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Statement of Faith

Updated on October 26, 2014

Take a Moment to Ponder

When we hear or read the words “Statement of Faith” what first comes to mind? Each organized church has such a statement whereby those contemplating becoming a member would base their decision to do so or not according to what that church believes and teaches. In most cases some compromise is required.

Have you ever sat down to create a personal statement of faith? Have you considered if your statement of faith simply aligns with your organized church? Are there portions of your church’s statement of faith that you don’t agree with? If your church knew this, would you be considered a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” or removed from that body? Some churches won't accept you as a member unless you sign and agree to their statement of faith.

I've given some thought to some of the foundational teachings and practices of many churches and pondered what it is I personally believe about these things, based on Bible study. It's easy to tell others to test what they are taught, but we, too must do the same (1 Cor 14:32; 1 John 4:1).  Taking a personal inventory of faith can be refreshing. Do you know where you stand and why? How much are you willing to compromise?

Your Personal Statement of Faith

Following are some questions to help you create your personal Statement of Faith.

  1. Do you believe God is a singular entity or is split into two or three persons?
  2. Is elohim limited to the Godhead or are angels, magistrates and “sons of the Most High” (all believers) included?
  3. Do you believe Jesus is God?
  4. Was Jesus begotten (to be the Son of God) before time or at the time of the Virgin birth?
  5. What was the purpose of Jesus (God) coming in the flesh?
  6. Do you believe the New Covenant makes the Old obsolete in regard to the Law of Moses? Does this include keeping the seventh day as the Sabbath and the Mosaic law of tithing 10% of one’s income?
  7. What does it mean to be saved?
  8. Can someone be saved that has not been water-baptized? Should it be in the name of Jesus or in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Do you believe in infant baptism?
  9. Do you believe salvation is available to everyone?
  10. Do you believe women are not to preach?
  11. Do you believe the soul/spirit is immortal (never dies)?
  12. Do you believe the offices and gifts of the Spirit are still active today? Will all speak with tongues as evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  13. Does a Christian have to be a member of an organized, earthly church? What is your view of the Church?
  14. Do Christians sin? If they do, are they truly saved?
  15. Do you believe in the rapture? Pre-Mid-or Post?
  16. Do Christians face the same judgment as non-Christians when it comes to the judgment seat?

My Personal Statement of Faith

  1. I believe God is the LORD. God is the Holy Spirit who overshadowed the Virgin Mary and begat God in visible, mortal flesh. God is omnipresent and His Spirit remained outside of and within the Son. Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God; therefore, He is God.
  2. I believe the LORD God is the Creator of all things and is the head of elohim, which includes angels, magistrates and “sons of the Most High” (all believers).
  3. I believe Jesus is the LORD God who created all things; He is God with us, the Word made flesh.
  4. Because 'Jesus' was not said to have been created or begotten before His literal birth on earh, I believe He was as the Bible says ~ God (John 1:1). Jesus is the first-born of the Spirit (God - John 4:24), the new creation, and was the first-born from the dead because of the literal resurrection and ascension of His body to heaven.
  5. God came to us in the person of Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins, that all who believe in Him are reconciled by adoption back into His family, which is elohim (1 Tim 3:16; Acts 20:28).
  6. I believe the Law of Moses was made obsolete, but was our “tutor” to lead us to Christ (Gal 3:24), if needed. The Law of God (the 10 Commandments) is eternal. I do not believe the Sabbath is about what 'day', but rather the Sabbath rest in Christ's completed works (Heb 4:1-10). Tithing was never about money and is not a New Covenant commandment. Giving cheerfully, on the other hand, is encouraged and blessed by the LORD.
  7. Salvation is of the heart. Jesus said He would draw all men unto Himself, if He is lifted up from the earth (which He was - John 12:32). This drawing comes by His Spirit when the gospel is preached. Faith comes by hearing the Word (rhema) of Christ (Rom 10:17). We are saved by His grace through faith and religious works do not save (Eph 2:8-9). One must repent (realize s/he is a sinner in need of forgiveness), confess this truth to God and turn from sin by receiving the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. One must believe and confess publicly that Jesus Christ is LORD and believe that He died, was buried and rose from the dead (Rom 10:9; Mat 10:32/Luke 12:8).
  8. Water-baptism is not mandatory for salvation. It is an ordinance of public confession and repentance and is pleasing to God (Acts 19:4-6). The thief on the cross was not water-baptized; likewise, someone saved during a war in the desert by confession of faith and then killed will be with the LORD. Someone saved on his/her deathbed while connected to life-saving devices that cannot be baptized in water will be with the LORD. If a person is water-baptized, it should be in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, based on ALL the examples of baptism in the Bible. I do not believe in infant baptism, for the child is not at an age of deciding to receive or reject the gospel. I believe that child is under the grace of God until such a time that decision is individually made (Mat 19:14).
  9. I believe salvation is available to everyone (Acts 10:34). As I stated earlier, Jesus said He would draw all men unto Himself, if He is lifted up from the earth. I believe what He said. I also believe the hearer can choose to reject His drawing, rejecting salvation (Gal 2:21).
  10. I believe females can preach. The words used in the Bible in reference to women being silent in the church and not exercising authority over the man are regarding the behavior of husbands and wives in the church and at home (study the original words for 'wife' and 'husband' and cross-reference passages that use the English words 'wife' and 'husband'). The Holy Spirit is poured out upon all flesh and there is no distinction in Christ. By the authority of the Spirit His children, whether male or female, Jew or Greek, slave or free-man, speak.
  11. I believe the human soul/spirit is immortal and never dies (John 11:26). The flesh dies and returns to the dust. The soul/spirit dwells either in Paradise or Hades until the resurrections (Luke 16:23; Luke 23:43). There are two resurrections: one of believers at the beginning of the millennial reign; the second of unbelievers after the millennial reign (Rev 20:5). Believers will enter into eternal life (millennial reign and new heaven/new earth), while unbelievers will enter into eternal anathema (geenna, the lake of fire).
  12. I believe the offices and gifts of the Spirit are still active (1 Cor 13:10; 1 Cor 14:1). While the Bible canon is complete, the workings of the Spirit must be in alignment with the written Word. While the wicked seek signs (Mat 16:4), signs and wonders will follow them that believe (Mark 16:17). The Word clearly states that not all will speak with tongues (1 Cor 12:30).
  13. I believe that we are told not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together (Heb 10:25). I also believe where two or three are gathered together in His name, there He is in the midst of them (Mat 18:20). This can include an organized church or not. The Church, whose head is Christ is one made without hands (Mark 14:58).
  14. Christians will battle with the flesh as long as we are mortals (Gal 5:17). To have conviction of sin is to agree that the Law of Christ is good (Rom 7:16). We confess our sin to the LORD (1 John 1:9) and, if we’ve sinned against a brother we confess it to him/her (Luke 17:3; Jam 5:16). We are to repent of it by the power of the Holy Spirit. We will not arrive to sinless living in this life. It is by the blood of Christ and His Spirit in us that we are covered and made holy to the LORD (2 Cor 5:21).
  15. I believe there will be a rapture of the Church at the last trump, just as Paul said (1 Cor 15:52). Aligning this with Rev 16:15 I believe the Church will be here during the tribulation, and will be 'kept' (protected) during the outpouring of God’s wrath upon the wicked (as Israel was protected when God's wrath was poured out upon Egypt).
  16. Christians, when standing before the LORD, do not come into condemnation judgment, but are rewarded for the works the Holy Spirit accomplished through them (Rom 8:1; 1 Cor 3:14; Rev 11:18). Those who have rejected Christ’s gospel, which is salvation by faith, evident by a regenerated life, are judged according to their deeds and face anathema, the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:12-15).

One in Christ Jesus

You may agree with these statements; you may not. Perhaps you agree with some, but not all. It would be fascinating to read others’ statements of faith. It truly is difficult to attend an organized church that requires you to practice or believe in ways that contradict your personal convictions. The likelihood of one finding a body that is unified in doctrinal beliefs is minimal. I am comforted to know that 1 Cor 13:12 states we know and prophesy in part now, but then (when Christ returns) we shall know all things even as we are known. The Word says that when Jesus comes He will judge (avenge) the world (confusion) and the people with equity (evenness; uprightness). I look forward to that day!! I love the LORD and His people and I thank you for loving me, in spite of varying statements of faith…until He comes. Praise the LORD!!


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    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 5 years ago from Roseville, CA

      L7, so good to see you! Thank you for the edification in the LORD. Yes, I think writing a personal statement of faith is a great exercise for any believer. It helps us take inventory of what we actually believe, what areas are not yet clear and maybe some things we've never really thought about. For the areas not yet clear or even thought about, I think some people probably research the internet, exploring what various teachers and denominations believe and then pick the one that's easiest to accept, which leads to being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

      Once I studied on these things, I was ready to write my statement of faith two years ago. Thus far, it has not changed, but I could add to it to include such questions as "Who are the seven spirits of God?" lol - yes, I keep studying to test the doctrines of men, preventing myself from being tossed to and fro. The interesting thing is, however, once I study and write the study results, I've witnessed people choose to reject the study and while they can't logically prove why they believe what they believe, they stick to tradition. I don't want to join that crowd.

      Thus, I have written several hubs since I joned HubPages three years ago, 119 published (13 in 2011 and 10 thus far in 2012). I wrote the majority of my hubs when I was unemployed in 2009, and I thank God for providing a full-time job for me since May of 2010.

      To view my latest hubs (even what are considered 'hot' and 'best'), here is a link:

      And here is the link to my main profile (which can also be viewed by clicking on my name 'Judah's Daughter' in the upper right corner of this screen)

      It's always a blessing to hear from you, L7, and share in the fellowship of faith. God bless you!!

    • profile image

      L7 5 years ago

      "Hard core Christians" unite! :) Yet another well written and insightful hub. I have considered sitting down and writing my own statement or catechism. Had I done so maybe 4 yrs ago I know there would be changes as now I am more knowledge of what Gods word says. My "life verse" is Romans12:2. A lot of times we (the Church) conform not only to the world but to what the world thinks we should believe. Crazy huh? Sad, yes? True. Well Ive enjoyed having my mind renewed thru reading the scripture thru the Spirits illumination. And I pray that He continue to break any doctrinal stronghold I have so that I may continue to be renewed. But that He also keep me firm so that I don't be tossed and blown by new teachings.

      All of your hubs seem to have been written a couple yrs ago. Do u have newer ones?

      Grace and peace.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      You're welcome, Mikio. I'm a hard core Christian and God gave me the right to become so ~ praise Him! Jesus Christ is MY HERO :-) He is why I call myself a Christian. God bless you.

    • Mikio profile image

      Mikio 7 years ago

      Thank you. Now go in peace. I'll be fine, just as you are as a hard core Fundamentalist. It's your right. Please do enjoy this Easter weekend. BTW, if you check my hub pages, you'll know that I'm not a Catholic at all. I just LOVE St. Francis. He's my hero. I believe that he represents what's good in Christianity.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hello Mikio, Let's talk for a minute about a couple of things.

      1) Regarding your second comment, it's interesting you agree that all four believe there's a hell. I suppose the Book of Mormon, the New World Translation, the Qu'ran and the Bible agree as to who goes to hell? Based on who they say JESUS is, there's only one that is True - the Bible. Mormons have made God a man who attained 'godhood' and separate God into three persons of flesh and bone; JW's believe Jesus is Michael the Archangel, a created being; Muslims believe Jesus to be a mere prophet, but certainly not the Son of God, for Allah has no son. Rather than decide WHO goes to hell, you choose not to believe there is one? Makes all the sense in the world.

      2) Now, the latter part of your second comment mentions the prayer of 'St. Francis'. Francis is not in my Bible, so I wouldn't pray TO or THROUGH Francis. I take it you were raised or are currently a member of the Catholic church? That brings me to your first of the two comments above. Do you know what Easter is? It's just another of the pagan-god worship incorporated into the Catholic church and bled out into Protestantism.

      Let's look at Ez 8:14 "Then He brought me to the entrance of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north; and behold, women were sitting there weeping for Tammuz. He said to me, "Do you see this, son of man? Yet you will see still greater abominations than these." Notice this weeping for Tammuz happened at the entrance of the gate of the LORD's house and is called an abomination by the LORD.

      Who is Tammuz? He is the son and lover of Ishtar (pronounced Easter), the wife of Nimrod, Noah's great-grandson (grandson of Ham, son of Cush). Nimrod died and the pagan religion believes he became the sun god; the rays of the sun caused Ishtar to become pregant and give birth to Tammuz, who later became her lover. At 40 years old Tammuz was killed by a wild boar. The people lamented over Tammuz for 40 days (1 day for each year of his life), then celebrated Ishtar (Easter), Queen of Heaven, by eating ham. DOES THE 40 DAYS OF LENT AND MARY, THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, OPEN YOUR EYES JUST A LITTLE??????

      I pray the Spirit of God open your eyes, for it is His desire that you come out of darkness into His glorious Light.

    • Mikio profile image

      Mikio 7 years ago

      Thank you for your kind reply, Judah's Daughter. I "BELIEVE" that 'hell' happens when religious people argue over who goes to hell. Here's the example:

      1. A Mormon says: I believe All non-Mormons are going to hell.

      2. Jehovah's Witness says: I believe All non-Jehovah's Witness will go to hell.

      3. A Muslim says: I believe All non-Muslims will go to hell.

      4. A Fundamentalist Christian says: I believe all non-Christians will go to hell because the Bible says.

      It scares me that so many religious folks argue over who goes to hell.

      I "BELIEVE" that Christians can follow St. Francis' prayer everyday so that they can practice peace. "Believing" that folks who are in other religion will go to hell isn't very peaceful. I hope I make sense.

      Happy Easter.

    • Mikio profile image

      Mikio 7 years ago

      Judah's Daughter, you're funny.

      Happy Easter.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hi Mikio, Believe me, I have studied the Bible regarding all of these faith statements, and I have published those studies for anyone who needs more of an 'answer'.

      You would like to talk 'scientifically' about hell? Here you go:

      What part of the 'narrow road' do LIBERAL Christians walk? If the Bible teaches about hell, I believe it. Whether or not you believe in hell does not save you. However, if you are saved and fail to warn others about hell, their blood is on your head (Ez 33:6).

    • Mikio profile image

      Mikio 7 years ago

      Your statement of faith #16 says: "Those who have rejected Christ’s gospel, which is salvation by faith, are judged according to their deeds and face anathema, the Lake of Fire (Rev 20:12-15)."

      So, this is what you BELIEVE. (What a nice person!)

      Do me a favor. Be sure to treat this belief strictly as your personal belief. The moment when you begin treating it as a scientifically verifiable FACT, you will ruin the reputation of other LIBERAL Christians (good ones).

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Bless your sweet heart, Bella. I feel humbled and honored at the same time, if it is truly God that led us together to build each other up in faith. What a blessing! You have so much to share, and I am touched by your awesome testimony. What Bible is this? I'd be very interested, for my heart's cry is to have a Bible that is translated directly from the original languages of Hebrew and Greek, rather than from Latin. My prayer to the Lord is to set His Word straight to all the masses that love Him so, yet are caught in confusion of interpretation because of the Hebrew/Greek to Latin to English...He loves us so! I know He hears our cries for the world. YOU ARE MY BLESSING, BELLA...and I'm blessed to BLESS YOU in His Name. Much, much love ~ JD

    • profile image

      Bella 7 years ago

      Hi Carrie.

      I know I don't write like you, you know all the right things to say,and I explain things differently then anyone else,alot of people don't understand what I try to say.

      Jeremiah 33:3

      Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

      But I just want you to know I love all your hubs,you are beautiful,and I know I will learn much from you...And you are just the one, for me to learn from,your perfect!..I love God so much..

      Thank you so much.

      Have a wonderful day to you and your family..

      I love you...

      Love always,


      I am going to read the Bible all the way threw,I want to write just like you!!I have this Bible that has the real names in Hebrew off the internet,its not even out yet, it has Yahuah's name and Yahusha name.....Its great!

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Thank you for sharing your statement of faith, Bella. I, too do not believe God is three as in a trinity, and His revelation of Himself to me is published in the following hub, which has links to two to three other hubs to fully expound on biblical confirmation. If it will be a continued blessing to you, here's the first link:

      I feel your heart and know you love the Lord. God bless you :-)

    • profile image

      Bella 7 years ago

      Hi Carrie,

      Ever since I was a little girl I prayed to God,and ended prayer in Jesus name..I believe there is God and He is are only savior,and Jesus is His son that He loves dearly, and is our only salvation,in hope..I believe that Jesus has the same Spirt as God and that's why He talks just like God because they are one, like when 2 people get married they become one flesh,but not one really..Jesus came to teach us what God wants us to know,He wants us to learn from His Son Jesus,what self sacifice means,and Jesus was with out sin born of a virgin,because He is pure,and Jesus and the Angels were with God from the beginning..Its not about reading in the Bible its about in your heart,what God put there.. I love God the father,Jesus the Son,and the Holy Spirt,and the Holy Spirt is God and Jesus together,like in a marrage..Jesus is in God,God is in Jesus and they both are in me...And I act and talk like them,because they are in me we are all one,because Gods Spirt is in us,and that's how he is,His ways are not like ours we can not even fantom how He is,but know He is Beautiful all the way around...

      I love God more then anyone or anything...

      The anointing you received from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.

      I do believe in the Lord Jesus..

      I know I don't think like noone else in this world, about this even the churches try to tell me the trinty,or God is Jesus I can't believe that, my heart tells me different..And I do believe God gave Jesus all authority in heaven and on earth...

      Carrie I didn't go to school to long I quit in first grade,So please excuse my writing, I never like school but loved everyone in there..I am no religion,I can't believe what they want me to believe, and I can't go there knowing they are teaching wrong to everyone,I wish I could find one true church,there isn't any, they mix pagan with truth,and they tell me they are the TRUE CHURCH..People go to school 12 years not to even teach what's in the Bible just what has been handed down..They teach Sunday,because of Jesus reserrection,that's the sabbath now for them,it is SATURDAY! I found all this out since the breeze in my face..And so much more..

      You Carrie do have the Holy Spirt with in you..

      You will always be my sister..

      P.S. people have their thoughts on if God is Jesus or 2 that doesn't make us bad,but as I say everyone needs to repent time is close,I feel it,and never felt it before.

      Come Lord Jesus

      Love you Carrie


    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      WOW, bless your heart, Loves To Read! Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful comment. Praise God!

    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 8 years ago

      Wonderful writing JD. We all need a statement of faith and your principle questions cover so much. Your own statement is a wonderful testament to the Christian principles.

      May you be truly blessed.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      That's exciting, brother James! I'm am just tickled!! I am honored you came by to read my hub here :-) Thank you and bless your heart! God is soooo good!!!

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 8 years ago from Chicago

      I agree with each and every one of your points in your Statement of Faith. Thank you for this clarifying and edifying article. It is good!

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      That's good to hear, Disappearinghead :-) I believe believers are rewarded for the works of faith the Lord prompts us to do and we are obedient to do. We must be fruit-bearing branches; amen! There is no judgment (anathema) for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1).

      I do believe, that just as there are levels of Hades (in that Tartaroo is its deepest level), there appears to be levels of torment when it comes to the Lake of Fire (Matt 11:22-24).

      I just look forward to dwelling in the precious, loving presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and all believers saved by grace for eternity. What a day that will be!!! No more tears, sorrow, mourning, sin, imperfection...only LOVE. Blessings :-)

    • Disappearinghead profile image

      Disappearinghead 8 years ago from Wales, UK

      Hi JD,

      I know we've had our disagreements so you may be surprised to learn that I agree with your statement of faith, with the exception of point no.11. But then I guess you know that. And to be honest, my mind is not made up on the exact nature of the Lake of Fire either. The black or white, in or out, is out of step with the statement that each man is judged in accordance with his works, which implies degrees of variation in one's fate - along with some other odd verses to be found here and there.

      At the end of the day, though we can all agree on the foundational gospel, it all gets a bit fuzzy around the edges when the ripples spread out to other areas of doctrine. Still it all adds up to the rich tapestry of life.

      Go well.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hello, brother Artin2010! Thank you and bless your heart. It's good to know you have a personal statement of faith, which is founded on the 10 Commandments, summed up in two: love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.

      Jesus is the sweetest Name we know ~ amen, and His love is like no other!! God bless you, brother :-)

    • Artin2010 profile image

      Artin2010 8 years ago from Northwestern Florida, Gulfcoast

      Surprise and Hello Judah's Daughter! Most excellently written hub. My mother raised me in the American Catholic faith which is an off shoot of Roman Cathology. Their statement of faith I believe, is the 'Apostles Creed"

      My statement of faith in the now happens to be,

      Love God the Father with all of thy being, heart, mind and spirit. Love Jesus, as if He were a brother or sister, unconditionally, (agape) because He is. Love and cherish the life that has been given to you. Obey the laws that God gave mankind through Moses.Always be thankful that God meets all my needs and that what I may want in this life is just that, what I want.Be vigilant that the old serpent is always lurking about close trying to persuade you to deny any belief that you have and that my power is Jesus Christ closely walking with me through all of my trials here. Amen

      Totally enjoyed reading this. Thanks and may the peace of Jesus Christ be with you always. Your brother in Christ

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      BL Tween, bless your heart ~ words of wisdom!! Yes, indeed!!

    • BL Tween profile image

      BL Tween 8 years ago

      It has been foretold,

      Matthew 24:4 - 5

      4 Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceives you.

      5 For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the

      Christ,' and will deceive many.

      Just as sitting in the garage does not make you a car neither does sitting in a church make you a Christian.

      Let us continue to pray for one another.


    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Praise God for your testimony, brother Harlan. I thank God His Church is one made without hands!!! You did the right thing and can stand confidently before the Lord. My spirit grieves also, at the corruption that's entered God's house...a little of the truth and a lot of masking, both in the practices of the church and the people that attend. All masks will be removed soon enough. God loves us all, and exhorts and disciplines us as His children. He is to be our first love; amen!!

    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 8 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      Currently, I am attending the church of Harlan's Bible Study. I was saved in an Independent Baptist church, which I found to be quite biblical on all but one issue. They tend to believe in Once Saved, Always Saved, which I believe to be true, provided a person stays in Christ. However, I believe you can walk away from Christ and return to your wallowing in the mire. For me the bible is clear that one can get saved but without proper watering etc, can wither away - like the seed upon the rock.

      They say if you walk away, that you were never really saved. I think it boils down to the same thing - just a different way of saying it.

      I found a smaller Independent Baptist closer to my home that was starting up and joined it, I was pretty happy in that church (4 years) until I started studying out the Goddess Easter and the origins of Easter. I studied the history etc., got all excited and wrote up a gospel tract on it and started passing it out at church. I shared it with the pastor too. That's when he got upset with me. Basically, the tract said that Jesus was crucified on the 14th day of the month of Abib (Nissan),the same day Moses slaughtered the lamb and painted the blood over the door - as God commanded in the old testement. Then, Jesus rose from the dead on the 17th day of the month of Abib. Today we can take the Jewish Calendar and look up the 17th day of Nissan, and that is the day Jesus rose from the dead, it will tell us what day corresponds to our modern calendar.

      This year, 2010 ( as I recall ) it was April 4th, two days before Easter.

      Anyway, I asked the pastor, "If we want to celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus Christ, why don't we celebrate it on the day he rose from the dead, instead of some pagan goddess of sex and fertility?" He didn't like that at all. I wasn't trying to do anything wrong I was just excited at what I had learned and believed I was offering some new information. My tract also referred to the verse on "whoring after false gods etc". It was an honest question without malice. Anyway, he accused me of trying to divide the church, and I told him, Pastor I wouldn't divide the church for any reason. I didn't create this problem Satan did, I am trying to bring unity where Satan brought division thousands of years ago in Ancient Rome. Well, he didn't like that either.

      He ordered the membership to stop talking to me - to shun me. I was a founding member of that church, I had been there since day one. I had brought in over 40 active sustaining members. That church was my life, I was there for every service, extra whatever, I was there. I felt I deserved more trust than that from people I had grown in the Lord with for 4 years.

      Pastor told me that we had to do an Easter Sunday observance because so many people come to church on that day, it was chance to reach people. I agreed with him and had no problem with that. He told me he agreed with my tract but that people were not ready for the truth.

      I asked him if people can't come to church and get the truth, where shall they get it?

      He didn't like that either.

      Then on Easter Sunday after church he led the whole church to the park for a celebration with rabbits chickens and eggs. I couldn't stay. Why?

      Because, it was Easter, they day the pagans worshipped the goddess with rabbits, chickens and eggs. And here we were in the name of Jesus, teaching the children to celebrate - Easter with rabbits, chickens and eggs. I wasn't trying condemn anyone - but where do you draw the line? I know those people weren't woshipping a goddess named Easter, but there they were on her day, celebrating with symbols of her, I couldn't do it anymore, my conviction was too great, so I went home.

      But there was more, we caught the pastor in a couple lies to the church after that. Its a long story with some pretty interesting events, but the bottom line is, I haven't found a new church since. I have visited a few churches, I kind of like the church down the road, good people, but I have a problem with services that play rock and roll on stage for 20 minutes, preach for five minutes and play another 20 minutes of rock and roll. I want a little music, some hard bible thumping, faith building preaching, and a little more music.

      I have yet to see one person come up to the alter to be saved - by the foolishness of preaching - in this type of church.

      When I got saved Satan had a hold of my belt loop and was holding me down in that chair, but that preacher wouldn't give up, he kept pounding out the word, my heart was in my throat and my pride was trying to shove it back down, but he kept right on preaching and calling out. I thought I was gonna bust in two. The preacher beat the devil that day. That's the kind of preaching I like. That was a different church than the one with the Easter issue tho.

      But hey, some folks just need to hear the word and they get saved, and some of us need to be hit with a "sledge hammer preacher" right between the eyes. I guess that's why we have different styles in the churches.

      You might try Independent Bapstist, they are really good, strong in the word. They lean toward the old gospel songs played on piano like in the old days, but I found I got to love a lot of those songs. A couple of them even bring tears to your eyes, like Lamb of God - what a tear jerker! Great alter song too. I like to go to church where people get saved, come up to alter, cry their eyes out, and meet Jesus. I like go up to the alter to be there if someone needs help in the word to see the promise in writing, I am ready to go to work if the Lord can use me. "Not me Lord but you through me."

      Well now you got me going... I better stop before I write 10 pages long.

      - In Christ

      - luv ya sis

      - Harlan

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hi brother allpurposeguru :-) I so appreciate your compassionate response. The Apostles Creed is most agreeable by most denominations, as the interpretation of its statements is left up to the believer. For example, item 5 states, "He descended into hell". According to my Bible study, He descended into Tartaroo (1 Pet 3:19; 2 Pet 2:4), as his tomb was not in the "lower parts of the earth" (Eph 4:9). He didn't go there to "preach" either, but the Greek word is to "make proclamation", which victors did before their enemies when a battle was won.

      I thought of the "deeds of the Nicolaitans", which had to do with their clergy-laity system, as you shared your grievance with your church. Jesus said in Rev 2:6 to the church of Ephesus, "Yet this you do have, that you hate the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate." Here is an outstanding teaching on this subject:

      Thank you so much for sharing ~ we truly are united in love and compassion for the state of the churches today. God knows our hearts and our love for Him and others. Because those of differing doctrines can tend to push and shove, we at least need to know where we stand (Eph 4:14). I have to agree with Wesley, too: "In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity." God bless you, brother!

    • allpurposeguru profile image

      David Guion 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I agree with most, but not all of your personal statement of faith. I suspect that if every Christian wrote a personal statement of faith after putting as much thought and study into it as you did,there would not be perfect agreement on very many of the points. I believe the Nicene Creed is a definitive statement of Christian doctrine. That is, anyone who does not accept every statement in it is either by definition not Christian or someone who hasn't thought it through enough to recognize all the implications of the parts they do agree with.

      That said, there's certainly plenty of issues that the Creed doesn't deal with at all: infant baptism, tongues, and church governance, to name only three. Every thoughtful person's opinion is based on Scripture. Sometimes two people can look at the same translation of the same verse and assign the greatest weight to different words.

      As a corollary, I suspect that no one who has really pondered Scripture can whole-heartedly support the official positions of any denomination. I have at one time or another been a member of Methodist, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, Presbyterian, and Assemblies of God churches.

      Now, I'm very much at home in a Methodist church, and I love Wesleyan theology. One thing that seems very odd, though, is that I can't offer communion unless a member of the clergy has consecrated the elements! What happened to the key Protestant concept of the priesthood of all believers? Why this vestige of a separate priestly class within the church?

      But something else would surely drive me bonkers in any other denomination. So here's the bottom line, as stated by Wesley: "In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, charity."

      I love you in the Lord, and I hope I'd love you as much if I disagreed with more than I do.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hi brother Harlan ~ PRAISE GOD! It's wonderful to know another brother has studied and been taught accordingly, as I have dilligently studied these things and have confidently completed my statement of faith, based on the Bible alone. What church denomination do you attend (if you do), as I am seeking a church home that aligns with the majority, if not all of these things. What a comfort!

      Yes, I was not raised in the Catholic church and would feel incredibly ill worshiping Mary, acknowledging and praying to or through saints that have passed on, or praying to or through angels, let alone saying repetitive prayers. I suppose I would die first rather than worship "God" in such a's simply against my personal and spiritual convictions!!

      We stand on the promise for those beheaded by the next world religion found in Rev 20:4. I have a couple of hubs on this topic (about the end-time beasts and the rapture) called "The Unholy Trinity" and "In the Air - On the Earth".

      God bless you abundantly!

    • Harlan Colt profile image

      Harlan Colt 8 years ago from the Rocky Mountains

      I didn't see anything in your statement that was unbiblical. It appears to be a right on Christian statement as I have been taught and studied out. It seems to be very accurate to me in regards to what a christian should know about their faith.

      I didn't see anything in there on the divinity of Mary as a co-redeemer. It wasn't that long ago that such "heresey" would have gotten you (us) burned at the stake!

      Oh well, the next world-religious authority will be chopping off our heretical heads! However, I hope not to be around.

      - Harlan

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Thank you, heart4theword! I'm glad you appreciate my desire to help others (as well as myself) come up with a personal statement of faith. God bless you!!

    • heart4theword profile image

      heart4theword 8 years ago from hub

      This is great! I really like how you correlated the questions to help a person, come up with their own personal statement of faith:)

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Sister Royal, you do realize True Truthseeker is a Jehovah's Witness, right? Have you heard of Oneness Pentecostals? They believe God is one Lord (not three) and do baptize only in the name of Jesus, just like your apostolic church. The problem with their denomination is the oppression upon the members ~ women are not allowed to wear anything but dresses, no makeup or jewelry (other than a wedding ring) and members are not to own a TV, etc. They, like the Church of Christ, say you are not saved unless you are water-baptized in the name of Jesus. If you weren't baptized before in the name of Jesus, you aren't saved and must be re-baptized.

      We are all growing in the Lord and by His Spirit.

      As you know I am fully baptized in the Holy Spirit and am a born-again believer. Even Ahavat Yeshua blessed and added my hub called "Let Me Tell You Who God Is" to their Messianic Jewish website: and they commented their blessings on "God: Let Us Make Man In Our Image" (which you've read also, thank you). I do look forward to reading your hubs and teachings.

      Always, in His love and grace, JD :-)

    • profile image

      Royal Diadem 8 years ago

      I have read Strong and that is true, however that is not the only meaning, I have research this name over 10 years, I preach this sermon 10 years ago on WABQ 1540 AM and I am still learning what Elohim means, God is still revealing new things concern the name Elohim, because the Bible is living, you can not pin down God. And as far as God was concern Jesus had already die, this is why a believer always says thank you to God even when the saints have not seen the manifestation of the prayer answer, because in God's mind the thing is done and is finish, it then becomes a timing thing,and it is just has not manifest in the natural but it is finish and complete in the spiritual realm. JD I totally disagree with you, and I am concern about whether you have experience God, this is what truthseeker was saying a person can tell when a person has had an encounter with God. Are your teachings heart felt, or are you just writing a term paper with no experience in the school of the Holy Ghost. I pray in the Name of Jesus that God will bless you with wisdom, revelation and knowledge. I pray that The Holy Spirit will lead you to believers and teachers to guide you. I am so glad for my church and my Bishop RD I am a ordain ministry, I have been save for over 22 years and I have seen God do much you have not convince me. I want to share with you, however my Bishop is my teacher. God bless you! That is the truth I am sorry you must be baptize in the name of Jesus. Be fill with the Holy Spirit, I will not compromise with you on this I know this is real. I will soon have a teaching up with all the scriptures to verified the doctrine that I know is truth. I am old school, becareful what you teach you will held accoutable.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Brother Quill, I always appreciate the fruit of the Spirit exhibited through you and your hubs. God love ya'!! Bless you!!

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Hi sister Royal ~ I love you, too! I would like to give an answer to three things I think you may not agree with (and that's okay because we are sisters in the Lord):

      Elohim is described in my hub "God: Let Us Make Man In Our Image". If you look up the definition in the Strongs Concordance you will see it extends beyond the Lord alone. He is the head, and is the Creator (El). Consider Ps 82:6 and John 10:34 "I said, 'You are gods [elohim], And all of you are sons of the Most High.'"

      The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world means He was predestined to be so. If He had already been slain He would not have needed to come to be born, be crucified, die and rise again. People could have simply been saved by faith as we are today. In a way they were, but under the Old Covenant. The New Covenant is the Old fulfilled, the New Testament in His blood. My hubs called "The Lamb's Book of Life" and "And the Books Were Opened" cover this more fully.

      There is baptism in water (in the name of Jesus or the name of Father Son and Holy Spirit), which is a baptism unto repentance. The baptism of Jesus, according to John's prophecy is "with fire and the Holy Spirit"; this is what you experienced (with evidence of speaking in tongues). This happened to me as well, as I have a hub called "John and Jesus: About Baptism" that goes into this more fully. Acts 8:15-16 supports this, as well as Acts 19:1-6 is also a great passage.

      Thank you for sharing your statement of faith ~ iron sharpens iron, yet we are united in the love of Christ Jesus. God bless you!!

    • profile image

      "Quill" 8 years ago

      Great Hub Sister and a statement of faith is our commitment to God and you are living your commitment and that Sister is a blessing...


    • profile image

      Royal Diadem 8 years ago

      How can two walk together unless they agree? Amos 3:3 KJV

      Elohiym or we spell it Elohim another name the “plural of majesty.” The name also means one who creates. El signifies Gods’ strength. Elohim also means Covenant God, being derived from the word that signifies “to swear.” “Elohim” indicates God’s power, His preeminence, and His immutable, eternal and self-sustained existence all this is in the word Elohim God.

      I believe Jesus slain at the foundation of the earth. I believe it is the name of Jesus that men are saved and faith in that name and not the offices but the name.

      Revelation 13:8 KJV

      8 And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

      Acts 3:38 KJV

      38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

      39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the LORD our God shall call.

      Acts 8:15 KJV

      15 Who, when they were come down, prayed for them, that they might receive the Holy Ghost:

      16 (For as yet he was fallen upon none of them: only they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.)

      Acts 10:48 King James Version

      48. And he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then prayed they him to tarry certain days.

      Baptizing them into the name of Jesus indicated that the baptized person was closely bound to, or became the property of the one into whose name he or she was baptized in. The name of Jesus, I am bound to Him I no longer belong to myself. I am no longer my own, I have been bought with a price. When I was a young woman I had a strong desire to know God and was baptizes in the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, I believe God honor that, because of my desire to seek Him was so strong. I was seeking Him with my whole heart, however when my church told me to get re-baptize in the name of Jesus, and show me Acts 2:38 I did it I did not question them, I just did it.

      God then took me to a different level and the miracles I saw God do and is still doing had me standing in awesome wonder, my heart then said, Oh no, They really do not know You, Oh no you are real and alive. I felt the Holy Spirit enter me, it was then only then that things miracles happen, people got heal, finances came through and I was speaking in tongues and did not know what I was doing until the mothers of the church at that moment at the altar said baby you are speaking in tongues. I did not know what had happen to me it had to be explain to me, it was wonderful and He is just as real to me as the day I first met Jesus.

      I have never been the same since. I saw miracles, one after the other, any thing I would pray God would answer quickly. I could tell you so many things that I have seen Jesus do it is awesome.

      Now, if we chase demons in His Name, Cast out Devils is His name and Heal the sick in His name. Why not be Baptist in the power of sounding, and uttering the name Jesus?

      I belong to a church. Bible Way and I believe in the doctrine of Bible Way. No church is perfect, but my Bishop has been a great example of man of God to follow. I belief in that apostolic doctrine, old school, I have seen it work. Hebrews 10:25 KJV

      25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

      Some times God places us in a particular church for us to pray His fullness, to pray out the evil things that are wrong in a church.

      Isaiah 59:14-16 King James Version

      14 And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

      15 Yea, truth faileth; and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey: and the LORD saw it, and it displeased him that there was no judgment.

      16 And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor: therefore his arm brought salvation unto him; and his righteousness, it sustained him.

      Judah Daughter I do not agree with you in this Hub that you are saying, however, I love you in the Lord and I and some of the things you are saying however I am praying for you, because I do see Jesus working in your life in a wonderful way and I pray that God will give you a church home and family in Jesus name.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Well, word on the HubPages "street" is True Truthseeker is a Jehovah's Witness. Brother no body, perhaps you might be able to minister to this person. I wondered why his/her spirit seemed a bit contentious. Now I understand.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Yes and amen, big bald brother Bob!! Since my revival in the Lord last year I have visited many churches and am praying as to where I am called to be a part. I know a sister in the Lord recently told me it took her and her husband three years to find the right church for them. I thank God for the fellowship I currently have with my brothers and sisters, of which YOU are a blessing!!

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      True Truthseeker, I think we will all get to heaven to discover our doctrines have to be "fine-tuned". We all don't and won't agree on ALL doctrine until we reach our eternal home. There are teachings that effect salvation and there are ones that don't. My sister Judah's Daughter is a child of the King of kings and Lord of lords.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I sense the great joy in the words written describing your faith sister. I know you and your faith strengthens mine. I have been praying for you to have this kind of joy and I love our Lord for giving it to you. Now may you find many brothers and sisters of like faith to fellowship with. Iron sharpening iron. I love you sister and I always will. Your big bald brother Bob. Boy, that's a lot of "b"s b b b b ...

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      True Truthseeker, Samaritans were considered dogs by the Jews. I am not the woman at the well. Each person should search the scriptures daily to see whether those things were so. Doctrines of men are vast and many deceptive. In order not to be swallowed up in them, I will stand confidently before the Lord. I don't expect anyone to believe the way I do, but rather to ponder what it is you believe? If you don't wish to know or search your heart, so be it. For me, it was a refreshing exercise of faith. Blessings.

    • True Truthseeker profile image

      True Truthseeker 8 years ago

      Your search for truth is commendable, but, sadly, Jesus would say to you what He said to the woman at the well.

      John 4:22 (Contemporary English Version)

      22You Samaritans don't really know the one you worship. But we Jews do know the God we worship, and by using us, God will save the world.

      Remember, if we are to be Christians, we are really followers of Christ. Let us observe that Christ followed closely the One who sent Him.

      John 5:30 (Contemporary English Version)

      30I cannot do anything on my own. The Father sent me, and he is the one who told me how to judge. I judge with fairness, because I obey him, and I don't just try to please myself.

      John 12:49 (King James Version)

      49For I have not spoken of myself; but the Father which sent me, he gave me a commandment, what I should say, and what I should speak.

      If we speak according to our own disposition, chances are we are deceiving ourselves.

      Acts 3:22-26 (King James Version)

      22For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.

      23And it shall come to pass, that every soul, which will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from among the people.

      24Yea, and all the prophets from Samuel and those that follow after, as many as have spoken, have likewise foretold of these days.

      25Ye are the children of the prophets, and of the covenant which God made with our fathers, saying unto Abraham, And in thy seed shall all the kindreds of the earth be blessed.

      26Unto you first God, having raised up his Son Jesus, sent him to bless you, in turning away every one of you from his iniquities.

      Compare please with Deuteronomy 18:15- 19.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      A M Werner, wouldn't it be wonderful if churches only focused on the gospel? As Paul said in 1 Cor 2:2 "For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." That is our foundation. Because there is so much in the Bible and we are called to minister to each other and witness to others, knowing what and why we believe certain things helps us to be equipped to give an answer. May the doctrines of men never take precedence over the gospel of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

    • A M Werner profile image

      Allen Werner 8 years ago from West Allis

      JD, being a Home Assembly was part of avoiding a statement of faith. Christianity is simple. To believe that the Father loved the world enough to send His only begotten Son into the world - that He lived, was crucified and resurrected is sufficient. Everything else creates separation, division - denominations. Everything else can and often does create schisms and destroy unity of the spiritual body. I have always believed that there are real Christians in and outside of every denomination and religion and only Christ knows His Father's sheep. Peace.

    • Judah's Daughter profile image

      Judah's Daughter 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Thank you, Sky321! If my hubs can be of help in revealing why I have such a statement of faith, that would be wonderful. We each do our best through study to stand firmly on the Rock of our salvation. God bless you!!

    • Sky321 profile image

      Sky321 8 years ago from Canada

      Great hub and excellent statement of faith. I agree with almost all there are a couple I am still not sure about-so my statement of faith is not complete yet. Good job!


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