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God's Reality, Quantum Theory And Christ In Me

Updated on September 16, 2013
I got this one...
I got this one...

Over the years I have listened to numerous thinkers of our time. They each have a particular bent on how things work and theory derived from their endless pursuit of understanding life as they see it, however dreamy, wacky, strange, and as alien as you can get while still contending that they are sane people. Put them in a room together and it's like children in the playground trying to see who can out shout the other. They each hold a position based on their personal research and mathematical genius that should slay the others.

I am not about to debate any of these great minds but I do have some observations of my own, be it as they are... perhaps too simple for the mathematics of other theory to compute on their level. But then again, do I want to be on that level where there is more confusion within the party of theorists than there is solid basis, since the greater of their work is only theory.

Theory: Abstract thought, conjecture, plausible but not proven.

I'm sure numbers of us have watched the program, 'Myth Busters', where they take a scenario and prove it one way or the other. Busted or plausible being the greater outcome.

Quantum or the actuality of measuring small particles was first considered in the 1600's, and there have been multitudes of conjectured thought since then. Quantum is derived from Latin for "How much", or Quantas, "How great. A physicist Max Planck first theorised in 1900, then Einstein reinforced his thinking in 1905, and by 1912 we had quantum theory, then quantum mechanics 1922, quantum jump 1955, and leaving us with quantum leap in 1970.

Einstein is probably the best known, but then much of his theory has been rethought, reproved, and some reduced to mere dribble. But we cannot discount that he was of the Jewish persuasion if I may use that term. Jews were not thought of as great thinkers and were continuously ostracized in the scientific community. He and many of his colleagues proved otherwise, and much of their theories are used in mathematical equations for the solving of complex problems. I think that God threw in this mix of great Jewish minds to alter the universal thinking of mankind. I believe he succeeded.

Quantum mechanics is the study of matter and radiation at an atomic level. The splitting of the atom and atomic energy would be the greater good from this research, the atomic bomb and other weapons of mass destruction are the other side of the coin.

My father worked for the Atomic Energy Commission at the Chalk River site for about 30 yrs. Canada has actually led the way in atomic study and reactor building, being world renowned and selling their design to numerous countries. There is and remains a huge potential for its good. The bad being the accident of Chernobyl and how great a challenge there is in keeping things safe. Then again since that time there have been and remain scores of new reactor sites adding to the power grid of the world. The US at present having the most power plants.

Quantum is simply the measuring of particles and sub particles that make up the substance of our universe. Some of this takes on a great mystical haze.

Such as: We all swim in a sea of light particles, an energy sea, a zero point field, we are not separate but all joined to this particle sea and reality is just unset jello, with a potential for life. Our action, observation, our input or non input are the factors for setting the jello. Electrons are all connected and we have the involvement of creating our own reality, and that there is no end and it all starts with how we think things into their place. They continue in this thought that we are all just beams of light pushing photons around, because we send and receive these products all the time through our individual DNA, since we are light, our cells talk to one another and our bodies being made up of sub-atomic particles is joined to all the other stuff all around us. We are in a constant vibrating tango of continuous energy. Synchronicity or the interconnectedness of reality.

Other theories say that time is irrelevant because everything has already happened and we are just riding on the bus, and on and on these theories go into a mystic universe. Included in this is the Philosophical Principle, called the principle of indeterminacy or limited recurrences.

Now there remains an "Uncertainty Principle". To simplify: 2 seeds from the same flower, grown under same conditions, equally. They are very much similar to the naked eye, color, shape, smell, etc, but, look closer and study them and there will be distinctive differences, as variances appear and show the fundamental structural contrasts. Change the environment and all the results will alter and differ dramatically. No two of anything created has the exact same action, reaction; it is all based on multitudes of extreme factors. God has created seeds to follow after their own kind but it stops and also begins there. His genius in the creation factor is incontestable.

Jesus saw these things in the parable of the seed... the Word of God, depended upon the ground it fell onto. There was some predictability, but not completely.

Did Jesus say, to stop putting out the seed? No, because he knew circumstances could change the outcome as things around us change. The rocks can be removed, the birds can be kept away, the path can be placed differently and the field can grow and have greater potential. It is based on what we want to put into it and the work we are willing to do to help change the outcome. Is this by some random recurrence or is it by planning, work, determination, hope, prayer, desire, and love?

What can be counted or measured.

With regards to our life and effect: Light> eyes> brain> sound> senses> information is all physical. It has a state of being and can be counted and measured. We have Quantus amounts of energy impulse released in neurotransmitters firing within our brains and bodies that are much faster than the speed of light! Something like 2000 electrical impulses per second. Our brain has a far greater functional ability than we are aware of. It is a complicated, diverse, unique computer which God designed especially for us.

God lives and abides and has his presence inside the fullness of the physical, relating to us with information, which is physical in two (2) states or planes and he also resides within a third dimension or more which we may not know (Seven Spirits of God) or understand anything about. He cannot be measured. (Is.55.8-9)

1) He relates to us all in the world of our individual comprehension. How we think, interpret, rationalize, or dream.

2) All of our senses. As we see, hear, touch, smell and taste; Again unique.

These are the physical.

3) The Spiritual plane, where things are not necessarily always seen with our naked eye, although they can and do happen. Example; Angels have the ability to be in both dimensions. Sometimes we sense them being present and then they have appeared to men on more than (1) one occasion. (Genesis to Revelation documented, as well as other documentations)

Most of this manifestation occurs through our intuitive nature which materializes in our life through Jesus and Holy Spirit. Prior to this rebirth of spirit we had no idea, because we were veiled from these revelations. (Jn3, "Must be born again, born from above")

He as a triune being lives in a state of variance far beyond what any physical computer can comprehend or download, no matter its speed and for that matter anything that could be invented by man; he is simply beyond it all.

He is able to manipulate the universe around us with a thought, far faster than we can imagine because some of those thoughts of God have been spoken between 2 to 10 thousand years ago. (Genesis to Revelation)

Computer science has nothing on God’s ability nor could they fathom it. They still are amazed with the atom and its multifaceted abilities.

In fact any (2) two computers may act almost, but not completely the same. They are restricted by the programs in them, but… an intelligent programmer can manipulate and make it do other than what it was designed for, by working around or within the structure because the unit is bound to the laws of information. We are given information all the time by God, but are bound by the laws of flesh and Spirit, sin and righteousness. Satan manipulates that information through our thoughts and weakness in us to get us to not believe. He continually lies and twists the truth of God into his purposes to kill and destroy us, who were created to bring God joy.

Quantum Computers and Holy Spirit Simulation within us.

We simulate what Jesus and God do, but with the addition of our own variations that work within the complete and incomplete nature of God through and in us. The manipulation or action of the Spirit is totally different, but can be very similar at the same time. (1Cor.12.1-9, Gal.5.25, Eph2.21, 22, Phil.2.1, 2)

God’s thoughts from the past transport into our present time and beyond, even to the end of time because he lives in timelessness. He is independent of time as we know and measure time. (Rom16.25-27) Did you know that mathematics and time are very much still a mystery?

He is capable I believe, of bending laser beams of light and able to split atoms into infinity with his mere thought. Why? Because he designed it all. (Eph.5.8, Col.1.12, 1Tim.6.15-17, 1Cor.2.9-15, 2Cor.3.16-18)

Quantum Computers

They remain at a theoretical stage on paper because scientists and theorists do not know how to design the hardware for it to come to completion. Actually if you put all these great thinkers in the same room, none would have solid insightful accurate answers, because they are all theory devised by mathematical conception based upon supposition.

Bottom line is; they don’t know!

Isolation is the problem with the quantum computer, because Quantum information leaks into the surroundings it is trying to be developed within; even to the minutest dust particle, and then it is no longer quantum physics or mechanics contained. Scientists are continuously negotiating with atoms and trying to understand how they react under modified or manipulated conditions with radiation and laser to assist their research and theory. At present in Germany is a huge facility housing the worlds largest magnet taking in unspeakable km's of expanse. When they actually turn this thing on they have no idea what might happen, not only there but within the dynamics of natural elements. They are going to be firing atoms at one another. Are we sure we want to trust engineers of supposition for the stimulation of eager minds, similar to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan; when at that time there was no exacting knowledge, and similarly now there is no knowledge of reaction and or counter reaction?

While God with exacting purpose and forethought put everything into place with his word. (Gen1.1-27, Jn1.1-14)

Lasers and Information

We have moved from a room-sized laser in a laboratory to a single DVD player able to transmit information at the speed of light, with the use of color. From the disc to a receiver and that info is in front of our eyes, then transmitted into our brain; another remarkable computer, all at 186,000 miles per second. No one had a thought at its conception as to where it would be in the here and now of today. Think also of laser eye surgery made available and other numerous applications. Also, that a computer the size of a city block would be reduced to a palm held device that could do phenomenally more in a millisecond than the other would need months or years to process.

Our God of Supreme Enormity

Can we say; our God whom we are coming to know in the minutest of ways, (since all we have is a speck of sand of this knowledge and an enormous beach before us) that this will take all of eternity just to further our relationship journey with him?

I know that he is the greatest source of power, all supreme; (although he is uncontainable and immeasurable) then he holds all the keys to any and all theory and relevance?

And the wisdom of men is made foolishness in his sight. (1Cor.3.18-20)

Why is this? Because men want for understanding and roam about the earth seeking wisdom and knowledge for their own pride and ego, while God laughs from heaven. So the question arises; should we stop in our investigation of theories for the purposes of science and the advancement of men’s knowledge of universal things, such as the principles and laws that he spoke into existence in the beginning?

No, I don’t believe so; where is the fun if there is no chase?

There will always be this mystery for God chooses to shroud himself in this veil, but at the same time I believe he helps men in their search for answers, especially in the work of medicines.

The other problem is that men have always wanted to be like god or gods and have welcomed that enigma.

This had been the quest of Satan, to his downfall as has been for all the men that tried to reach or attain or make themselves like God. Their humanness suddenly was contested and they were found to be lacking on all counts. (See Dan 4)

This was one of the greatest sins since Eve was deceived in the beginning, and then Adam fell into the same trap. All men who have succumbed to this illusion found themselves alone and outside of God’s domain. They all as he (Satan, will come to) came to the place where they would meet his all consuming fire, for he holds all the keys in his hand and the garden is closed until he reopens a new eternal place for us. (Rev21.1)

So what about all these great thinkers and minds of men that do not recognize God and the solid evidence given throughout his creation? The very nature and essence of themselves points to a greater force within and without, should they decide in their hearts to consider that within the mathematical structure of this creation, all things working in perfect harmony and the possibility of randomness is just too far reaching and impossible. I applaud these men for their work and endeavor to prove theory, but my rock solid faith is built upon a love relationship that defies all logic. God himself setting the parameters for such a state of being.

It has been (40) forty years since the last Quantum leap. There will be no Quantum soaring into the heavenlies.

There will only be the wax wings of mankind’s wisdom melting before his burning countenance. (Heb12.25-29)


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