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Learn to be intuitive

Updated on April 21, 2013
We can all learn to be intuitive
We can all learn to be intuitive

Developing your intuition

You can learn to be more intuitive. Indeed we all have intuition and have experienced it at one time or another during our lifetimes. Perhaps you've had a flash, an instinct, a hunch or an instinct that you just had to pay attention to. I have been exploring intuition all my life, and have discovered some ways to help enhance and develop it

Acknowledge that you have it

Believing that you have intuition is a good start to becoming more intuitive. But if you don't believe, then you'll simply cut off the flow.

Learn the language of your own intuitive voice

You can learn the language of your intuitive voice. For me intuition speaks in different ways. I get an uncomfortable feeling at the pit of my stomach, for example or here a "voice" (an inner voice) in my head. Sometimes I ask myself a question and learn the difference between a "yes" answer and a "no" answer. Yes feel like a clean mountain stream flowing. "No" feels like I have the brakes on and am stuck in traffic. Sometimes I hear a song playing in my head. That's just me. I have to ask what the song means to me or what the lyrics are saying. Occasionally a book falls off the shelf and opens on a page where the answer is in the text. Other times I get an image in my mind's eye. I scroll my own mental lexicon to see what meaning fits. Sometimes the image is literal and sometimes it is symbolic.

Record your intuitive flashes

I started exploring intuition using a notebook. I would ask a question, close my eyes and see what 'response' I got. I didn't censor the response. I just put it down. A good place to begin is with yes/no questions, then move to more complicated questions. Then let life unfold. Return to your notebook and see if your intuitive answer played out in your life. You may surprise yourself. The more you do this, the more you will learn how to trust your own hunches.

Meditation will improve your intuition

More techniques for accessing your intuition

Learn to Meditate

Meditation will relax your mind and open the gateways to inner knowingness (and to your right brain). Many of us tend to stay in left brain, the analytic side and suffer from too much internal chatter. Meditation will quiet the chatter and help you hear your inner voice.

Q & A with higher self

You can learn to be more intuitive by dialoguing with your higher self (your wiser self). The way I do this is through writing. It's as if I'm talking to a friend. I'll ask a question, then pretending to be the friend, I'll answer with advice. If you were your own best friend what would tell yourself about...That friend is really the greater self, or the higher self as some people call it. It knows the big picture and when you write down the answer you will channel its wisdom.


For me journaling is a gateway to the soul's wisdom. There are many ways to do this: paper journals, electronic journals, blogging software. When I journal, I write in a stream of consciousness without editing. I write freely without correcting anything and have found many answers and insights of my life's dilemma's in the narratives including insights about relationships (you already know early on if someone may not be right for you, it will come out in the writing or maybe even in your dreams). Trust these.

Become familiar with the "Aha" feeling

You just know it when you feel it and don't question it. But it takes a bit of practice. We all have it, and we can all learn to be more intuitive.


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