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Manifest Through Tarot Cards

Updated on May 11, 2011

Manifest Your Desires

If you are having a hard time manifesting your needs and desires in your life, you might find this hub especially useful. If you are a tarot card reader or lover, then this will be double as interesting!

Manifesting through tarot cards is actually something that has been done by many tarot card readers, witches, pagans and magick practitioners for a very long time. Tarot cards are very special in that they come ready made with visual images and symbols that help to get our minds and consciousness flowing.

If you've had an opportunity to study the law of attraction, you will know that the best way to attract something, is to think about it as often as possible, in as optimistic a manner as is humanly possibly for you. You really can't tolerate any thoughts of lack or doubt. Those thoughts will only bring you more lack and more fear.

He is the master of new beginnings, good luck in risky endeavors and a good omen in your life.
He is the master of new beginnings, good luck in risky endeavors and a good omen in your life. | Source

So how can Tarot help me?

If you have purchased your first tarot deck, you'll want to take some time to get to know your cards, their meanings and their relationship to you. If you're already a tarot reader, you can take some time to pick out a card that represents the aspects you want to manifest in your world.

The Magician is an especially great card to focus on, as he is all about Manifesting! You might also choose the Strength card, as she is known for giving courage and strength when it is need most. Another great card is the Ten of Cups, as it shows a happy emotional and material world all around you. Justice is a great woman to trust in if you're having financial or legal issues. The Queen of Pentacles is also a great driving force to team up with.

Once you have found a card that embodies your desires and needs, place that card in a safe but VERY visible place around you. It needs to be a place where you will see it more than two times a day at minimum. You can tape it to the bathroom mirror, put it on your desk, tap it to the corner of your computer screen. If you purchase a deck just for the purpose of manifesting, you could carry your chosen card around in your wallet or pocket. Or you could put one in a small picture frame and hang it somewhere visible.

After you have found the perfect place for your manifesting card, the only thing you have to do is look at the card often and remember why you are looking at it. This will remind you of the happy thoughts and energy that are going to manifest your desires.

Be happy, your manifestations will arrive soon!

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