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Law of Attraction - Magical Point of View and Some Easy Steps

Updated on August 15, 2009

Magical Point of View and Some Easy Steps

By Rohan Jagtap

Actually previously I wrote one article on ‘law of attraction: Black Magic!’ In that I have explained my point of view on a black magic! But when I pressed the save button, some error occurred and my whole dada got erased.  I was writing that article from more than a half hour! So, later on I have decided not to write that article again! But today I am first writing this on a paper and explaining another article ‘Law of Attraction - Magical Point of View and Some Easy Steps’. Ready? 

A human mind chooses some specific thoughts for his life. As one experiment says that a single human mind goes through approximately 60000 thoughts in a single day. Before selecting some thoughts for our life, we analyze them. We never accept anything without a reason. 

Make it simple…If I think I am a looser, the reason behind that thought, which I have given myself is, ‘In real life I loose my good relationship’, ‘I got 0 in the exams!’ So I think ‘I am a looser’. 

Now If I think ‘My future is bad!’ the reason that I have given myself is ‘I don’t have good abilities and also I have bad experience of past. So I can’t do the things perfectly.’ 

If I think ‘My future is amazing! And very good’ because of the reason ‘I know God is there and I believe God!’ 

From this I want to tell you that, 

  1. Decide NOW! ‘What do you really want?’
  2. Make one single lined positive sentence for your each wish! That’s the motto of your wish! Always keep that motto in your mind. That will make you feel good! I will give you the simple technique to see your sentence is perfect or not? ‘How you feel when you read that sentence in your mind?’ Only your heart can give you the right answer! If you are not feeling good, then choose some different words or rearrange them! Your senescence must contain the ‘fulfillment’ and ‘positive attitude’.
  3. Don’t think about past bad experiences related with your present dream! I know sometimes it becomes very hard to come out of our past….. What can I say? But I can promise you, if you come out of past for a few days, you will get such a bright future that will eliminate the dark memories forever!
  4. Your wish is coming true…..just wait and believe the magic! You know that there are so many things are in nature that nobody can explain! So believe the laws of nature.
  5. Always keep in touch with the Law of attraction articles and videos.

When I observe my thoughts very closely and compare them with my life. Yes! Mostly I am responsible for my life. My presents thoughts are actually flowing in the opposite direction from my dream way. How can I achieve my dreams with these thoughts? 

If I want rose… I have to focus on a rose! But what I do? First, I thought about my past experiences related with rose. Which are usually bad… Secondly, my past experience creates fear about my future. So I focus on an imaginary bad future! 

If I want to touch a rose, I have to think about touching rose! And not about its thorn, that may harm you in future or harmed you in past!  So, ‘just focus on a rose and you will get it safely’. The reason that I am giving behind this thought is, ‘actually confused thoughts are flowing in the opposite direction from the way of my wish! So I have to go straight and turn right!’ 

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      nani 5 years ago

      No such clear understanding in my mind.