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Come down to the Potters house!

Updated on September 5, 2013

Jesus is the Master potter!

The Lord God is the Master Potter and you are his clay!

The Potter goes out and He looks for a piece of clay (you).

He is very selective and He knows the potential of the clay, both colour and texture. He knows what He wants to make out of that clay. The clay in itself looks like nothing in its raw form, but the Potter looks deeper. Then the Potter selects a piece of clay.

God selects the people for his Kingdom. He sees the potential in you that you can’t see. The Potter takes you out of the riverbank of life and sin and He takes you home to be made into His perfect pot.

If you know anything about pottery, you will know that He would now start by taking out the impurities (stones and grass etc).

Then He will wash the clay with water and then take out more impurities. The washing of water is the Word of God in your life, The Bible; the more you read and implement the Word, faster the process will go.

The Potter works very rough with the clay to soften it, sin hardens one’s heart and the Lord first has to soften you up so He can start to teach and form you. God can do nothing with an unteachable soul. The process will go on till the Potter is satisfied with the clay.

The same now with your life, God will take the sin out of your life; wash you with His word till you are clean, and soft. The Potter is not finished.

The process has just started. Some Christians only come to this point in their Christian walk with God, and never grow beyond this stage in their lives. They are unteachable, stuck in tradition and sin hardens them. God needs to soften them so that He can teach them His way.

God will work the clay over and over and if He sees that He can’t make anything out of it, He will replace the clay with workable clay that is acceptable to His forming and His will.

Hebrews 6:1-4: We must try to become mature and start thinking about more than just the basic things we were taught about Christ. We shouldn’t need to keep talking about why we ought to turn from deeds that bring death and why we ought to have faith in God. And we shouldn’t need to keep teaching about baptisms or about the laying on of hands or about people being raised from death and the future judgment. Let’s grow up, if God is willing. But what about people who turn away after they have already seen the light and have received the gift from heaven and have shared in the Holy Spirit? What about those who turn away after they have received the good message of God and the powers of the future world?

There is no way to bring them back. What they are doing is the same as nailing the Son of God to a cross and insulting him in public! (GNB)

I plead with you that you will not be this kind of clay.

Change and let God change and form you!

In this stage you feel and look like a Christian, but God has left you and you are now busy with religion. Be workable clay, soft and obedient. “Grace is receiving what we do not deserve. Mercy is not receiving what we do deserve.” Then the potter will throw the clay hard onto the potter’s wheel where He works rough with the clay, to make a new pot.

The potter will stick pins into the clay to take out all the air bubbles.If any air bubbles stay, this will cause the pot to explode during firing.

The potter will take the clay and wash it again and then throw it again hard onto the potter’s wheel. The whole process will be repeated, till the clay is pure, soft and has no air in it. God will work on you with his Word (wash you over and over) till all the puffed-up pride in you is worked out and all the impurities of sin are out. He will take your hardness that sin has caused and make it into love and softness. The process is rough and sometimes you think that you are going to die and that you cannot take anymore, but God is forming your character. You will not be tempted above your ability, He promised. The character is the thing that God is going to use in your service to Him.

After He is satisfied with the clay, The Potter will then start to work it, and puts His hands into it and spins it and then forming the clay into a pot.

If the clay resists, and starts to wobble and fall, the Potter will take it and make it into a ball again, throw it hard and rough onto the Potter’s wheel. He will start all over again and wash it again till the Clay is right and does not resist anymore.

The Lord will take something like the baptism of water and He will start to work in your heart. In other words, He will work on you, till you are soft and acceptable to be obedient. After God has worked us a bit and He starts to form us; the first thing He does is to make us obedient, by convicting us of the baptism of water.

If we resist He works on us and if He has to He start all over again until His Spirit has convinced us. If we do not resist Him, He will start the next phase and that will be, for example, tithing. When your money is touched, your resistance is the highest and you will have all kinds of excuses, not to pay 10% of your income to the Lord.

Isaiah 45:9-11: Does a clay pot dare argue with its maker, a pot that is like all the others? Does the clay ask the potter what he is doing? Does the pot complain that its maker has no skill? Do we dare say to our parents, “Why did you make me like this?” The LORD, the holy God of Israel, the one who shapes the future, says: “You have no right to question me about my children or to tell me what I ought to do! (GNB)

You will resist and fall and the Potter will come with great patience and love and start all over again. He will form you and take out all resistance till you are workable and then He will start to make you into his perfect pot. If you do not resist any more He will make you into a vessel of His choice after you are a pot. He will look at you and if there are no more faults, He will take you and He will make you beautiful by painting patterns on you. God will give you wisdom and honour and people around you will see the work that God did in you.

You will pray for the sick and they will be healed and people will see the miracle working power of God in your life and they will start to long for that, and for the peace and joy that the Lord has given you.

When the Potter cuts you loose from the Potter’s wheel with care and take the pot and put it on the shelf to dry. It will feel as if God has forgotten you and you might feel as if you are in the desert. You have learned all kinds of lessons and have gone through all kinds of trials and tribulations. You feel as if you have been rejected. You do not understand because it feels as if God has forgotten about you.

Then one day the potter comes and He looks at the pot to see if there are any cracks in it. If there are, He will take the pot and starts all over again. If the pot has no imperfections, He will take it and place it in the oven and close the door. He then applies more and more heat till the pots are baked perfectly.

The pot feels as if it will explode in the heat but all water and impurities that have remained, will burn up.

God does the same with the child of God. He puts you into the fire, baptize you with His Holy Spirit and He make you perfect for His work. (Giving you the power and equipping you for His work)

There is no turning back after the fire. If something goes wrong, the pot is broken and the potter starts all over again with new clay.

After the pot has cooled, it is inspected.

If it is perfect, the Potter will look where He wants to use the pot. So will God use you in His ministry wherefore He has made you for?

The potters house!

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    • louisxfourie profile imageAUTHOR

      Louis Fourie 

      11 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Thank you for the nice words, yes HE IS OUR Master potter, and you are the clay, fascinating to know!

    • heavenbound5511 profile image


      11 years ago from Under the shadow of the Almighty God!

      Great hub! I really like it!

    • profile image

      His daughter 

      11 years ago

      It is fascinating to watch the process of making a piece of pottery as you can understand the spiritual application better. I did this when we went to Gatlinburg. Many, many steps and time before it becomes a beautiful piece of work.

    • Tamarajo profile image


      11 years ago

      love the detailed analogy. I could identify with the process. I sometimes think I am a difficult lump to work with as I end up getting slammed back on that wheel. I see I need to become more cooperative and flexible with the process.

      I also enjoyed the drying process I had never considered that part of the process.

      Great hub that included all the elements and processes of our growth and formation in Him.

    • creativeone59 profile image

      Benny Faye Ashton Douglass 

      11 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you for and awesome and profound hub, I appreciate it and thank you for sharing it. Godspeed. creativeone59


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