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Lines In The Sand

Updated on October 8, 2010

There’s a line drawn in the sand.

It’s a point where each has to make a stand.

It’s there for every woman, every man.

It’s not like we haven’t known before-hand.

This sand isn’t in the desert,

or on a seaside beach.

It’s in a person’s heart,

so it’s very easy to reach.

We can wonder,

where the trail begins.

And how we start on the trail,

of little white sins.

How can such a small sin rank,

When really, it was just a silly prank?

No I don’t have a ticket, very much to my chagrin.

But you know my family and me; surely you can sneak me in.

Keep a clear head, there is no need to worry.

It was a small dent and I was in a hurry.

I just got out of some taxes with my off shore account.

Yes, I’m very pleased. It was a pretty “fair” amount.

We went through some hoops and minor rigors

As my accountant adeptly fudged a few figures.

I may get away with things, I may avoid a fine.

A judge might forgive because it was just outside the line.

It could have been just over the legal limit.

My lawyer advised, say nothing, never admit.

They doth protest too much me thinks.

For I only had a couple of drinks.

I did no time, I paid a small fine.

I even got out of a nasty headline.

My lawyer got well-paid for a dirty job well-done.

I had to pay some piper to get out of that nasty one.

Being fair is really just for fools.

I’ll just use my tools to break the rules.

If I’m in a mess I must confess, I won’t confess.

I’ll use every resource in my access.

I’ll get by. I’ll lie and deny.

You know I can buy an alibi.

So let’s all toe that party line

The system we’ll undermine.

Let’s play just inside the line.

I’ll merely pay another fine.

I’ll be getting away with murder before they can draw the chalkline.

Before the dust all settles we’ll be toasting with a glass of wine.

I don’t need a God or even a four leaf clover.

Just need a little money to assure that I get over.

I can break the laws of physics along with the Golden Rule.

And when I make my toast, I’ll even ridicule.

“Yes, the man who dies with the most toys wins.

It’s money that can wash away all sins.”

I’m king of the hill. I’ve won the rat-race.

What’s this? I’m dead? Is that God’s face?

God, You’ll love me up here. On earth I was a star.

What do You mean I missed it by “that far”?

All in all I was just trying to get by.

What do You mean I poked You in the eye?

I may have turned my head, ignored some suffering and such.

What I’ve done to my brother I’ve done to You inasmuch?

There’s is nothing I can do? No fine that I can pay?

I see. It’s Your turn, to look the other way.

Pay your dues well before hand.

Watch how you treat your fellow man.

Give your sisters and brothers a helping hand.

Before you come to God’s witness stand.

There’s a line drawn in the sand.

by Micky Dee

Kseniya Simonova, Sand, Ukraine, German Invasion

Lines In The Sand-by Micky Dee

Line in the sand: a metaphorical point beyond which no further advance will be accepted or made.

God, What's a metaphor?

Micky: God?

God: Yeah Micky?

Micky: What’s a metaphor?

God: Whatever you want it phor.

Micky: That’s some sense of humor You have there God.

God: Yeah, well I knew George Burns before he was God.

Micky: You’re really on a roll today. I love the drum roll/rim shot too. Thanks

by Micky Dee


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