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Planets: Uranus

Updated on August 17, 2013

Higher planets: attitude matters

We cannot control our life. At best, we can choose the direction in which we can glide on the surface of the ocean of life... - Theun Mares

Higher planets (planets of the fourth level - Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) represent the circumstances of exterior and interior life that an average person cannot control in any way. The only freedom one has here is the freedom of attitude towards what's going on with him or her in life for the actions are meaningless as far as the issue of the situations is concerned that are ruled by Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. However, this inner attitude towards the external and internal situations plays the most important fateful role in life of a person, although, normally, people relate their success or bad luck to the concrete actions that one considers wrong or right, because of human ignorance, pride or atheism. Hardly anyone has humility enough to stop the wave of tsunami that has raised under the feet, but the most urgent and energetic actions would not help either. However, a person who has one tenth of humility to stop a tsunami wave, will not find himself in this situation, or at least, this situation will be reconciled in advance with him.

Higher planets affect us like a continuous background and stay unnoticed in the life of an average person, but sometimes they switch on in a powerful way, thus creating huge changes in both inner and external life. If these changes are constructive, one's consciousness gets larger, and so the person will serve a big egregor - that of science, art, philosophy, religion, ethnicity or a planet, and the corresponding planet will be constantly turned on. It is the level of great people - saints, scientists, thinkers, prophets and politicians, who translate themselves through mental and energy streams that change the world significantly - both subtly and physically (although physically it only changes one or two generations later).

People with higher turned on planets can obscurely feel the presence of God
People with higher turned on planets can obscurely feel the presence of God

Living with activated higher planets

However translating powerful mental and especially energy flows is not the only and often not the most creative way in which the higher planets can affect us. The subtler way is the silent work that they make us complete. Alongside with this, our external life can be very mediocre, and only attentive observer can notice the unusually strong energy of the person with an activated higher planet. Subjectively, this work can be experienced differently. On a high mental level one simply knows where he or she is, and what he or she is doing. On a medium mental level, one can, for example, overcoming colossal resistance of the physical reality, think of an idea, concept, or a construction that are very different from the ones known to the world, but either doesn't tell it to anyone, or leaves notes that nobody reads long after ( centuries later historians discover tacky sheets of paper and get surprised by the gift of prophecy of the unknown ancestor, and he or she is actually not the prophet but the creator of the future, at least partially). And on the lowest mental (but not spiritual) level a person can live in a very correct and precise way, overcoming continuous resistance, while nobody, including this very person, has an idea about it. This person feels God's presence and support, though, maybe, very obscurely, but the real role of oneself in the evolutionary process stays unclear.

Higher planets reveal themselves by altered states of consciousness
Higher planets reveal themselves by altered states of consciousness

The principles of higher planets

The principles of higher planets can hardly be described in a usual language because their revelations correspond to the altered states of consciousness. More often than not their direct action is short-term, and we remember these moments as unusually bright experiences - positive and negative, sometimes neutral, but always completely extraordinary. Besides, higher planets move slowly, and their background continuous impact determines fundamental changes in one's destiny and one's depths of psyche. It is very important to notice the subtle signs of this background influence which are the signs of in-depth activity of the planets of the Great Trinity.

Crisis of 40 years is often the result of Uranus's activity changing world view
Crisis of 40 years is often the result of Uranus's activity changing world view

The impact of Uranus

Uranus represents the principle of connexion on a higher level. This planet translates thoughts and mental ideas that we are unprepared to accept. However, the action of Uranus is not restricted to the translation of genius and crazy (from the contemporary point of view) ideas. The mental flashes of Uranus are so strong that they are usually accompanied by powerful energetic discharges and effects like lightning is accompanied by thunder. Alongside with this, one does not notice nor realize this flash when the energetic effects can hardly be unnoticed. That's why the action of Uranus often deafens us while the idea that is translated stays unclear.

Uranus, just like Chiron, often shows ways out of difficult situations but it does it so violently that, in the first place, all the possibilities of retreat disappear as well as some personal belongings while the perspectives of the future are bright but not real. And the situation that takes place after Uranus has been activated, is often perceived as commotion and total despair, and the past is mostly destroyed while the future is dark like equatorial sky between the stars.

Uranus, just like other planets of a higher level, is responsible for the change, and is remarkable for the abrupt, unexpected and often revolutionary character. In inner life, it is often the change of attitude, when one suddenly (as it seems to the person - because of the circumstances) witnesses stereotype ways of world vision as well as vision of oneself and others break down. The crisis of 40 years is often marked by the influence of Uranus, often suggests to change the worldview, and learn to think differently, in a less stereotyped way, by replacing Mercury with Uranus.

Uranus is the highest Mercury, and long logical constructions of the latter can be replaced by the flashes of enlightenment of the first one - as much as the regular infantry offense can be replaced by the landing from airplanes. It is however important that the descent does not find itself in the rear of the enemy which can mean psychic illness.

Illusion of physical reality (maya) and karma become evident when Uranus is activated
Illusion of physical reality (maya) and karma become evident when Uranus is activated

The planet of destiny

The outburst of Uranus always creates huge waves, and even if the highly vibrational thought that created them stays inaccessible, the splashes of these waves are palpable and real. That is why, generally speaking, Uranus is dangerous. Harmonious Uranus is dangerous for the surrounding people while wounded Uranus is also dangerous for its owner. Uranus is dangerous because its action is always unpredictable, and it can destroy the walls that seemed eternal. In particular, Uranus, as a fourth-level planet, manages the subconscious programs deeper than those of social subconsciousness that can make a person go frankly against the society. Then, harmonious Venus and Jupiter, even working together, are helpless. Uranus represents destiny, which is as much stronger than a person as the planet he lives upon is bigger than himself.

All people with active higher planets have the sharp feeling of destiny, that is, they feel that their life is predetermined, and the subordination of their own will to the unknown but absolutely unmanageable force that makes them serve itself. But active Uranus probably makes us feel like plaything of destiny in an especially bright way, for the circumstances and inner forces grab and drag us in such an unimaginable direction and so powerfully that the notions of karma and Maya (illusion-like nature of the visible reality) become evident, comprehensible and sometimes, when Uranus is mastered well, they are the only possible way of being.

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Crystals of paracetamol in an oversaturated solution
Crystals of paracetamol in an oversaturated solution

The kingdom of Uranus

Uranus rules physics, mathematics, in its especially artificial parts, and astrology. It manages at least the parts of these sciences requiring synthesis that is above logic, sudden mental enlightenment, that creates an idea, a construction, a form - coming from nowhere - and explaining a great quantity of facts, and the former chaos takes a solid and structured form. This way an over-saturated solution gets crystallized, but the priming powder must come from outside, and it is this powder that will determine the final form of the construction. Thus, any natal chart contains an ocean of information, and it is important to find the main aspect and the main planet that rule a person's life, and all the rest must be interpreted as secondary. Nowadays, when someone visits an astrologer, this visit itself activates their Uranus, and the consequences may be very unpredictable.

Everyday choices are managed by Uranus and create the tissue of life that helps us evolve
Everyday choices are managed by Uranus and create the tissue of life that helps us evolve

Mastering of Uranus

Mastering of Uranus has two directions. Each of these directions requires a high level of self-awareness and a certain level of evolutionary awareness.

The first direction concerns one's attitude towards the background but continuous impact of Uranus that reveal itself in the shades of everyday events and absolutely meaningless, as it may first seem, circumstances and insignificant events that occur regularly and create that tissue of life which contributes to a man's growth and development. A man is mostly capable to change insignificant circumstances of his life, moreover, we make dozens of choices every day, and every choice is done not without the influence of a higher planet. And it is these choices and inner attitude towards the trifles of life determine our destiny in the long run.

The second direction concerns the unmanageable bursts inside and outside us and our behaviour in the unexpected and unpredictable situations. Coolness, reserve, the ability to get surprised and to perceive the unusual can do a good service to a person who finds himself in the typical situation of Uranus. Yet, this direction of mastering of Uranus is less important than the first one. God doesn't count nor rely on such superficial human qualities as wit and skill. He is much more interested in humility, patience and impassionate attention, and sharp situations are usually projected in a very precise way, and are controlled firmly, while the role of human consciousness in them is very small.

A situation of Uranus can make us feel apathetic
A situation of Uranus can make us feel apathetic

On the first level of mastering of Uranus the revelations of this planet are ignored or treated with indifference, also absolute fatalism can be observed.

Insignificant thoughts and events that possess the character of Uranus take place every single day. These are absolutely unexpected and unusual situations, remarks of people or our own remarks, thoughts that seem to penetrate our mind from nowhere, that we tend to ignore considering them as nonsense, outbursts of primeval chaos and delirium, unworthy of attention of a serious person, like an idea to roast big cucumbers like squashes...

In highly marked situations of Uranus we get completely lost, complicated programs of social subconsciousness switch off and some primitive subconscious programs, even animal-like, start functioning. These are panic, terror, animal egoism and abrupt narrowness of consciousness, or these can be switching off of perception, apathy and complete indifference towards the events. But in any way, the idea of conscious participation in the situation is absent as well as the possibility to realize its significance as far as future destiny is concerned. The only desire is that of the end of the situation and of its oblivion.

On the second level of mastering of Uranus we believe in superstitions
On the second level of mastering of Uranus we believe in superstitions

On the second level of mastering of Uranus we begin to accept, yet as primitive ones, superstitions, as well as the possibility of information transfer in the form of mini-eyeopeners. More often than not, these are belief in signs, that are socially admitted (black cat - sign of bad luck), or in one's own, accumulated by personal experience (lucky and unlucky numbers, etc.). Indeed, karma is sending signs to any person all the time, with the help of which one can get prepared to the upcoming events, and even predict them. Signs that are sent by Uranus have a specific outstanding hue, they are informative and showy like symbols of something that is difficult to understand. (We can compare them to the signs of Neptune which are usually different emotional states). Sometimes we get the exact explanation of the sign. Then, the superstition is proved and we begin to believe in destiny. But this happens rarely, and we doubt again, and we believe them to be coincidences, only some voice deep inside whispers that they are purposeful.

As far as mental revelations of Uranus are concerned, they are still very unclear and stay crazy, but sometimes they attract attention, and entertain us. They say, we have some imagination, even though we lack the true creative fantasy. As far as marked situations of Uranus are concerned, we get less lost in them, although we do not find them constructive either. Yet, we can experience delight together with horror.

On the third level of mastering of Uranus we can count on enlightenment for the problem solution
On the third level of mastering of Uranus we can count on enlightenment for the problem solution

On the third level of mastering of Uranus a quality change takes place. We learn to use the signs of Uranus in a constructive way. First of all, sometimes we receive sudden revelations on the theme we've thought about before, brilliant guesses, non-standard solutions, etc. So far we do not possess the method of "genuis enlightenment" completely, but we can rely on it, especially when we worked hard at the beginning of problem solving.

Yet, many ideas stay fruitless, but our attitude to them changes towards respectful, as we have tried the taste of mental creativity.

On this level karma signs become much more clear, that is, when unusual and remarkable circumstances take place, we can hear the inner voice's explanation to them. It is already difficult to ignore predictive abilities, even though there are still mistakes. However, these mistakes show us that they are related to the involved attitude with what's going on and with some personal interest.

Strong situations of Uranus that turn upside down the usual worldview and life are taken more calmly. Anyway, someone who appreciates small revelations of Uranus will also contribute to the bigger ones and with the presence of certain inner honesty and humility will help destroying old world and build a new one that has been lightened with the flash of Uranus far in the future.

On the fourth level the thought power is so strong that problems can be solved without logic of Mercury
On the fourth level the thought power is so strong that problems can be solved without logic of Mercury

On the fourth level of mastering of Uranus we learn to read information systematically from such a high mental level that all our thoughts can be considered as revelations, and we make mistakes very seldom, even though we do not use the logic of Mercury at all. On this level problem solution and exact synthesis are so precise that surrounding people lose their breath. The things that are going on seem unreal. Expressed with precision and adequate to the situation truth can change it completely. Besides, the thought energy can be so strong that it will break down the firmest defense of lower Virgo and Mercury.

On this level we can see future well and we can influence it with the power of our thought. Constant signs of Uranus are important for us not as such, but as means of subtle regulation of our own behaviour: they show their true sens of certain processes and phenomena in the physical reality. On this level we much easier understand the truth than can explain it to the wanting ones. We often need to create a special language to do this. But sometimes it is important to create strong situation of Uranus which is possible on this level of mastering of Uranus. However, no-one can predict the issue of this situation.

The situation of the lowest Uranus is the revolution
The situation of the lowest Uranus is the revolution

Other situations of Uranus

Uranus symbolizes revelation of destiny, surprise and discovery.

Uranus rules Aquarius, culminates in Scorpio. From Aquarius Uranus receives cool mental detachment, objectivity of ideas, and from Scorpio - the force of transforming impact, which is only constructive when worked through.

The situation of Uranus of the lowest octave is the revolution, when waves of chaos and violence turn a person into a plaything of destiny. The ideas can be great, but the physical reality is not ready to accept them, while the energy that is being translated is huge and does not fit into the channels that it goes through. Other examples from external life are thunderstorm, earthquake, volcano eruption, storm, tsunami, etc. The corresponding thoughts the translation of which is accompanied by these phenomena, are badly registered by the humankind. Although the idea of "God's wrath" is still alive, the precise contents of a thought that provoked this or that calamity has not become the subject for discussion neither by theologists, nor mystics, nor occultists.

Less spectacular situations are, for example, a sudden staff reduction, unpredictable ups and downs on a stock exchange market, gold rush. In the inner life, this can be a suddenly aroused passion or, on the contrary, depression, that makes a person destroy all the previous life and try, mostly without success, to find new destiny, new energy flows.

Background situations of Uranus are related to unexpected events and pretending to be symbolical, and, unlike the situation of Chiron, the sens of the situation is mystical.

Higher situations of Uranus are related to the translation of a higher thought or idea, complicated problem solution and difficult synthesis. They are accompanied by the release of energy which is reflected in the great enthusiasm of the participants and the reinforcement of their belief in the power of reason - be it God's or human one.

When a higher level planet is domineering in the natal chart, the person's being outside an asylum means participation in the planetary karma
When a higher level planet is domineering in the natal chart, the person's being outside an asylum means participation in the planetary karma

An Uranus person

An Uranus person has a great energy and is always obsessed with different ideas and projects, all very fantastical.

On the lowest level this looks like comedy, and we want to see this person performing in a small wandering circus, but one performance per place is normally enough. This person is badly tolerated - being too far away from reality an Uranus person is able to produce a lot of confusion. This is definitely a black teacher, and it's impossible to overdo him, because Uranus is the planet of the fourth level, and no human nor even society can tame it. On the other hand, it is not only the source of energetic and fantastical chaos, this person constantly sends signs of destiny to all the nearby. ( For the relatives, it is the incarnation of evil fate). This person can be used as a fortune-teller: by the colour and style of clothes, by the manner of being, and, especially, by the ideas that flood his or her head at the moment. This person cannot be stopped nor used peacefully. It is the embodiment of unsafety, irresponsibility and unexpectedness, even if Saturn is worked on.

On a higher level, the action of Uranus goes in a more constructive way. The ideas, the enthusiasm and the energy of the person have some reason, and when the work is done, it is possible to put down the unexpected energy waves, that shake the person's life constantly. Actually, when the fourth-level planet is domineering in the natal chart of a person, this means a wounded chart: the destiny creates a very strained pace of life for the person, so the existence out of walls of an asylum is a strong hint on the participation in the national, or even planetary, karma.


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    • avorodisa profile imageAUTHOR

      Anna Sidorova 

      7 years ago from Russia

      Thanks for the comment. I am not a professional astrologer either, but I study hard to learn about different planets and their impact on human lives. Uranus is far away, indeed, and there is still a lot of confusion as far as its role is concerned.

    • ib radmasters profile image

      ib radmasters 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      This was a very detailed hub, although I don't agree with it, I appreciated the work that you have done here.

      My opinion is that Uranus is too far away and too small to make much of a difference to us. If it were to shoot of into space or explode then there might be some impact to us.



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