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How To Do Real Simple Magic?

Updated on October 11, 2009

real magic is really simple

It's very important that how we take the things. If we say that something is simple, then it is really simple. If we are thinking something is so difficult, then that thing becomes that much difficult. It's all about our own point of view. Now we are thinking about doing real magic. Real magic is really very simple. Just there are some things that we need to understand.

First thing about your own life what is life??? Life is all about mystery and miracles. There are so many things which above our understandings. Where is the end of this universe? What is time? Why evolution takes place? What is the power behind this? What is the purpose of this life? Why we are tapped into this universe? Where we come from? For a while take all of these questions more importantly than your own personal problems of life. Answers to these each question will bring you more close to the point of view that life is all about mystery and miracles. And so anything can happen in this world. Now turn over your own problem of life and decide to do real magic to solve all of these problems.

5th dimension magic

Now we are going to think about the dimensions. Everyone knows about the first three dimensions that is x, y and z. These first three dimensions are about length, breadth and width. Now the fourth dimension is TIME. We are moving in time. So we can consider it as a forth dimension. Now the fifth dimension. The fifth dimension is about the choices we have made in our life. Now I have a free time, so I have a choice of watching T.V. or surfing internet. I made my choice and as a result at this moment I am writing this article. So where we go after making a choice is about the fifth dimension.

Now consider in front of your virtual eye sight that you are living in this fifth dimension. And you have a choice to do anything you want. In front of your eyes there is what you want. There is a free space between you. You are approaching the thing you want easily without any obstacles and now you can touch that thing with your own hand anytime whenever you want.

Whenever a thought about the thing you really want comes in your mind. Simply touch that thing with your own hand using your virtual eye sight. This is very useful for doing the real magic. Soon you will get what you want in front of your real eye sight and within your real own hands.

10 Dimensions


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      Rohan Jagtap 8 years ago from Maharashtra

      Thanks Kimberly!

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      Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

      Interesting hub! Here's one that might help: