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Legends Of Argentina - Domo and Lituche

Updated on September 27, 2011

This is a legend passed down generation to generation to explain the creation of the ancient civilisation of the Mapuche world. In the beginning there was nobody in the world apart from a spirit living alone in the sky, and he as a result decided to create life.

The legend explains that Lituche, man, was created first and this was done by the spirit opening his eyes and from his arms gave birth to him. He named him Lituche meaning ‘first man’ in Mapudungun. Deciding to send him immediately to earth he threw him with some force and he crashed to the ground. His mother on hearing the cries opened a window in the sky to look at him.

Kuyen, the moon, as she is known would at night watch over people while sleeping. Ngnechen, the spirit, also opened a window, Antu, the sun which gives light and heat to all living things, to see what was going on.

Father, why must I be all alone? yelled up Lituche to the sky.

Ngnechen decided that Lituche needed a woman and so from a star he made Domo, woman. Then very gently he let her fall to the ground. Domo started walking and Ngnechen created grass and flowers, making them grow so she would not hurt her feet. Insects, birds and butterflies flew out of her mouth and this is how Domo gave Lituche the sound of nature.

Lituche and Domo knew that together they would fill the emptiness of the earth as they looked at each other that first time. Their children, the Mapuche, grew and multiplied and were taught that the fruits of the Pewen were the best things to eat. From them they made flour and cooked bread.

According to legend also Domo is meant to have cut wool from sheep and spun it, dying it with vegetable roots. Then Domo wove this wool using four poles and wove it into a fabric called witral. As Lituche and Domo built their house the ruka, sky, was filled with new spirits called the Cherrufes who the people feared. They respected nature, even to this day, and look to the sky seeking protection from their creator Ngnechen.

The Mapuche still exist today and still believe this legend as it is part of their culture and explains how the world was created.

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