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How is healing and problem solving related? A motivating example from the Scripture

Updated on March 24, 2012
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How is healing and problem solving related? A motivating example from the Scripture

.By Benjamin S C Ugoji


Healing and problem - Is there a similarity

The story of the woman with the issue of blood

Excepts from the story- how she received her healing

Steps to the healing process likened to problem solving



If you have ever been unwell or in need of healing for one condition or another you will realize that being unwell is a problem situation. Any problem requires a solution and one who is ill want to get well. The aim of this article is to share an insight from the story from the Scripture; about the woman with the issue of blood. Her situation was such that she suffered in the hand of the physicians and the burden of her disease for twelve years. It was a desperate situation, because not only was she unwell physically; her entire being has been set out of control because of her situation.

Healing and problem – Is there a similarity?

If you were asked this question, what would your answer be? Well it will depend on your perspective or point of view. To my mind the answer to the question is yes. There is a similarity between healing and problem. If you need healing you have a problem. The only way to solve your problem is that you are healed. Like a problem solving process, there is a path to healing. Is like a journey in terms of context – where you are and where you want to be. It requires sometimes a decision making process. Your realization of your need to be healed; a leap of faith!

Let me make a point here; as human beings created by God and in His image we need to well. But sometimes we may be afflicted in our body, soul or spirit. Either way we need to be made whole. Such moments of affliction could be discomforting to say the least, because we need solution (healing). As a result you have to put your trust in the hand of those experts that are knowledgeable to provide solution to your particular circumstance mostly physicians. Whatever route that you decide to follow, it is important to remember that you did not create yourself. God created you and just as he set solutions in place to meeting your daily needs, he is also interested in your wellbeing. He wants you to be healed from your sicknesses, diseases and infirmities.

In understanding this idea about the similarity of healing and problem, it is important to look at the story of the woman with the issue of blood.

The story of the woman with the issue of blood

This is a very short story in the Bible but it has a lot of impact because this woman’s condition has lasted for 12 years. It was reported that her illness made her bleed. I want you to employ your eye of imagination. Just think about the different predicaments that this woman must have gone through – in the society, financially and emotionally. She is not a happy woman because she has a huge problem – her health. She wants to be healed. In some versions it was said that she suffered in the hand of the physicians. I reckon they must have made her case hopeless by telling her that she will be on medication throughout her life. This sounds familiar doesn’t it? Anyway, she didn’t loose faith. I think deep down in her heart she understood that her condition was hopeless humanly speaking. After all she has consulted the experts. She new she has a problem but didn’t continue to dwell on the problem. She must have heard about Jesus and His exploits in her time. The lames were healed, the blind see and the dead were raised ---; the miracles were innumerable.

This must have caused faith to rise in her spirit man. Listen to what she said, “I only need to touch His clothes. Then I will be healed at that very moment.” She did and was healed.

You can read the account in the Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 9: 20-22 .

Steps to the healing process likened to problem solving

There is the need to be very clear in your mind what you need to be healed from as well as any problem you need solution to. So like a problem solving you need to identify what you need to be healed from.

Healing and problem solving are both processes. You must be able to see the big picture as well as the detail. The woman from this story through faith and imagery reasoned that she could be healed if she touched the helm of Jesus’ garment. She was certain that this is possible. There was no iota of doubt in her mind. More than anything – she understood the principle of working faith. She saw her healed state before taking the action to receive it. She believed she was healed and so she was. That is Faith! God speaks of things that are not as if they are.

She knew where her resources would come from. And she tapped into the power from the Master by touching His garment. She pressed in, despite the crowd that was there to stop her. That is action! Faith is action.

Eventually, she was healed and her problem solved.


What are your problems with regards to healing? Have you imagined that you can be healed? The only problem that separates us is the faith to believe that it is possible. Remember, with God nothing shall be impossible. If it has not worked for you don’t think it is not possible; it could be that you have not learnt how to trust God for your healing. Let this story from this woman become a motivating example for you! She didn’t dwell on her problem, she thought out a solution. She became a problem solver and was healed. You too can become one.

Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Benjamin S C Ugoji © 2009


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