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Come Out of Vicious Circle - How to Concentrate? Simple Meditation

Updated on October 8, 2009

law of attraction - come out of vicious circle

Whatever is happening with me, what I am feeling different from that? The answer is nothing! Nature is just matching whatever is present within my heart with the outside reality. Whatever happening with me today is just a result of my feelings generated by my own thoughts.

Dear Reader, in life we have to ‘Go straight and turn right’. But sometimes our life travels on a path of vicious circle. When we are in a bad situation, we think more and more about it. How can I imagine a heaven? When hell is present in front of my open eyes… My mind thinks on what I am watching! My heart feels whatever is present in front of me. If I am sitting in front of fire, I can’t feel its heat like a cold wind!

You know… This is the vicious circle! A bad situation generates negative thoughts and respective feelings. And again that feeling generates the bad situations in future.

It’s difficult! Yes! It’s difficult to come out of it! But you must have to come out of it!

Real knowledge and consciousness is the key to come out of it. If you want to experience the benefits of the law of attraction, you must have to experience and feel the cold wind, when you are surrounded by the fire. For your great future!

how to concentrate? make meditation simple!

Just think about "what do you really want?" It's very important to think about what you really want. You maybe were living under the influence of others. You can come out of that influence. Apply some of the methods of concentration like meditation. Actually meditation is not much difficult. Before doing meditation just think about the mysterious life seriously. You will realize everything is useless in this world. Just your breath in this moment which is keeping you alive is real. When this kind of thinking process will over, you can realize the truth. Now, you can make control very easily on your breath. Another thing you must have to do for making meditation simple is just give affirmations to your mind that 'meditation is so simple! You can do it very easily and at any moment whenever you want!' This trick is going to help you a lot. Now concentrating on your breath is so easy. More concentrated mind is out of other peoples influence and also out of the vicious circle.

Bob Proctor On The Secret Law of Attraction


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    • profile image

      kebrom 5 years ago

      the only challenge to me is concentration, but i am trying it every day until i do it.

    • profile image

      axi alexander marcus evans 8 years ago

      hey ummm am trying some wicca magic,for money

      "money,money in my hand double trible as fast as u can"

      its not working with me :S and if u make the real magic i need ur help then coz its my only dream t be a witch and can fly and can make spells and i need u to add me on E-mail: And on Facebook its axi ame evans if u want to add me on facebook okay add me on both i dont mind but plzz i need ur help ur my only hope :S and hope to be magical friends as me a witch as u a wizerd for ever <3 love u bye,and i love ur magic :D