Life Field.

Joseph Farrell

Below is a video presentation by Joseph Farrell, outlining this topic that the Giza Pyramid may very well have been used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Physicist Joseph Farrell talks on 'The Giza Death Star' which takes us from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the asteroid belt and the so-called Pyramids of Mars. Farrell expands on his thesis that the Great Pyramid was a chemical maser, designed as a weapon and eventually deployed with disastrous results to the solar system. The Great Pyramid as a weapon! Evidence of the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Ancient Times! The Astonishing Technology used in the Giza Death Star!

Maldec and Lucifer

The El of Maldec, Lucifer, then began a new evolutionary life plan for the Maldecians by turning this once peaceful race into a militaristic force bent on conquest and enslavement of the local solar system. Their conquest began when another race known as the Gracians came looking for the Teachers and found they no longer existed in the solar system but did find their architecture on Maldec.

The Gracians felt that any race that had benefitted from the instructions, knowledge and architecture from the ancient Teachers, would be a benevolent civilization, as they were and that they should share their own technology and wisdom with them. The Maldecians did not share the reasons the ancient Teacher race left their planet, with the Gracians.

The unsuspecting Gracians offered to transport some Maldecian emissaries and scouts to the other two oxygen breathing worlds in our solar system, Earth and Venus. Mars at the time was a nitrogen atmosphere as well as many other planetoids or Moons in our solar system, such as Titan, a moon of Saturn.

The Maldecians, through instructions received from their El (Lucifer), intended to use the Earth and its people as their training and proving ground for conquering and enslaving the rest of the solar system and ultimately the Universe. This new evolutionary plan devised by the rebellious Lucifer and other Elohim, has come to be known throughout the Universe as the Lucifer Rebellion.

The Gracians had learned to duplicate the Teachers architecture to a very high degree and could be employed to build cities and other structures such as pyramidal power plants through sacred geometry and mathematics that would last millions of years. So the Maldecians hired them to build power plants on Earth, under the guise of the Maldecians becoming the benefactors for humans on Earth, such as the Gracians had done throughout the local galaxy for other less developed races.

Unbeknownst to the Gracians, the Maldecians intended on using The Giza Power Plant to transfer the Earth life force or Vril from the Earth's core to Maldec as means of creating a weapon of mass destruction. This plan ultimately backfired destroying the planet Maldec and shattering it into hundreds of thousands of pieces. We, on Earth, know of the planet Maldec as the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

This event that happened 252 Million years ago, giving you some idea of how old the pyramids really are, ultimately caused every planet in our solar system, except Earth to become extinct of life. It also created what aliens call the Frequency Barrier around Earth an electro-magnetic frequency or fall out from the explosion of Maldec that has mutated all life on Earth for the last 252 million years.

However other Alien civilizations were able to step in and rescue many of these civilizations in our solar system and transport them to Earth or other planets that could support them. Of course the Maldecians on Earth after the explosion of their home world instantly blamed the Gracians and attempted to kill them all. After the bloodbath on Earth, in which they tried to kill everyone involved in the building of the Giza Power Plants, they set up shop and became the new rulers of Earth, pretending to be Gods.

Many Alien civilizations think that the Giza Power Plant was allowed to be built by the Gracians as a way for the Infinite Creator to separate Lucifer from the planet Maldec and was the first battle of the Lucifer Rebellion. After all nothing happens in this Universe without the knowledge and approval of the Infinite Creator.

Giza Death Star

Lucifer the Legend

Does this story of how the legend of Lucifer began resonate with you?

See results

“Lucifer” literally means Lightbringer, Lightbearer, Bringer of Dawn, Shining One, or Morning Star. The word has no other meaning. Historically and astronomically, the term “Morning Star” has always been applied to the planet Venus.

Frequency Barrier

The result of the explosion of Maldec, affected all live in our solar system. Many of the planets and their Moons had human races living on them. Within a matter of years all these civilizations had to be moved or they would perish, many of them came to Earth. Of course the Maldecians were already here and could not return to their home planet because it was destroyed.

All of the planets in our solar system moved into different orbits due to the fact that Maldec, which was four times the size of Earth was no longer there. For example, Mercury was once a moon of Jupiter and moved much closer to the Sun, both Pluto and its moon Charon were once the moons of Neptune. So the entire solar system was reshuffled and all life except that on Earth was extinguished.

Although the Earth remained in relatively the same orbit, its core was radically altered from the feedback of the Vril energy transfer through the Giza Power Plant and its atmosphere from the fallout from the gases of the exploding planet. Both of these results mutated all life on Earth to its most basic form and the many species of humans that had immigrated there from neighboring planets and moons had to be moved once again. Because the Maldecians had spacecraft they could simply leave.

In less than a decade from the day of the explosion of Maldec, the Earth's surface, that at the time was one solid continent, was split apart and fragmented. The atmosphere experienced violent storms on a global scale and volcanic eruptions, massive tsunamis and earthquakes were common.

The Earth's orbit took it through a massive hydrogen cloud formed by the explosion, which when mixed with the Earths rich oxygen atmosphere, created massive global electrical and rain storms that filled its oceans and lakes to their current state. However this hydrogen cloud was rich with the isotope deuterium, which shortened the life spans of all the creatures that survived.

The biggest detriment to the surviving humans on Earth was that it altered their brain capacity and other organs such as the pineal gland. They could no longer use any extrasensory perception, such as telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection or remember any of their past lives. Physically they were reduced from the average height of eight feet to four or five feet, grew hair all over their bodies and became more primitive in appearance.

The mutation of the human species was so severe that humanity went from a highly sophisticated society of art and culture to a primitive culture, unable to even speak a language, surviving only on animal instincts, within a couple of generations. It has literally taken humanity millions of years to get back to the point we are today, only because the Earth is healing itself from these disastrous affects of the explosion of Maldec and the constant battles between forces of light and dark for control of this planet.

Granted there have been many Golden Ages, since the Frequency Barrier came down over Earth, many of these sophisticated human civilizations were heavily influenced by off world cultures. Both Atlantis and Lemuria were started by humans from other planets that had migrated to Earth.

Feeding of the Universal Life Force (ULF) of humanity Lucifer sustains himself through fear, pain and suffering.
Feeding of the Universal Life Force (ULF) of humanity Lucifer sustains himself through fear, pain and suffering. | Source

Who or What is Lucifer

I have shown above that Lucifer could certainly have been a living being, a planet, a star, for what is another planet but seen as a star in the heavens. In many books, from Milton's Paradise Lost to Jose M. Herrou Aragon's book the Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion, to H.P. Blavatsky's masterpiece The Secret Doctrine, and even the Urantia Book that claims no author, we read that this idea of the ultimate evil originated from a simple choice.

This choice stems from ignorance, arrogance and power, the power to change destiny to alter God's plan, God's will. Do we not do that everyday? Do we always follow God's will, I know I don't. I often find myself doing things that I know in my heart is not what my God intended for me, that is not God's will but I do them anyway. Why do I do this . . . because my EGO (Edging God Out) takes over my thinking from what my mind knows is the truth. This is very important and I will get back to it further down in this section but just remember our higher selves or spirits, know the truth.

Did you know that the word Lucifer only appears in the Bible once? In Isaiah 14:12 it says, “How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!”, The original Hebrew text uses the word Bright Star or Shining One, a term of sarcasm directed to one of their enemies, a Babylonian king.

I make this point to help you understand that the name Lucifer is being misapplied in the Bible and that it is more of a concept or idea than an actual being, even though most people equate this name to a Fallen Angel. Would not a being, that is considered by humanity at the time to be a living planet, also be consider fallen from the heavens, when it explodes and ceases to shine.

Contemplate what a primitive people would think if they were to watch a bright planet explode and fall from the skies in a hundred thousand pieces. Then consider how, a planet such as Maldec (4x the size of Earth) shining brightly in the heavens would look exploding into fragments and falling from the sky. That story would be handed down generation to generation, it would change and be simplified over time, until perhaps it become the story of a Fallen Angel, that had committed the ultimate sin.

Modern Christians have accepted the idea that Lucifer is the adversary of God. But many esoteric philosophers, do not accept the concept of evil as existing in nature only as Good vs Bad choices. Certainly the taking of another's life would be consider a very bad choice but I think we can all agree that there are times, when faced with survival that it becomes the only choice. However I think we can all agree that there are may be many beings, many spirits that embrace the light or the dark and make their choices accordingly.

Now let's consider another name synonymous with evil, Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, whom whispered the words into Eve's ear "in the day ye eat therof ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil." So at this point in human evolution, mankind learns self consciousness, mankind recognizes the immortal spirit and awakens to the light of intelligence. In essence humanity goes from an animalistic, instinctive existence to becoming aware of divine principles, such as the consequences of good vs bad choices.

If Satan is synonymous with Lucifer (which we know means Light-Bearer) and is also recognize as the being that influence the Adam to eat the fruit of knowledge, could we not conclude that this being is responsible for opening the Mind Principle that knows the truth, through self conscious awareness and intelligence?

Now what is the greater adversary to God, the mind that knows the truth or the EGO which has a will of its own. For stars to shine brightly they must be surrounded by darkness, for humans to have spiritual awakenings it often requires reaching a bottom of having a near death experience, in essence being surrounded by darkness. This might lead one to conclude that all the suffering on Earth in our known history, was a necessary lesson so that humanity might have a collective spiritual awakening.

Is that not happening now to some degree, since we all learn at different rates and degrees but we do seem to be awakening from this suffering, of course some of us are still in denial. This battle between God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark is really being fought inside us as we awaken to the light.

However all that being said, we also know that our past or our "his-story" is often rewritten by those in control to deceive us into accepting a false narrative. So we can easily see how the followers of Lucifer, of which Satan was just a follower, might think that a being such as Lucifer would not mislead them and that his rebellion was the correct course of action. If that were the case, which many accept as true, then they might be able to form many different explanations for why their leader Lucifer's Rebellion was necessary and justifiable.

So if Lucifer came to Earth because his planet no longer existed he would naturally use it as a base of operations for his continued rebellion and of course would use his followers to further his agenda. The story of Adam and Eve could easily be seen as just such a maneuver to further his dark agenda. By giving humanity freewill before they were spiritually ready for it he could manipulate them into following his path while distorting the teachings of the Law of One in such a way as to make mankind think they were making good choices.

The story of Jesus, the Son of God, is a perfect example of how this could be done. By twisting the teachings of Jesus in such a manner he could convince mankind that he is the only true Son of God. When in essence the Infinite Creator, created All Beings from himself and because of this, WE ALL are the Sons and Daughters of God, including Lucifer, hence the phrase We Are All One.

But by creating a story (a religion) that requires that we accept Jesus as our one true savior and the only true Son of God, we will not look within to find spiritual answers to the many questions we have about our true spiritual purpose on this planet. This plot by Lucifer was designed to prevent people from accepting the truth that the light of God is within themselves.

"Therefore, they must stop seeing Jesus as an idol and follow in his footsteps. They must take Jesus and his teachings down from the cross of idolatry on which he was put by Lucifer and his fallen beings as one of their last acts of defiance against God."

I would submit to my readers that Lucifer was/is a real being that rebelled against God and had the power to influence and change the course of our evolution on this planet. That he also took with him a great many followers to help in his rebellion, some of which still follow his path today.

But I would also emphasize that perhaps all of these millions of years of suffering and turmoil was part of God's plan to help humanity to recognize that God is a shining light within each of us and by recognizing this truth will enable humanity to shine God's light into our world and forge a new reality closer to the heart.

It is a simple fact that human beings are slaves of their attention. Whatever you focus your attention upon will receive the energies streaming through your consciousness. I am not thereby saying you should ignore evil. I am saying that if you focus undue attention on evil, and especially if you become angry or fearful, you misqualify the energies of God and thereby strengthen the very forces you think you are fighting. This ties in to my statement to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

— Jesus - Kim Michaels

The Reverse of God is Dog

A dog is the creation of man through domestic breeding but what similarities are their between this relationship mankind has with the dog species and his relationship to God, let's explore this concept shall we?

The first thing that comes to mind is a dog's loyalty and affection towards its master, mankind. This seems very similar to the same loyalty and affection mankind places in the hands of its master, God.

Humanity has always tried to project it's feelings into the heart of a dog and by comparison it seems likely that God has projected his feelings of love, devotion and forgiveness into the heart of mankind. While humanity will often pray to God for help in times of distress and pain, a dog can often supply these same comforts towards mankind in times of need.

When no other human affection is available we find that dog's do offer us the ability to love them and it is returned unconditionally. This phenomenon seems to be closely related to how we give love to our understanding of God and it too is returned unconditionally.

In today's world it has been recognized that a dog's affection has the power to heal emotional and even some physical distress in the human body, just as the faith in a higher power has been known to do, is this a mere coincidence?

I think not.

When humanity is lonely a dog can give us comfort just as our faith too can provide spiritual comfort knowing our God is always with us. Consider the affection a dog provides mankind and how this world would be, if we provided God with that same affection, love and devotion?

Good vs Evil

Consider the title to this segment of the article, if you drop a letter from good, you have God and the reverse of God is Dog (see my definition of the word Dog, to the right) but the reverse of Live is Evil, does this not give you pause?

In esoteric teachings we have many names and words that could be anagrams, such as the spiritual master Sanat Kumara, which could easily be transposed into Satan Kumara. But this just characterizes the manipulation of spiritual knowledge that is spread to deceive the ignorant masses.

Many people think that the Ascended Masters are really just Fallen Angels posing as higher dimensional beings as a means of delivering a distorted message of the Law of One.

Most awakened people accept the idea that a war exists between the forces of Good (God) vs Evil (live spelled backwards) or Light vs Dark. This can be expressed through the symbol Ying & Yang. But what is difficult for all us exploring these concepts is that both opposing groups use similar or identical terminology, symbols and traditions and to some degree the origins of these groups to express their affiliations. Because of this, many well-meaning people and groups are easily duped into supporting long range goals, that they really do not fully understand.

It has long been recognized that the father of the modern English language was none other than the wizard to the English monarchy Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Bacon. Many researchers think that Bacon was the writer of Shakespear (Spear Shaker another name for the Greek Goddess, AthenA, whom is often portrayed in statues and paintings holding a spear). I mention this because Sir Francis Bacon signed his work using the double AA, which can be found in the version of the Bible known as the King James version.

The King James version of the Bible has been found to contain many hidden passages and codes, which Bacon is notorious for using as a means of communicating to his Freemason brothers. One of these codes may have been the word Dog, which of course spelled backwards is God. However over thirty times the use of the word Dog in the King James version of the Bible refers to male prostitutes, was this intended as a veiled insult to God, perhaps? Let's also remember that in Egyptology the jackal-dog Anubis was the God of the Dead or afterlife

But he is also thought to have rewritten the modern English language in such a way that those that use it, are unwittingly casting spells on themselves when they use such words as Believe.

Believe is the combination of two words BE (the existence of a place or person) and LIE (a deception or falsehood) with a suffix of VE, which is used to represent the tense of the word. So if one were to say they, "I Believe in God or the Infinite Creator", would they not be telling themselves, they accept the "existence of the deception of God"? Many would argue they are and that this was done on purpose to confuse and distort what people accept as true. This shows just how deceptive the battle between God (Good) vs Evil (Live), can really be.

But the foundation of the battle between Good vs Evil is that they are opposites, that they are opposing forces. This concept of duality is by its very nature the root of the problem. For when we recognize that we are all one, then there can be no duality, no opposite forces, no light and dark and no good verses evil. This recognition is the heart of our problem here on Earth and without a doubt a concept created by Lucifer to cause separation from source, or God.

Allow me to explain, Lucifer's fall from heaven as it is known, was really caused by his own ignorance, arrogance and the illusion that he was in fact separate from God. Because he came to accept the idea that he was in fact in opposition to Gods will, that his own will was separate. This illusion and ignorance that he was not a creation of God allowed him to create a division or separation from God and from it sprang rebellion and his concept of duality.

He has been using the concept of duality ever since to divide and conquer the minds of mankind. It is a very basic tool, that works over and over again because it creates the appearance, the illusion of good vs evil. Of course the distinction is that, in Lucifers mind these force are in opposition to each other or cancel each other out but the truth is that these forces complement each through the balance of Christ Consciousness.

To put it another way it might be seen as the difference between creation and destruction. The manipulation comes from convincing others there are two opposing forces and the solution requires a choice, which side you're on. When in fact God is on neither side and the cause itself was never God's cause.

Divine Source

The Divine Source, which I choose to call God, created all matter from itself and embedding into it different levels of consciousness.
The Divine Source, which I choose to call God, created all matter from itself and embedding into it different levels of consciousness. | Source

My Art

The fact that humans are very creative is one of the gifts God gave us to emphasize our connection to the Infinite Creator.
The fact that humans are very creative is one of the gifts God gave us to emphasize our connection to the Infinite Creator. | Source


The conclusions I have come to from writing this article God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark, is that Evil requires a choice, while Life requires acceptance, harmony and balance.

One of the things that always bothered me when learning to live a sober life, on my way to developing a spiritual awakening is that I would often hear in the rooms of AA, "Take it One Day at a Time", as if I had a choice. God gives you life to be lived with freewill, suicide has never been a part of God's plan but Lucifer's plan is just as simple, he has convinced us that because we have freewill we have a choice and through that choice we humans have created the illusion of duality. That we are separate from God, when in fact we have never been separate from God.

The point I'm trying to make is that, yes we have a choice but eventually all roads lead to the same destination. We have the freewill to deny the existence of the Infinite Creator but eventually we must all accept that we did not create ourselves and the source of our creation, is what many of us choose to call God. But taken even further those that do accept God as the Infinite Creator must recognize that we are all one and not separate.

Because God resides within us always, we are a part of God because we are created from God. All matter created from God has consciousness the only difference between humans and the rest of the world in which we live is that, our matter, our bodies are embedded with a higher vibration frequency of the Universal Life Force (ULF), which allows us to be aware or self conscious of our existence.

For me, this is a profound and startling revelation because it can be so easily overlooked and often is ignored. So often we search for answers outside of ourselves because to look within ourselves requires courage and commitment and we have been conditioned for millions of years to look outside ourselves for spiritual guidance, answers and solutions to our problems.

In essence this is the duality of reality that Lucifer has used for millions of years to prevent us from recognizing our true connection to the ultimate source of knowledge, God. When we truly contemplate the nature of our reality, scientifically, spiritually or even with our five senses, it becomes clear that all of creation, the laws of the Universe works with forces that do not oppose each other in duality but complement each other in harmony.

This article God vs Lucifer, The Ultimate Confrontation Between Light and Dark, has lead me to conclude that in order for humanity, the planet Earth and even the being known as Lucifer to move to the next level of evolution (the state of love spelled backwards), we must learn to not only forgive others but more importantly ourselves, after all I know God has and it would be a little arrogant for us not too.

I think that the Fallen Angels have been forgiven and even now reside on Earth in human form, here to help us raise the vibrational frequency of our planet and lead us into Ascension, of course that is another story altogether but one I'm eager to write . . . see ya on the other side . . . don't be late!

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