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Exopolitics Has Condemned Humanity to Living on a Prison Planet

Updated on April 28, 2017

Prison Planet

The fact that we haven't begun to leave the planet despite having landed a man on the Moon over forty years ago leads many to believing that is because this planet has been quarantined.
The fact that we haven't begun to leave the planet despite having landed a man on the Moon over forty years ago leads many to believing that is because this planet has been quarantined. | Source
Nearly 100 million US adults believe Extraterrestrials civilizations have visited Earth.
Nearly 100 million US adults believe Extraterrestrials civilizations have visited Earth. | Source


Currently mankind is unaware of the reasons for our Universal quarantine, some say it is because of Adam and Eve's actions that lead to humanity being cast out of the Garden of Eden, while others contend it is due to mankind's participation in the Lucifer Rebellion (Urantia Book), or perhaps it is simply due to our warmongering nature however until we have reintegrated humanity into Universal society we may never know for sure. In this article Exopolitics Has Condemned Humanity to Living on a Prison Planet we will explore the Earth's obvious quarantine and how humanity may lift it, in order to claim their rightful heritage in Universal Society.

Although some of you who read this may find the information disturbing, unscientific and down right flaky, others will intuitively feel the truth of this premise that we live in a highly populated Universe on an isolated Prison Planet. For many years the majority of the Earth's population thought of their world as large flat disk in which if one ventured too far, by either ship or by foot, that they would come to the edge of their world and fall off.

We have since changed that view and now believe that we live on an isolated planet and that no other intelligent life exist even remotely close, or do we?

For example a Gallup poll in 1996 showed that 72% of the US adult population believed that there is some form of extraterrestrial life and that 45% already believed that the Earth has been visited by extraterrestrial beings or EBE's (extraterrestrial biological entities). To put that into numbers that is at least 72,000,000 (million) people believe in ET's and at least 45,000,000 people that believe the Earth has been visited by them.

An ABC-NEWS poll conducted in 2000 concluded that 47% of Americans believe intelligent life exists on other planets, despite the fact that according to mainstream science no other inhabited planet has been found, yet. The US only comprises about 5% of the World's population.

In 1999 a poll was conducted among the leading astronomers and astrophysicists of the world and broadcast on a cable television show that lead to some rather startling statistics. Seventy percent of these scientists said they believed extraterrestrial life exists in our Universe and 80% said that it was more advanced than Earth's.

Many readers will ask what evidence exists for these assertions, while others that have learned to trust their intuition and their heart will feel the truth without having the need for 'evidence'. The UFO phenomenon will provide some with answers however many will feel the need for absolute proof. I do not require proof of the existence of other intelligent species in our Universe.

That the planet has been quarantined from the rest of Universal society seems to me to be fairly obvious as we do not engage in interstellar commerce, do not have Aliens from other planets visiting openly with the countries of Earth nor do we visit other planets. We have not sent a manned space mission beyond our Moon in over forty years and we have never established any bases anywhere beyond our planet.

This quarantine by Universal Civilizations seems to have been a direct result of some Universal Law that was broken in our past, which is not fully recognized by our current population. The most widely recognized transgression which is described in allegorical form in the Bible and in depth in the Urantia Book is that during the colonization of this planet some members of the planetary governing body (Adam & Eve) broke a rule used to cultivate mankind's races into a spiritual whole.

Adam and Eve had affectively tried to create a short-cut in the evolutionary progress of humanity by mixing races before the prescribed time in an effort to jump-start mankind's spiritual progress. This transgression was immediately recognized by those overseeing the spiritual uplifting project and mankind was no longer afforded Adam and Eve's continued involvement. The actions of these two spiritual overseers of our planet almost 40,000 years ago also lead to the planet being quarantined from outside influences, such as other advanced civilizations.

What is interesting to note, is that the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria has been described as taking place between 30,000 to 12,000 years ago, due to those civilizations dabbling with forces beyond their comprehension. Many books that I have read on the subject seem to indicate that their experiments with crystal energy may have caused their own destruction but also show that this destruction had the potential to cause far more serious damage to the Universe beyond just our solar system, had they continued to harness and use this energy.

In the Three Waves of Volunteers by Dolores Cannon she is able to communicate with beings from a Council of Worlds, that describe the events that lead to the destruction of Atlantis as necessary to eradicate members of that civilization that unintentionally had released forces beyond their control that had the potential to destroy the Univrse as we know it. This Council goes onto relate that they then decided to quarantine Earth and prevent humanity from leaving the planet until they had matured spiritually and could be trusted to interact with other races in a peaceful manner.

This decision might explain why UFOs only seem interested in observing us and do not make contact,as the Council may have decided to limit our interaction with other sentient races, even on our own planet. After all any species willing to kill members of their own species can't possible possess the morals and ethics to coexist with the rest of the Universe, peacefully.

That being said this embargo has not been absolute and some Alien cultures in Service To Self (STS) have broken the quarantine and engaged in criminal activity on this planet. These STS Aliens have colluded with secret government organizations to corrupt individuals and spread disinformation in the hope of keeping mankind from realizing their rights as Universal Citizens.

The Stairway To Heaven

A tribute to the great Zecharia Zitchin and his book by the same name.
A tribute to the great Zecharia Zitchin and his book by the same name. | Source

Movies and TV Shows Involving Exopolitics

What also needs to be considered as a way of conditioning mankind to the existence of a Universal Society is the numerous movies, books and television shows on the topic. Consider for a moment that the best way to introduce Alien concepts, ideas, laws, cultures, politics and technology would be through the imagination of mankind.

It is a commonly accepted idea that most spiritually superior intelligences of an Alien nature would communicate telepathically. EBE's would have the capability to implant ideas, concepts and stories into the minds of lesser third dimensional beings. What better way to introduce new concepts and ideas into the mainstream public than by implanting 'dreams' or ideas into the imagination of book writers, movie producers and screenwriters.

Regardless of where these ideas come from, the message would then be broadcast to millions further conditioning mankind to a Universal Society. Certainly The Powers That Be would try to limit and confuse the public by insisting on Extraterrestrial Invasion movies, but enough movies involving peaceful contact would be made to drive home the point.

Let's take a look at some of the more non-violent sci-fi movies made involving the conditioning of mankind to a more peaceful Universal Society.

Alien Visitor(1995) • Set in the Australian outback a beautiful female Alien takes human form and sets about educating a surveyor on environmental responsibility, human morals and ethics and love. This movie has no violence or advanced technology and yet is able to keep the audience completely entranced beginning to end. ✭✭✭✭✭

The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951) • In which a single Alien comes to Earth to deliver a message which is basically stop your evil ways or else. Klaatu the Alien, tells humanity that they must change their ways before they will be allowed off the planet and that if they attempt to bring weapons into space they will be destroyed. ✭✭✭✭✭

E.T. the Extraterrestrial (1982) • Is the story of an Alien that befriends a young boy and together they search for a way for 'ET' to return to his home planet. In this movie a psychic link is formed between the young boy (Elliot) and the Alien and together they find a way to get a message to his people. ✭✭✭✭✭

Cocoon (1985) • This incredibly powerful film explores the idea of ever-lasting life, dying and growing old. The basic plot involves Aliens trying to get home, that have been on the planet Earth for 10,000 years in the form of Cocoons. When their brethren come to get them, humans from a nearby old folks home interfere and it creates problems for the Aliens. ✭✭✭✭

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) • This movie is essentially about first contact, told through the experiences of ordinary citizens that come into contact with UFO's. These various people begin to exhibit strange behavior after seeing UFO's and are lead by visions to a remote part of Wyoming, where the US Military is preparing for a landing. Able to establish communication through sound and light, eventually a Mother ship arrives delivering previously abducted people back to Earth and taking willing participants with them when they leave. ✭✭✭✭✭

All of these movies have one thing in common besides Aliens, limited violence, no gun battles or invasion scenarios and all of them basically showing the peaceful intentions on the part of the Aliens. The Star Trek series on television, although it did portray violence was also on a mission of peace as explorers.

The prevailing theme of all these movies was to show that although extraterrestrial biological entities are technologically superior their intentions are peaceful.

Prison Planet

Many might argue that we have the technology and the resources to leave this planet but simply have not been sufficiently motivated to do so. To this I might agree but when I claim that we live on a Prison Planet what I mean to say is that humanity as a whole is being prevented from leaving by an organized culture of quarantine from within as well as from outside the planet.

Alien races are not allowed to intervene with the evolution of this planet as well as The Powers That Be are not being allowed to make any in-roads to weaponizing the space outside our planet. It is no coincidence that UFO sightings have increased since the use of nuclear weapons on this planet ended World War II. In no uncertain terms will mankind be allowed to leave this planet while we still cultivate the use of a war-based economy.

Until we learn that War has been outlawed in the Universe and that killing each other is not looked upon as a favorable enterprise by more spiritually advanced alien cultures, we will simply be quarantined on this planet. The Powers That Be actually favor this philosophy because it enables the ruling class to control us and lock us into the continued struggle to free ourselves from the fossil fuel, nuclear energy, war-based economy, in affect keeping us in unacknowledged slavery to them.

Many scientist including Dr. Hal Puthoff and his fellow scientist at the Institute for Advanced Studies conclude that the increase in UFO sightings and crop circles since 1947 (Roswell) may really be an attempt by benign Aliens to create a "grassroots educational program" designed to educate the masses without direct intervention of communication as a way of conditioning mankind to their presence.

This is known as the context communication theory of extraterrestrial communication, which was developed in 1974. This theory holds that UFO's being seen over ballistic missile bases and nuclear power facilities are actually designed as a warning to bring attention to these areas of our planet. How many times have UFO's been sighted over a region of land before a major geographical event such as an earthquake, too numerous to detail in this article.

What is important to realize, that at this moment in our evolution on this planet, we do not have a lot to offer any Universal society in terms of trade. We will without a doubt not be allowed to export our war-based economy, weak morals and ethics and nuclear energy into the Universe.

If we remain a violent, regressive, arrogant and spiritually empty race we will continue to be isolated from the rest of the Universe, we have been given the freedom to choose and have failed ourselves by not choosing a path of enlightenment.

"Since the mid-20th century, secret networks spanning intelligence, military and economic organizations have waged a global information war to keep humanity confused about extraterrestrial contact."

The prevailing conditioned view of our society is that we are a race doomed to continuous warfare over limited resources and yet ample evidence abounds that ordinary humans prefer to be good neighbors instead of competent soldiers. Continuing to embrace the organizing principle of a war-based economy will only help to ensure our continued existence on this self made Prison Planet.

To paraphrase the late great Marvin Gaye . . .

"War is not the answer, only Love can conquer Hate!"

The Powers That Be have been conditioning mankind to play the victim and seek guidance from their spiritual and governmental leaders. They have created a society that spends much of their time in competition with each other and little time in cooperation and giving. We have been conditioned through Television, Movies and Books to solve our differences with bloodshed and violence.

Too often we allow others to do our thinking for us and rely on the wisdom of our leaders and elected officials to explain to us what is happening in the world and locally. These Powers That Be now have a strangle hold on the media and only allow them to report what they are told to report.

Recent current events in America show time and again that we are being lied to, those that we have entrusted to serve us based on greed, deception and control are now actually the ones preventing us from regaining our rightful heritage in a Universal society.

The Universe Awaits

Found this picture of the stars over Yosemite and had to share it with my readers.
Found this picture of the stars over Yosemite and had to share it with my readers. | Source

Vibrational Energy

By sending goodwill out into space we are in affect raising the vibrational energy of our planet.
By sending goodwill out into space we are in affect raising the vibrational energy of our planet. | Source

Lifting the Quarantine

Many will want to know what they can do to help lift the quarantine the Earth finds itself in and the answer is very simple. We must learn as individuals to begin to take responsibility for our actions in our everyday lives.

This means that we can longer be willing to accept the Mainstream Media (MSM) to tell us the truth. In 2003 the US Supreme Court ruled that television news stations were not required to tell the public the truth and not one TV News Station covered this story here in America.

This means that we must begin to gather our news from independent sources outside this country, if we want the truth. This means we must begin to learn to think with our heart and accept our God given gift of intuition to help us decide what is right.

"Spiritual progress is predicated on intellectual recognition of spiritual poverty coupled with the self-consciousness of perfection-hunger, the desire to know God and be like him, the wholehearted purpose to do the will of the Father in heaven." The Urantia Book

Michael Mannion the author of Project Mindshift says that the World Population has been gradually conditioned to accept the possibility of other planetary cultures through media such as movies, television and books, although a recent Roper poll shows that almost 75% of Americans believe that their own government is with holding information on UFO's.

Although many might find this idea too far fetched I believe we as individuals can initiate contact simply by putting the idea out there into the Source Field or Space. Our thoughts are a form of energy and when we as individuals pray, meditate or imagine first contact we are essentially asking to make contact.

We must change the vibrational energy of this planet through our own actions and our thoughts. It must begin with each one of us by expressing good will towards other always. This article Exopolitics Has Condemned Humanity to Living on a Prison Planet is just the first of a series of articles I intend to write to awaken my readers and help us to create a new paradigm and positive future for all of mankind.


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