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Planets in Aquarius Part 2: Mars, Venus, and Moon

Updated on February 16, 2016

In Planets in Aquarius Part 1, Ascendant and Mercury, I talked about Ascendant/Rising and Mercury in the sign of Aquarius. In this hub, Planets in Aquarius Part 2: Mars, Venus and Moon, I will be talking about mars, Venus, and moon in Aquarius. Again this does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Aquarius (some similarities may apply however). If you do not know your Mars, Venus, or Moon sign, you can run a natal chart (for free, type natal chart in google and plug in your birth data.) For my sun sign in Aquarius hub click here:

Aquarius-bonatti wikimedia
Aquarius-bonatti wikimedia

Mars in Aquarius

Your Mars is in Aquarius , in the planet of action, sexuality/sexual expression, and energy. Mars in Aquarius is an ok position for Mars to be in. It is considered exalted (the best) in Capricorn. Remember that Mars rules the sign of Aries/Scorpio. Mars in fire signs (and earth signs) are generally good positions for Mars to be in because they have no problem taking charge or going after goals.

It’s ok position for mars in Aquarius here because like water Mars signs, air Mars signs are not really about physical action. Water mars signs are too much in their feelings and responses emotionally to things. While Air mars signs too much in their head; air mars respond rationally to things.

That said Mars in Aquarius prefers to take mental action much more than actual physical action. As an air sign in mars they are very communicative and prefer to talk/communicate then perform tendinous actions. This doesn’t mean they are lazy or inactive, but there is a lot of thinking processes involved before an action is taken. Thinking, planning, researching, bouncing off ideas to friends, and deciding whether a course of action is rational. Even so, with all this thinking and strategizing Mars in Aquarius doesn’t like to be predictable so they switch it up. This means going through periods of both inactivity (aka mental activities) and backbreaking work. This makes them appear unstable and undisciplined. This is not true, they are fixed signs so once they put their minds to something they commit to it in the long haul (in a very reactive, take charge masculine sign way). Even so, they like to space out their energies and can be great multi-taskers.

Verseauinv wikimedia
Verseauinv wikimedia

Mars in Aquarius (cont'd.)

Aquarius mars people are driven to activities that allows them mental stimulation, social interaction and showcase individuality. Activities like chess, programming, playing in a band and team sports (like track).

Mars also governs sexuality and sexual expression. Mars in Aquarius can be deviant sex weirdos of zodiac. Aquarius being ruled by Uranus they crave novelty (aka new exciting experiences) and again mental stimulation. Phone sex, orgies, swinging, just think of 1960s rebellious hippies that preached about free love and non-commitment. Or a Mars in Aquarius will flip the script and choose to be celibate. Whatever the case Mars in Aquarius deviant away from the norm of sexual behaviors and tend to be independent and do what they want. This doesn’t mean Mars in Aquariuses are necessarily promiscuous or asexual but their sexuality is a further expression and extension of their individuality.

Aquarius Stamp of Ukraine s892 wikimedia
Aquarius Stamp of Ukraine s892 wikimedia

Venus in Aquarius

Venus is all about love and how we act in relationships. How we are as friend, lover, parent, etc. Venus in Aquarius is an ok Venus position. Remember that Pisces is exalted in Venus. Water and earth Venus signs are ideal elements for Venus to be in. Fire and Air Venus signs are not as good or strong. Venus in Aquarius is an air sign so automatically they are interested in communication and mental stimulation in love. Venus in Aquarius may have a bunch of interesting and unconventional theories about love and relationships. Such as perhaps not believing in love or monogamy. Or perhaps gender-fluidity, non-Cis relationships. Whatever the case Venus in Aquarius is unconventional and untraditional in love.

Aquarius Clef.voute.eglise.abbatiale.Vezelay wikimedia
Aquarius Clef.voute.eglise.abbatiale.Vezelay wikimedia

Venus in Aquarius (cont'd.)

The Aquarius Venus person wants friendship, freedom and acceptance. They don’t like labels or limitations. Venus in Aquarius want playful bantering, witty remarks, and they want hours’ long conversations. They don’t want smothering, passionate love affairs. They also want to be left alone. They want someone that has their own life, their own friends, and their own ideas.

Freedom will always beat out loyalty for a Venus in Aquarius. This doesn’t mean they are dishonest, cheaters or heartless. If you are clingy or messy and wants to trap them, it is not going to work. Venus in Aquarius are aloof and always thinking they don’t have time for drama and constant emotional upheavals and impassioned reactions (aka your crap). They are too busy trying to organize a peaceful protest. Aquarius Venuses want communicative, light, and exciting relationships. If you can do that, you are good with and for them.

Dormi IMG 2793 Aquarius wikimedia
Dormi IMG 2793 Aquarius wikimedia

Moon in Aquarius

The moon governs emotions and the moon as a planet represents how we react and relate emotionally. The moon is at home (dignified) in Cancer and exalted in Taurus. It is in detriment in Capricorn and in the fall in Scorpio.

The Moon in Aquarius is an ok position for the moon to be in. Even so, moon in air signs suffer a bit. This is because air signs are airy, they don’t like to feel, they like to talk and think. In turn they like to rationalize emotions and feelings instead of feeling them. Emotions, feelings make them EXTREMELY uncomfortable.

Moon in Aquariuses are not the people that will cry on your shoulders or allow you to cry on theirs. They are uncomfortable with emotional displays, and affection. Aquarius moons love and feel things in detached, rational way. As of the 3 other fixed signs; Aquarian moon peoples are emotionally consistent, willful and a bit stubborn sometimes. Even so, Aquarius moons are open-minded so they have a willingness to talk it out. As long as an Aquarius moons have independence, communication and a mental stimulus they will be emotionally satisfied.

Zodiakas Vandenis Aquarius
Zodiakas Vandenis Aquarius

Overall this concludes my Planets in Aquarius Series. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Aquarius?

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