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Marbles and Matchsticks: Transcending a Shattered Reality

Updated on May 6, 2008

This Hub documents in more detail the metaphysical nature of existence.

In my spiritual writing, I've often described the target, the concentric circles which illustrate the levels of reality and of consciousness. The center is the only true state of reality, the Perfect Eternal Loving state of Creation. Each concentric ring outward represents a less real subjective state of existence, that may or may not be shared. These states are the result of our Choices, but are never wholly real or wholly satisfying. The further outward one goes, the darker, less loving, less satisfying - and most importantly, the less real - these states become. Spacetime describes an area on the target that is pretty far out there on its periphery, and those experiencing Spacetime encounter varying degrees of suffering as it has a fair amount of width to the ring. A good rule of thumb is that an experience - even a whole lifetime - is less real in direct proportion to how loveless and unsatisfying it is.

I have also overlayed a tree onto the target, to illustrate the splitting of consciousness at the various states further from the central point of perfect Fact. I have received an insight detailing more clearly how that works, inasmuch as we create and define our own realities with every moment and with every choice we make. Mystics have long said that Space and Time are illusions; this explains just how that works, and moreover, how we can encounter states of consciousness that are unreal to varying degrees.

To illustrate, I am going to use a parallel familiar to anyone with a penchant for time travel fiction. This parallel is that of branching alternate timelines.

Fairly straightforward, we're in the Original Timeline until Event A occurs. At that point, an outcome of Event A (in this case, only two outcomes are supposed) causes events to proceed into either Divergent Timeline A, or Divergent Timeline B. In each of these, the next event causes things to diverge even further. Now, in "real" life most events have more than two possible outcomes, and events are occurring all the time. These branchpoints are near-infinate, and where one is in Spacetime is a matter of what point on which timeline one exists. Of course, Space and Time are both fictional constructs, but this example demonstrates how consciousness works to determine, through Choice, where one is in a situation of near-infinate possibilities (and near-total arbitrariness as well). It is akin to internet IP addresses (like The first number carries information about where one is on the first branchpoint, the second on the next branchpoint, and so on.

So how exactly do these branchpoints work? We know that when it comes to spiritual truth in a perfect universe, any address in this space that is not (Centerpoint, the Divinely True state of Being) is unreal to some extent. We know that something is unreal precisely to the extent that it deviates from Divine Perfect Will, which is how Creation maintains its state of Perfection (in accordance with the Will of the Creator). So a Choice for something imperfect is ultimately a statement that we Will something imperfect, which is not so much a Choice, but a statement against our own Perfection and the Perfect Nature of Creation. That "statement", acted out as a Choice rather than a verbal message, is unreal to the degree that it is false. This unreal thing that we decide we've Chosen produces a state of delusion, in the same way that the outcome of Event A causes a divergence in ones' timeline in the example above. In this case, many divergences are possible in one Choice, because each Choice we make and align ourselves with usually is several statements in combination.

To illustrate this, take a handful of matchsticks and a handful of marbles. Arrange the matchsticks on a tabletop as in the diagram above, only turn it 90 degrees so that the original timeline is at the bottom, like the trunk of a tree. Now, at each branchpoint, place a marble. (Feel free to embellish the diagram if you have extra matchsticks and marbles.)

Each marble represents a morphic field, an artificial pattern constructed of spiritual error. A Jungian archetype, if you like, only these are distortions of reality caused by misperception, spiritual error, and spiritual misprioritization. Let's have a look at the matchstick representing, say, Divergent Timeline A1a. A choice made that far out on the tree necessarily includes the marble representing Event A, and the marble for Event A1. So a Choice for that matchstick, in this case representing one particular response to something in life, also involves investing in a Choice for two errors, the ones for Event A and Event A1. Let's take an ordinary lifechoice as an example.

Let's say you work in an office, and at 4 pm on a Friday, Susan, the boss's secretary, comes in. Now, you and Susan have never gotten along well, and frankly she irritates you. Her demeanor is snotty, you disapprove of a number of her personal life-choices, and dislike her tendancy to impose power-trips on others. At any rate, she strides into your cramped cubicle with a thick sheaf of paperwork, thunks it loudly on your desk, and sneers, "Ted wants these accounts balanced by Monday morning. Guess that'll put a damper on your camping plans!"

At this point, life has given you a situation to respond to. The situation was not your Choice. Your response to it, however, is. You're undoubtedly fuming now, because Susan has rather blatantly been a bitch. Your camping plans are screwed, she's power-tripped you, Ted has evidently treated you as less than a real person (affronting your Divinely-bestowed and internally-sensed dignity), you're thinking how much you hate your pissant little job, and how you'd have given Ted a Xerox of your buttocks with the words "I QUIT!" scrawled over them in Sharpie years ago except that you need the money desperately. This causes you to feel trapped, and experience fear. While you probably wouldn't go postal in response (or even spike the office donuts with poison or LSD), you're well on your way to putting sugar in someone's gas tank someday (resulting in getting caught, fired, and arrested... and with those mortgage payments now overdue) or keeling over from an ulcer.

At this point even while you're sitting there fuming, even before you've physically done or said anything in response to all of this, you've already made a Choice. In responding to life's little triggers, you consciously - or unconsciously - reiterate the litany in your head as described above. You strengthen, mentally, how fearful you are, how Susan is a bitch and Ted is a callous jerk. You strengthen how you're in a situation you find hideous (which strengthens the idea that imperfection is even possible in a Divinely-perfect Creation, and that it's all around you), how life crushes all your dreams, in fact how at the mercy of the world you are, and how disempowered you are. You may not even use those words in your mind, but the emotions seething inside you to the tune of, "Argh! Not again! This always happens!" and raging anger amount to the same thing. It's very easy to respond in this kind of way to a situation like this. But what's going on when we do this?

Every negative thing that we reinforce is one marble on our little diagram. Those negative things are morphic fields of spiritual error. When we align ourselves with them, we invest ourselves in those concepts by giving them our belief. We Will to make them real, like the Divinely-empowered co-creators of existence that we were made to be. But we've blinded ourselves to what we're doing! Furthermore, every error that necessarily reinforces yet another error, strengthens that error as well. The world has given us a situation, and we've responded by doing the equivalent of giving back our own Chosen IP address in response. Instead of saying, "I'm at", we're saying, "I'm at Error 1.Error 2.Error 3.Error 4...". And every time we use our Will to create an address in reality that isn't at Divinely perfect Center, we're investing in these illusions by investing in the errors, making those errors apparently solid to us.

What are the errors? They become obvious with a little thought and attention. Some of the more trivial errors are easier to spot than the big ones. For example, Ted's affront to your dignity doesn't change the amount of dignity that you have. Your dignity was Divinely given to you by nature of what you are, and Who created you. It's unassailable. The affront is meaningless, because it is unassailable. Ted's choice to treat you like that says more about who he is than who you are, certainly. It says he's a jerk! And even that isn't true, because God Created no jerks. He's only a jerk at the IP address he's giving the world by his Choices, and we know that address doesn't exist. Only exists, every other address is /dev/null. By the same token, Susan isn't a bitch, she just does a terrific impression of one. Consequently, her behavior says nothing of relevance about her or about you. The ruined camping trip does hurt, but that says more about the loveless and discompassionate Choices Ted is making at the moment. Since these lame Choices are loveless, they're not in accordance with his True Nature as Created. As a result, they're not what he really wants... so even he must be dissatisfied with them. That being the case they're not Choices he's likely to keep making forever (and ones he's likely to change much sooner than that if you show him a Choice he'd enjoy much more). Perhaps it's time to consider, of all people, Ted, and approach him in peace to show him gently an approach he'd probably find more attractive than living the lie that he's an inconsiderate jerk. Further, the camping trip and feeling at the mercy of the world and its job offers is only meaningful - and only convincing - when earthly outcomes seem more important than the quality of ones' choices. But Choices are what create manifest outcomes... the outcomes don't control and dominate us, it's the other way around. When we've forgotten that, we feel lost, powerless, and afraid, and we keep encountering these absurd situations from life. And of course, looking at Susan and Ted as these infernal creatures who exist only to torment you is an affront to their Divinely-bestowed dignity, whether they can hear you thinking it or not. And that Choice to see them that way is, again, giving Creation your erroneous IP address, which Creation obligingly responds to by manifesting more situations like that. Remembering who Ted and Susan truly are, in their Divine state, saves your own bacon countless times - particularly by keeping you from getting life imprisonment from going postal on them. It also reminds you how in your True State, at, you and Ted and Susan are all Perfect, and inseperable from one another. And that reminds you of how absurd Space and Time are, and how they're just the results of giving Creation spoofed IP addresses. This, in turn, reminds you of how nothing imperfect is real, how nothing unreal can withstand the Divine Will, and causes you to rejoice at the fact that Divine Will will take care of everything, no matter how slight and no matter how far away from Divinity we may seem to be. Yes, you can literally come away from a situation like that feeling joyous instead of murderous!

There are probably even better ways to respond to that situation, but it makes my point. The more strongly we reinforce our IP address, despite apparant circumstances, as being, the more we align ourselves with that morphic field. The more powerful that bottom matchstick becomes, at least to us. Conversely, every time we throw a loveless error into our responses, we might as well be putting a prism down into the path of a beam of light. And that light is us!

Every state of consciousness that isn't perfect, is one of these marbles. It's a morphic field, a nonlinear attractor field. Our whole physical experience involves these marbles. Lamps, sofas, and bookshelves don't exist in Heaven. Neither does Time, Space, or the idea of consciousness being separated out into little packets with blood, marrow and bone. We made all those things, by Choosing the erroneous ideas that gave rise to the idea of them.

Now for the wrap-up, and the good news. This branching tree of distorted Creation exists outside of Space, and outside of Time. In fact, Space and Time are marbles on the branchpoints. Consequently, they get strengthened by people Choosing to believe in them and acting as though they were so. (Actually, Time's just a symptom Created by our putting-off of accepting that all of Creation, without exception, is Love. Our investment in Choosing against that concept produced Time as a manifestation of that thought.) But these Choices, like garish oversized mumus, just aren't our style. Have you ever noticed that the world doesn't actually have Fashion Police? Of course it doesn't. There aren't svelte people with overdone rouge and 80's New Wave mascara and sleek velvet uniforms giving out tickets to people for wearing garish, outlandishly oversized mumus. There don't have to be; people have an internal sense of style, to some degree or another at least. It's not like day-glo mumus would be flying off the shelves if not for the Fashion Police. People have, at core, enough good sense not do wear stuff that doesn't suit them. And by the same token, our internal sense of conscience - or at least, satisfaction - tells us what's worthy of us and what isn't. Eventually, people will decide against the various errors, Choose in accordance with Divine Fact, and their Choices will undo the errors. Concepts like Space and Time will unravel retroactively, and only a Perfect Eternity will remain. This is perfectly simple to achieve, since nothing imperfect was never truly Created. So why not save time and misery, and do it now? The next time Causality hands you something unpallatable, see how close you can get your response to an affirmation of, of perfect Love. It's a joyous state of being, if you condition yourself to give Creation that response. And after all, nothing else truly exists. Take a look at the Axis and the Allies, and imagine that happening throughout Creation, regardless of Space and Time. People had to band together to stop the Axis' Choice for lovelessness or it would destroy the world. The same principle is at work here, for the same reasons. Perfection is inevitable, because no Choice for anything else is True. What cause for joy!

For those interested, this is all very reminiscent of a Japanese folktale called The Branch of the Jewel Tree.


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