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The Big Bang Experiment- A Letter to GOD

Updated on August 5, 2017
MissCue profile image

I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

Big Bang Experiment
Big Bang Experiment

The Big Bang Experiment

The Big Bang Experiment
The Big Bang Experiment

Dear God,

It's me again, Your Holiness. Here giving this praying thing another whirl. But, to be honest with You, I'm fine. Don't really have any personal sins to confess... Sorry about that. I'll try harder next week so You don't get too bored with me....

However I did want to shoot the shit with Ya for a minute or two. Stuff I'm sure You can answer... Well, that's if You actually did answer. I must tell You, Sir Head Honcho, Your silence is disturbing at times.

So, anyways... this one's been on my mind for some time now...

You must really have gotten a kick out of that Big Bang experiment.

Although it did kind of seem to be more along the lines of a...Giant EXPLOSION... Dontcha think??? A little mishap in Your laboratory, I figure?

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1.1)

I bet you freaked when that happened! Couldn't sweep that one under the rug, could Ya? lol

Oops. MY BAD!!! I certainly hope You didn't singe Your beard.

History of the Big Bang Theory

An experiment gone wrong
An experiment gone wrong

I'm thinking You must have had some assistance

with Your six day and six night science experiment gone haywire. Nobody messes up that bad. (Respectfully) Especially You, Your Wholiness! (Pun intended) Lol...

I read in my bible that You created the universe in six days (Genesis 1 & Exodus 20:11). That's phenomenal, even for You!

Perhaps that's right around the time You partnered up with good 'ol boy, Lucifer. Oh, the two of You together!! I smell T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!!! Although I suppose it comforts me ever so slightly to know that You probably didn't blow it up all on Your own.

Days One to Six
Days One to Six

So, You Guys smoke alot of reefer up there,

Sir Lord on High?

My Dad made it. weed?  My Dad made it. weed? My Dad made it.

Well, I'd better wrap it up.

Sorry for bombarding you with my issues. I figure with your silence, that You're saving up all Your comments for one big 'me' session soon...Right?

Ok then...

Later Days, Sir Seer of All!


P.S. Nanu Nanu

The Beauty of Earth

The Beauty of Earth
The Beauty of Earth

© 2012 Helen Kramer


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  • MissCue profile image

    Helen Kramer 5 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Hi Magdalene, Thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts! Very courteous of you...more than 'you know who' ever does... lol. But as we all know, I'm not holding my breath for a response from Good 'Ol Boy. I think when it really comes down to it...We all really do want peace. Humans shouldn't be fighting with each other. They really ought to be preparing for bigger stuff...say when unearthly entities start visiting more often.....

    Anyways, thanks for listening to my rants... have a jolly day!

  • Magdelene profile image

    Magdelene 5 years ago from Okotoks

    Loved it, that's pretty much it. Humorous yet raising valid points. This is often the way that I also converse with our creator.

    But on the more serious side, unfortunately there is a great number that seem to be the enemy and do not strive for peace.

    Very well done, Nanu Nanu back at ya!