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How to nurture that ‘treasure’ within - from dream to reality

Updated on June 22, 2011
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Picture painting

Imagery into reality

Metamorphosis - one form to another

Light at the end of the tunnel

Final Words


"I learned this...

that if one advanced confidently in the direction of his dream

and endeavours to live the life in which he had imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

____ Henry David Thoreau

Life is like a journey. For most journeys you need to use a map as a model to help you find where you're going, especially when you don't know where you're going. How are you in your life's journey? I know this question sounds a bit ambiguous but it's to challenge your thinking as per the idea we'll be exploring in this topic. You'll remember that in most journey circumstances could affect the progress you make. For example, you might want to pick someone on the way, buy fuel, delayed due to the road condition - traffic jam or breakdown. For whatever reason, these events do impact your experiences during the journey. However, they don't cause you to loose focus to achieving your purpose; reaching your destination.

This imaginary journey started in your mind as an idea. You nurtured the idea, at this stage it was a dream; not until you reached your destination. What is that great idea or thought you have about your life? That treasure you're nurturing within! This article is geared to taking you take on a journey to share with you how we can nurture that ‘treasure' within; thought or idea and bring it to birth.

Picture painting

Assuming you're an artist, what type of painting would you paint about yourself? It's said that art is about ideas. What idea do you have about yourself? It doesn't matter the platform to exhibit your painting, I want you to consider picturing yourself in your minds eye. I urge you to very quickly go through these questions:

What do you think about yourself?

Are you doing what you believe you should be doing with your life?

If not, why not?

How do you feel within? Are you confident in the state of affairs in most areas of your life?

What action do you need to take about your present situation?

These experiences are within but you need to make sense of your situation. Making sense or meaning of your internal experience will result in matching it with your external reality so as to learn from this situation.

Imagery into reality

Your human senses are very powerful tools to make sense of your experience through making connections with reality. Your idea has to be brought alive. Here you need to employ the technique of creative virtualization. Creative virtualization is using your imagination to create what you want in life. Therefore, you've to turn your imagination into reality. Remember that:

"An idea is salvation by imagination."

__ Frank Lloyd Wright

Therefore don't allow your idea, vision, concept or thought to fizzle out like the morning dew.


You need to move your idea forward: from one form to another metaphorically speaking! It's the thinking and action we bring to a situation that move things forward. You think and then act! Now it's clear to you about your idea; maybe your purpose in life or a new direction you want to pursue. How do you implement your thinking?

At this stage you need to put pen to paper in order to develop your ideas further. You can use brainstorming technique or free writing to push your ideas forward. The activities you'll need to implement your goal will take time, resources and energy to come to fruition. Hence you need to set a goal as to implement them. What is the gap between where you're at the moment and where you want to be? How do you make this happen? This is a very important stage and demand lots of commitment because an idea without commitment is a dream. For you to achieve success you need to be both persistence and flexible. Since you will be facing different challenges on you success journey you need persistence and determination to stick to your goal. In order to achieve the goal you've set for yourself you need to think about the following question?

Are there conditions you need to provide to enable it work?

Are there resources to collect?

Do you have to develop additional skills?

Do you have to acquire further knowledge?

Is there any thing significant you should achieve before you reach your goal?

In a nutshell, your goal should be written, specific, measurable, realistic and time bound.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The ultimate aim of moving your idea forward through thinking is for you to make progress and therefore achieve your purpose. This will boost you self-esteem. Again, being able to set achievable goal will motivate you to do more exploits in your area of interest. Challenge your self in nursing an idea to the point of bring it to birth, resulting in something of value. Also, Take time to enjoy your success.

Final Word!

Finally, review and evaluate the outcome of your endeavour. What is good, minus and interesting about it? Is there new insight to your original idea and hence the outcome? Do you need to develop the idea further? The choice is yours.

Remember an idea is a notion until an action is taken!

© 2007 Ben Ugoji


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