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Planets in Libra Part 1: Ascendant, and Mercury

Updated on September 23, 2014
Libra's glyph
Libra's glyph | Source

As you know I have been playing with this scenario in my head based on the other 5 personal astrology planets (other than your sun/zodiac sign). When you first meet someone what planet do you see? Do you see the sun sign, moon sign, ascendant sign, etc? It is tricky to say what personal planet someone first sees in a person. Even so, it’s fun to try and take a go at it.

Libra's scales
Libra's scales | Source

As I repeated many times, my theory pretty much goes like this:

When someone first meet you (and vice versa) they meet your ascendant sign. After a while once they get to talking with you they meet your mercury and Venus signs concurrently. It is on this occasion you laugh, joke, and get to know each other more. After you both depart, deciding that you both like each other and want to meet up somewhere. You both suggest places to go and agree on a place.

Later on they meet you, decide that they like you even more and meet several times with you. It is on these occasions when they meet your sun sign and your basic personality. You hang out, have fun and they get to see your Mars sign in action. After a while they get to know you more personally, soon becoming close friends. It is there that they get to see and notice more of your Venus and Moon signs, while getting a taste of the darker sides of your mars and mercury signs.

For the first part of this series I will be talking about Ascendant/Rising, and Mercury, in the zodiac sign of Libra. This does not specifically refer to the sun sign in Libra (some similarities may apply however). For more about the sun sign, click here

Pop singer Katy Perry is a Libra Ascendant, Scorpio sun sign and moon
Pop singer Katy Perry is a Libra Ascendant, Scorpio sun sign and moon | Source

Ascendant/Rising in Libra

Your ascendant/rising is Libra, so your first house will be in Libra and ruled by Venus. Remember that Venus rules both Libra, an air sign, and Taurus, an earth sign. Venus as ruling Libra on the ascendant produces a very attractive, charming person whose drive is entertain and be popular. The Libra ascendant is outgoing but refined. Talkative, social, and driven to charm and be charmed. You’ll find them oftentimes as the leader (they are of cardinal quality) of her stylish pack, ready to hit the town.

By the way a quick tip on how you can tell a Libra ascendant is by their outfit and particularly their appearance. The Libra ascendant has symmetrical, balanced features, fine bone structure (not all the time). Even if they are not a looker, their appearance is still effortlessly attractive. They will look, smell, and act nice. Current, trendy clothes, shoes, hair; not tacky or too extreme.

Getting back to the Libra ascendant, one thing to note is that Libra an air sign, has a very intellectual side. A lot of times there are dismissed by their looks, but the Libra rising person is pretty smart too. Libra ascendant would be interested in fashion, partying, socializing but they will also want to talk about intellectual subjects too (law, news, books on transcendentalism, etc.). Whatever they do decide to talk about or do, they do with charisma and grace.

Libra speech is fair and balanced
Libra speech is fair and balanced | Source

Mercury in Libra

Your Mercury is in Libra, so you communicate and think in an Airy/Venusian way. Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Here in mercury the sign of communication, Libra is a cold, cool intellectual that communicates in a fair and balanced way. They aren’t emotional, too grounded, or too passionate in speech. Libra’s phrase is “I balance” and Libra’s glyph is the scales. The scales represent Libra’s need to balance things, ideas, people, etc. Libra likes to hear all sides of a story and likes to use this method to make its mind up. Even so, the problem with that is that Libra is known for being indecisive. They always want to be fair, and to hear all sides and opinions that they oftentimes stall and hold off on making decisions. Not only that but as Venus native they want to entertain people and have everyone like them, that they are suck with a frame of mind and speech, that wants to appease everyone, be fair, and be liked. All of which is quite an impossible task.


Mercury in Libra (cont'd.)

Even so, you won’t find the Libra mercury person being loud, crass, vulgar, and spewing things out in an aggressive, emotional and pragmatic way. Mercury in Libra hates conflict and disagreements and is too refined and classy for that (keep in mind they are human too!!!). They are the go to diplomats of the zodiac bent on providing compromise, equality, and objectivity.

Libra as a cardinal sign mercury has an original, self-starting mind filled with ideas and interests that they are willing to explore. Art, science, religion, atheism, the Libra mercury person loves to learn. Abstract thought, art, and culture especially appeals to their minds, and they need to communicate that frequently. In general they have an intense need to communicate whether through writing, speech or other forms of communication.


Overall this concludes the first part of my Planets in Libra Series. Look out for my hub, Planets in Libra Part 2: Mars, Venus, and Moon. Thank You!

What planet (s) do you have in Libra?

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