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Who is God? What is The Meaning of God For us?

Updated on August 25, 2011

Who is God?

Who is God? What is the meaning of God for us?
Who is God? What is the meaning of God for us? | Source

Religious Belief vs. Facts, What Holds More Truth for you?

Yesterday on a forum someone asked this question, 'Religious Belief vs. Facts, What Holds More Truth for you?'

So today I am discussing on the same question, 'What is the fact?', 'Who is God?' God is the Power. Everyone will be agree with me...Yes! You are! Definitely God is the power! But only when you believe in God, your faith is in God.

According to modern science (quantum physics), our actual reality is present within ourselves. But, today our subject is not quantum physics. So...let's we make it simple. First of all, I will tell you the rules of law of attraction which we have to follow to get whatever we want in our life. And secondly, I will tell you what we do!?...when we pray!

Some Rules of Law of Attraction

1. Believe in what you want!!! Like what you want has already been happened and now you don't have to worry about it!

2. You just have to tell universe what you want! And leave it! With whole faith! Don't think, when or where it will happen? Just leave it on universal power.

3. Gratitude plays very very important role. Ok! tell when you will be thankful for someone? The answer is when someone does something good and special for you! How you feel at that moment? Great! This is the point... you are thankful when a good thing happens to you. So now, as you know that the universal power 100% giving you, whatever you thankful for that power. (This also helps to increase your faith! Because, when you are thankful, you know that whatever you want is already happened!)

Ok now we will see 'Who is God?'

My Definition of God:

"God is just a simplest way for the simplest person to deal with the universal power with his uncontrollable mind."

Prayer Rules:

1. When you pray for God, your whole faith is in the God. You believe that, whatever I am asking today, God will give me. You stop worrying about your dreams, leaving all the things on him.

2. You tell God what you want and leave it on him. You always give him some time to do his work, while engaging yourself in prayers.

3. Gratitude!!! You are always thankful for God. As you know that, only he can make your wish come true. You know he is listening you and so you are always thankful to him!

Now, let’s compare these 3 points on both sides. It's very simple to understand that God is nothing but the simplest way to deal with the universal power with uncontrollable mind. Again, different religions say the different paths to deal with that power.

Ancient scientists are very very clever!!! They know this power! But for the common man, they suggested the way of God to achieve whatever they want and make their wishes come true. So you can choose your own way!!! :-)


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi ! I Really liked your explanation about god and the law of attraction. I tried a cupled times to explain this to everybody who believes in god, i dont want to make them stop believing in god, but is simple as you said it. when they pray they ask to the universe, but they believe that god gave them whatever they wished for. Now i would like to ask you and see if you can give me some more explations besides those you gave.

      Where is the law of atraction on making the universe and planets, and us ?

      If the law of attraction is true, why would exist such books as bible, quoran, torah , explaining how was the world created?

      why would somebody write all of those concepts without really had happen?

      And, the law of attraction tells more about us now on earth, but what about us after the earth?

      For me the law of attraction does make sence, but as soon as i talk to somebody who believes in god they always ask me back this questions,and afirm that whatever religion they believe, give them the explanation how was the world created and what is life after death, and the law of attraction doesnt give us those answers.

      what you think?

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Really helpful


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