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Heaven's roll call

Updated on August 23, 2013

When the roll is called up yonder....

Whether in assemblies, jails, offices, classrooms, an event out, a roll call has to be called out and this helps in identifying and acknowledging the people present and noting the people absent. It is a normal procedure in man’s life to have his/her name called out from a call book.

The one who calls out people’s name from during a roll call is usually described as a strict and kind of serious ( no smile) person as he dutifully calls out names in a loud voice that could be heard quite some distance away.

When we die and we resurrect again for the final judgment by our supreme Creator and Loving Savior, there will be another roll call that will be done on everyone that was ever born on this earth.

But this time it will be so serious that no pranks of absenteeism could be thought by one or any.

Our final roll call will be in the form of the living book, where names of the redeemed ones will be written on God’s book of life and woe to those who do not hear their names called out. The caller of names will be the creator of the universe, the one who formed us and cared for us from the day we were conceived in our mother’s womb.

The repercussion of being absent in that book means that you get a share in the eternal fire in hell with other sinners and unbelievers. Ooh! What a tragic irreversible result to all those that will not be in the book of life.

It’s the choices and decisions we make when on this earth that will determine of our names will be called out or if there will be silence to out names on that big day.

No one will have any excuse when absent from that book,

No one will gain pity or mercy when absent from that book,

No one will escape the aftermath of being absent from that book,

No one will receive pardon for being absent from that book…..

Very scary indeed………

But we can all escape the Fury and anger of our Living God by just taking a simple act of faith and by receiving Jesus in our hearts. Ensuring that your name is on God’s book of life is so simple but many cannot comprehend how simple this salvation is and as a result they lack the saving grace in them.

So my dear brother and sister if you are reading this, act, you had better turn your eyes and ways to Jesus cause only Him can save you and give you eternal life. Remember, today is yours, and tomorrow might never be.


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  • zuriki profile image

    zuriki 6 years ago

    Thank you Susieq42 for your comment.

    Am sorry for your loss, but you sure have the hope that your loved ones will be there to embrace you home when you pass on and you will be with them forever when God calls you home, and above all you will be with Christ. Personally I have lost 2 siblings, a baby and other close relatives, they have been painful earthly losses but what keeps me going is the fact that they are in a better place and I will see them again.

    As humans, we are not perfect but by God's strength and grace we can live our lives here on earth in a manner that will ensure our names are in His Book of Life.

    I will take time to go over your poetry. God bless

  • profile image

    Susieq42 6 years ago

    Yes sirree!!! Heaven is just as sure as the nose on my face. And so will Hell be for those who don't confess Him as their Lord and Savior. Thanks for the great hub. I have a few poems about "those Heavenly gates." I should, my late husband, baby daughter, father, and father-in-law are there.